By:Andrew Troy Keller

There are certain
Types of temptation.

One of those temptations
Are those of pure sexual sin.
David Taylor was a certain mug,
Who has been bitten by that certain bug,
And,ever since,had thoughts of pure sin.

It had gone on for days,
And even his parents had wanted it to go away.
So,David's older brother,'Roc'
Had taken David to see a doc,
One who was to help in any way.

Then,all of the AMA's best
Had placed David on all sorts of tests.
But so far,the only thing
That they had found was nothing.
However,there was still one more test.

David had looked at the new doc,
And was surprised,for the new doc
Was a lady,
Whose name was Jessica O'Grady.
Shockingly,David had liked this new doc.

Then suddenly,they had found the true cause.
True love was the cause.
And like two turtle doves,
They had gotten married in the temple of love,
Which was the cure for the cause.

And indeed,Old Man Cupid was a perfect taylor.
Just go and ask Mr. and Mrs. David Taylor.