Twilight Morning

She one crystalline morn

To find a blue twilight.

The Night still lingered in the air

And the world shone with Daylight.

The lite grey mist

Masked the Earth

With beads

Of Star- and Sun-shine.

And the grass shimmered blue

As beads of Dew


The sparkling light.

She gazed into the pale sky

And dressed in pure white shimmering.

She walked out into the world

And the morn a glimmering.

The fair sweet earth

Welcomed her

To rejoice in it's

Sweet light.

And the Dew dressed her

In slippers of gold

And shining gloves

Of white.

The trees' sweet branches

Combed her hair

And brained in

Emerald leaves.

She danced across

The whispering stream

That ran beside

Her door.

The scent of pine

was strong and clear.

Sweeter than it is


The pillars of mist

swirled in the air


her every move.

Then Noontide fell,

And the Clouds burnt away.

The beads of Mist

Were smashed.

And scorched she lay,

Beaten, bruised,

Her Joy killed off

By the Sun.

-San Carpenter

(A/N: A bit different from my usual... I'm quite happy about how it came out.)