Friendships Passed

Moonlight must always

fade to day.

Your picture

in my mind

will never fade.

Sunlight dancing

'cross your face.

A smile so vibrant

it could never be fake.

Images roll

through my mind.

Memory after memory

of time after time.

Times the tears stopped

before they came.

When I was content

with a life so tame.

I can hear your voice

echoing through my ears.

A quiet calming sound

trying to erase my fears.

A voice sounding

like so many things.

Rich as honey

soft as angel wings.

The feeling of life

actually making sense.

Accepting the fact

that people may be dense.

but memories, voices

and feelings don't last.

The good times are gone

figments of the past.

Shouting and screaming

tears caused and shed.

Caused everything I remember

to come to an end.