i wouldn't struggle
if you held me under
i wouldn't cry
if you cut me
i can not feel
when i hurt
because it would
hurt you
i am falling, my friend
do not catch me
do not watch me
give me peace
i need privacy to feel
i want to cry alone

don't look at me
when i scream
please, just leave
let me push you away
you mustn't see
what i see
i'm not broken
don't worry
just a little
i will heal
in time
time heals all
sees all
it will watch me
see me along
my way
it will be
my guardian
the blood i shed
is necessary to me
i must know i have it
my tears aren't
i'm just being childish
turn your eyes away
step over me
i trip
don't change for me
your my
too much turmoil
for there to be
ignore my pleading
and watch my smiling lips
listen to my teasing
this is me you see
ignore my mirror image
that frowns
it's not real
the pain you sense
is your own
deal with it
i'll help you
if you don't help me
close your eyes, my friend
and watch the me you see