Chapter IIX

The truth of Rodents and Ravens

The trees towered dark and foreboding above and around her, blackened barriers blocking the wan light the pale moon gave off. She stumbled along barely feeling the slight pulse of light in the ground that she knew must be the 'Path' she kept hearing about. It course broken and sporadic took her further and further into nowhere.

Finally too exhausted and dispirited she sat in the middle of the path and wept. Emotions overwhelming her she curled up and fell silently asleep as the first rays of red dawn broke through the trees.

"There's something on the path up ahead !" Marshank hissed at the others to stay back.

"What is it ?"Mojo peered through the gloom that deemed to follow them through the woods. "I don't quite you smell it Mojo?" Wilamthork piped from the dogs back.

"Looks like something big ,it does." Marshank scooted up a tree to get a better vantage on the subject.

"Is it one of them ?" Cap'n jack asked from a branch above the raccoons head "My visions not what it used to be."

"Your vision was always as bad as a bats you old fool! Fly ahead and take a look , you will!"

"I will not !" Clacked the raven staggering on his one leg.

"Ill go then?" Mojo offered softly

"You wont ,You are important to the mission Mojo. With out you our plans will fail!"

"What of me then! Am I some game hand for the eating ? Send the Rat!" Cap'n Jack said indignantly ruffling his feathers at Marshank .

"Me?" Wilamthork's voice wavered with fear but one look up at the bird told him that there was no backing out of it .With a sigh he slid down off of the dog and crept cautiously through the leaves. A quarter of the way he turned back and whispered "Where is it ? we mice have terrible vision."

"Keep going Mouse !" Snapped Cap'n Jack "Its straight ahead of ya!"

Marshank growled as he made his way down out of the tree. "I thought you said you couldn't see, Jack!"


"It doesn't matter now ," Mojo said in a low,calm voice. "Wilam is almost there."

They turned and watched the leaves bulge with the passing of the mouse.