A young man walked down the dark street, hands pushed into the pockets of his large black coat and his chin stuck under the collar of it in an attempt to keep warm. His gray-blue hair showed in the dull glow of the street lamps as he continued to walk. The air around him was filled with an indescribable sadness that flowed through each breeze that blew his shoulder-length hair. His step was slow and steady as he reached what looked to be a tattered old building. Taking a look over each shoulder he opened it and entered to the loud, pounding base resonating from the sound system in the corner. Mobs of people moved together, pressed so close it was almost impossible to breathe. Once he had shut the door he removed his coat to reveal baggy black pants and a large black t-shirt with the words "Shut up, brain, or I'll stab you with a q-tip." That combined with his hair made him have a very boyish appearance, minus the serious look in his violet eyes.

He made his way to a table and sat down, his hands clasped on the tabletop. Slowly he pulled out a zip lock bag and removed a joint. Putting it to his lips he lit it, inhaling in the substance that made his head spin. It always did. This was nothing different. The base from the music echoed in his ears as the smoke encircled his head, his eyes staring blankly forward. Another inhale, another memory gone. The pain was numbed in his heart as he took in more of the weed. Exhaling slowly, he tilted his head back and moved his gaze to the ceiling. His head felt heavy and he let it roll to the side, taking in the dancers. A woman was sauntering over to him and a smug smile crossed his face.

She had mid-length, straight red hair, that curled up at her sculpted collarbone. A black halter top clung to her smooth, round breast and stopped half-way along her toned stomach. Starting far below her bellybutton was a short jean skirt that stopped a third of the way down her thigh. His eyes drank her in as she stopped in front of him and smiled.

"Why, hello, I don't see you around here often," she stated, her voice warm and husky. He could smell the tobacco from her cigarettes and the wonderful aroma of a strong drink. "What's your name, cutie?" She leaned on the table, her shirt dipping down to show her endowments. All he could do was grin pleasantly and inhale more of the weed, letting it cloud his mind. It would be so much more fun with a buzz. "Depends on who's askin'," he answered simply, throwing away the completely smoked joint.

The woman reached out a hand and stroked his face with it. "I am…" she replied seductively, tracing his cheekbone and jaw line with her delicate fingers. He sighed, moving his face in the motion directed by her caress. It felt so good… "Kiche…" he told her, his voice slightly raspy as he covered her hand with his, staring into her eyes. "What's yours?"

"Anna," she told him, success lighting her eyes. "How old are you, anyway? Boys your age shouldn't be out after dark. It's a dangerous world, ya know." She took out a cigarette and put it to her lips, lighting it and taking in a good portion of it in one inhale. As she exhaled she looked at him out of the corner of her eye. He reached up and took it from her, inhaling some of it on his own. "Old enough that this is legal," he told her, violet fire burning in his eyes.

At first her expression was one of shock, but then it melted into a pleased smile. "So, you're legal…" she hinted, running her fingers through his gray blue hair. He nodded and she leaned forward to kiss him. Once her lips brushed his he turned his face away. "What is it? Is something wrong?" Kiche shook his head and backed away slightly, a sigh escaping his lips. "You're in it for the fun, aren't you," he stated and looked over at her.

She stood up and looked at him with annoyance. "I don't think I understand," she said, crossing her arms over her chest. He sat up, glaring at her all the while. "Then let me clear it up. You're seducing me to sleep with me, then you'll leave. Is this correct?" He inhaled more of the tobacco from her cigarette and exhaled it, a dangerous gleam in his eye.

"W-well of course, isn't that how it always works?" she asked, exasperated. "You may look cute, but you think too much." She snatched the cigarette back from him and finished it, throwing it down to the floor and stepping on it with her heel. "See you around, Kiche." Then she walked away, hand on hip, vanishing into the mob that covered the dance floor.

Kiche watched her go, his eyes following her every moment. "Yes…that's how it always works…" he muttered and stood, making his way once more through the crowd and heading back to the door. Suddenly a hand grabbed him harshly and he found himself pushed up against the wall. Hazel eyes gazed into his and he looked away. He knew that look too well. "Hey there, Kiche," the man said, not letting go of his grip on the front of Kiche's shirt. "It's been awhile…" The man's face was flushed and by the look in his eyes, it was obvious to the younger man that he was high. "Let me go, John…" he said feebly, once more meeting those hazel eyes.

"What if I don't want to let you go…" John murmured huskily in his ear, his fingers stroking Kiche's collarbone under his shirt. The younger boy's heart skipped a beat at the comment and he could feel the blood pounding in his ears. "It's been a long…long…long time…Kiche…" he said, running his hand along Kiche's cheek softly.

It was all Kiche could do to hold in a moan from the way the man was stroking him. Panic took over and he ripped himself away from his grasp. "I'd like to keep it that way," he told him coldly, ignoring how fast his blood was rushing through his veins. "You lost your chance, and you know it. You knew it when you left…" He narrowed his violet eyes at the taller man and then turned away, heading once more for the door.

John gripped his shoulder and spun him around to face him, causing Kiche's eyes to widen in surprise. "Please, Kiche, I was wrong," he begged, his eyes looking suddenly very sincere. "I should never have hurt you…please…" He brushed a stray piece of hair behind his ear and Kiche could feel his muscles tensing as he stared into those beautiful hazel orbs.

His heart was crying to him to pull John into his arms, to stroke that strong back and smell the sweat he knew was coming from his flushed skin. 'You idiot…he's using you…everyone uses you…back away…don't do anything you'll regret…' he warned himself as he reached out to stroke John's cheek, there were tears in his eyes. 'It's been so long…maybe he's changed…maybe…maybe he might truly love me and won't hurt me again…' he reasoned. "John…it's hard for me to just take you back, you know," he told him gently. "It really hurt the last time…"

The older man reached out to run his finger along Kiche's soft blue hair. "I know, Kiche, and I am so sorry…for doing that to you…" he replied. "Please, just one more chance to make things right again…" Kiche stared at him warily, but then conceded, wrapping John in his arms. He could feel all of his muscles loosen. 'This is where I belong…' he thought. 'You're an idiot, you know, you never listen to me…he doesn't love you…he's only using you, Kiche…' 'You're wrong…this feels so right…'

John kissed his neck gently. "You want to go back to my place tonight?" he murmured in his ear, tickling the skin with his warm breath. "I bet you're tired of that battered old apartment…" He ran a finger up along his backbone, making his body quiver in delight.

Kiche nodded and pulled him closer. It had been so long since he had been touched, his body begged him to stay. 'It's a one-night stand, stupid. Surely you know that…' he warned himself as he allowed John to lead him towards the door. 'No one could ever love a worthless son of a bitch like you… and you know it.' 'Shut up, even if he doesn't love me, it'll feel good, right? So it'll be worth it…'

Soon he found himself walking through the door to John's apartment. It was exactly as he remembered it from the last time, even the remote control to the TV was in the same spot. And it smelled the same; like John. A musty, minty smell that was original but very sexy in its own way. As he looked over at the bedside table he saw a plastic bag full of joints. The sight alone made him smile. This was definitely John's apartment; he'd missed it terribly.

Warm arms wrapped around him and he felt his back press against John's muscular chest. Somehow his shirt was already removed, allowing Kiche to feel the warm, smooth skin. He reached back and tenderly touched the flesh, his heart and mind racing as John breathed against the back of his neck, moving his blue hair out of the way so his lips could touch there, sending electricity up and down his backbone. His whole body tensed and he leaned back his head, closing his eyes to feel the pleasure wholly, not wanting it to fade away. All his pain was slowly disappearing; this was where he belonged.

His shirt was slowly pulled above his head and he turned to face John, wrapping his arms possessively around his neck and kissing him passionately. 'John…I love you…' he thought as he felt the older man's tongue enter his mouth, tasting every inch of it. 'No you don't, you just say that cuz it sounds good.' Ignoring his mind he pressed his body against John's , reaching his hand down to stroke his thigh. 'Why would I lie? I do love him…I do…'

He sighed as he felt John undo his pants button and zipper, allowing the baggy pants to fall to the floor quickly. Without thinking he stepped out of them and followed suit with his lover's pants, watching them fall to the floor as well. John was smiling as he ran his hand up Kiche's toned arm and back down it admiringly. "You have the best body, Kiche," he stated as if it were a fact in a textbook. The comment made Kiche's heart flutter in his chest as he felt John pick him up and lay him delicately on the mattress.

Then John was hovering over him, his slightly messy brown bangs falling into those beautiful hazel eyes. He grinned as he looked down at him, running his fingers through his hair. Kiche reached up and stroked his face, bringing it slowly closer. Then he kissed him, gently at first and then it got more passionate, pressing their bodies together. Kiche allowed John to remove his boxers and could feel it tighten as soon as the fresh air hit it. John's hands were stroking his abs, slowly, rhythmically. A slight moan came from Kiche and his lover looked satisfied, slowly running his hand down past his bellybutton to rest on his inner thigh, teasing his senses.

"John…" Kiche whispered, running his fingers down his shoulder blades slowly, and then back up again. His fingers were in that tousled brown hair, massaging his scalp as he felt himself tensing even more. A gasp escaped his throat as he felt John push in one finger, stretching him slightly as he moved it in and out in a rhythmic fashion.

Meanwhile Kiche managed to remove John's boxers as well, running his hands down the backs of his thighs as he tilted his head back in pleasure. In and out, in and out. The rhythm was making him dizzy as he felt another finger into the hole, stretching him farther. He kissed the other man's neck, and then his shoulder, making a trail as he went. Once he was back to the neck he bit the skin slightly and began to suck the blood to the surface.

His lips broke away in a gasp when he felt the third finger enter, stretching him completely. John chuckled at the reaction and kissed him deeply, exploring the younger boy's mouth once more. "You taste as good as you look," he murmured as he removed his fingers, readying himself to enter. "You know that?" Then, he plunged inside of him, making Kiche moan loudly. John made a trail down the center of his smooth chest as he began to set a rhythm, slowly at first but strong as he rocked against his boy lover. His lips fastened around one nipple and bit slightly, causing Kiche to gasp in slight pain. When he removed his lips, exposing an erect nipple, he moved to other, doing the same.

Kiche bucked up against him, wrapping his arms around him and pressing his palms into the small of his back, pulling him closer to him. He could feel the sweat dripping down John's back and along the back of his own neck as they began to move faster. They kissed passionately as Kiche's breaths began to come out in little gasps. Deeper and deeper John plunged as their hips hit against each other.

He supported his hands on the other man's hips, bucking up harder against him, making him moan in pleasure. John's lips were on his neck and then his collar bone, tickling the skin with his butterfly-like kisses. Then he bit down and began to suck on the soft skin, tasting the saltiness from the sweat. "Oh God…" Kiche moaned as John entered farther, pressing the spot inside of him that made his back arch. "John…tell me…y-you love me…" he begged just before he kissed him, running his fingers through his hair.

"I…love…you…" he said as he rested in the crook of his neck, kissing the delicate skin there and then making a trail down his shoulder and upper arm. Up and down, faster and faster, he moved. Making Kiche moan louder and louder. He reached a hand down and cupped the boy's erection, stroking up and down as he moved.

A pressure began to build inside of Kiche, but he refused to let it go. "Faster…" he commanded weakly in between gasps. "Harder…" John complied with both, receiving another loud moan from his lover. He silenced it with a passionate kiss, rocking harshly against Kiche's delicate hips. Kiche closed his eyes and tilted back his head, his mouth open in ecstasy.

John lifted him up, crushing their bodies together as he entered him further. The younger boy cried out in slight pain as sweat slicked his hair and it pressed against his neck. He moved with him, harder and harder he thrusted as his moans slowly became louder. "John…oh God…" he breathed as he felt him move in and out of him in a smooth motion, causing him to harden more. "Never le-leave me…a-again…" He could feel his lover's hands sliding down along his back and back up, as he kissed his chest in a trail that let up the center of his neck to his chin and then his lips. This time Kiche took the turn to explore his mouth, tasting all of him.

He could feel John quivering against him and knew what was about to come as the thrusts suddenly became more and more intense, his heartbeat quickening as adrenaline rushed through his veins. John brushed his wet, messy bangs away from his forehead and kissed him again. He moaned into his mouth as Kiche began to stroke his erection as well, feeling it tense under his touch. "Say…you'll ne-never…leave…" he begged of the other man as his nails began to dig into the soft flesh of John's lower back.

"Kiche…" John breathed, his lips inches from Kiche's chest, "I will…n-never leave you…never…" Kiche moaned again as the pressure increased and he bucked up against him hard, their hips rocking together in harmony. Then, with a loud exclamation, John released, spilling the warm liquid onto Kiche's stomach. Soon after Kiche followed and John collapsed beside him, looking down at the boy with a smile on his face. "I love you, Kiche…" he said sweetly, petting his hair against the mattress.

The younger boy turned on his side and wrapped his arms around John, resting his head on his chest. "I love you too, John…" he murmured as he tried to regain his breath, his chest rising and falling in ragged gasps. He kissed his chest and closed his eyes, a peaceful smile on his face.