We Are

I was calm and quiet

You were kind of wild

I was a little bit crazy

And you would just smile

We were young, we were scared

We were just kids

Who fed off each other

Set each other free

We were everything

We were meant to be

Two people

Two lovers

Two hearts holding on

Until eventually

I was just gone

You were optimistic

I was an idealist

You were getting tired

I was becoming a cynic

I came back

A little less tired

And a lot more crazy

From memories

From misery

Every dream

Gone all wrong

And when I came back

I found you were no long wild

And that I wasn't

Even a child

And both of us

Had forgotten how to smile

Like a child losing

Their teddy bear

We lost each other

You did not even care

I wanted to fight for you

But I did not even dare

Because I wasn't calm and quiet

Just withdrawn and scared

You were no longer wild

Because you would not care

I was a lot more crazy

And even though we wouldn't smile

I could not forget

That I wasn't a child

We were young, we were scared

We were just kids

You were

I was

We are

Author's note: Read some recently that made me think of this poem. So here it is, in all its angsty glory. Drop a review, ya hear?