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Exclusive: The Inside Scoop on the Junior Vice President

By Marnie Greene

Executive Marketing Assistant, Operations Division

Okay, girls. Here's the write-up you've been flooding the Planet Neptune inbox with requests with. At long last, we've managed to secure an hour of our charismatic, good-looking junior vice-president's time. His secretary (lucky bitch) wrote us in between contract-signing and heading down to New Orleans to inaugurate the newest Neptune Shippers Corporation branch. Don't you feel loved? Well, anyway, enough of the babble and on to the meat. Here's the popular Tyler Raileveu himself to answer our deepest, darkest questions! (And again, there's no space left to add even more pictures taken during the interview. Deal with it.)

"Good afternoon, Mr. Raileveu. Thanks for taking the time to talk to Planet Neptune. I'm Marnie Greene."

"Hey, Marnie. It's no problem at all. I love the work you guys have done with the company mag. Oh, and please, don't ever call me Mr. Raileveu again. It makes me feel like an old man. Reserve that for Mr. Raileveu senior." (Grins wickedly as reporter swoons.)

Eat your heart out. I'm on first-name basis with the VP. And hear those words of approval, Planet Neptune staffers? We so rock. Ahem... Now, on to my serious face.

"At twenty-eight, you're one of the youngest executives in the company. How do you feel about this?

"Well, kind of overwhelmed actually. It's a lot of responsibility. But that's good. I'd like to step up to the challenge; it keeps me on my toes."

"You came in amidst resentful whispers and vicious rumors that you were another rich kid who didn't know a thing about running a corporation. Well, you proved them wrong. What was on your mind during this time?"

"Well, I can kind of understand where they're coming from, so I don't take it personally. I'm not pretending to be better than anyone. I'm bound to make mistakes. But I also know that I'd work my ass off to make this work, and I'm open to anybody's advice. I guess what I'm saying is, I try not to dwell on the negativity. I just do what I do and hope for the best."

"If I'm not mistaken, when you first started out, you insisted on taking secretarial jobs even if you could have gone straight to the managerial positions. What's up with this?"

"Well, I didn't feel prepared to run a company. I wanted to learn the ropes first. Besides, I believe in fair chances and that we should all be equal here. Start from the bottom, learn from each other. I didn't feel like I should be an exception to that, and I can honestly say I have no regrets. It was the best thing ever, being part of a creative team."

"You have excellent work ethic. What keeps you focused?"

"Hmm… I could say I'm catching up on lost time. I was a major slacker in high school. You know, your basic juvenile delinquent failing high school and spending majority of his time in detention. My dad didn't know what to do with me. But during senior year, a friend made me think about things. To be honest, most of my drive initially came from trying to prove myself to this person. But then somewhere along the way I realized I was actually proving my worth to myself. That's what inspires my best work."

"Now that is a shocker. Who would've thought? There's hope yet for us all lowly slags. Anyway, how's it like to be the son of Jacques Raileveu, founder of Neptune Corporation? A lot of pressure, perhaps?"

"It's like living with a walking and talking Business Week magazine. (Laughs) You know what, it's funny, Dad and I haven't always gotten along, but I do admire him. He's sacrificed a lot to get where he is, and I respect that."

"Now, let's talk about your personal life. Remember, I'm only doing this because I've received death threats that I don't doubt will be carried out if I didn't mention the following things. For one, rumor mill is talking about a certain vivacious redhead who's been seen escorted by you personally to the lobby from time to time."

(Chuckles) "What? How do you guys know that? Get back to work, people!" (Laughs) "Well, yeah, I am seeing somebody. She's someone I've known for a long time, and she's just, absolutely amazing. She rocks my world. I'm in love with her."

And the hearts of a third of the female workforce crash and burn. Tyler Raileveu has quite a few female stalkers, and if you're on office duty and reading this article word by word, chances are, you're one of them. Anyway, it is with regret to report that he talks about this mystery lady with such a big smile and lighted up face that there's no cause to doubt his feelings.

"So does this lucky superwoman have a name? How did you meet her and why oh why weren't we informed?"

"We-ell… she'd probably kill me if she found out about this. But… to hell with it! (Grins like a little boy) Her name is Chelsea Rivers. To be honest, I quite don't remember how I met her. School, probably. You know the thing where your desks are arranged by alphabetical order? Well, we've been seatmates since first grade."

My stone heart turns to mush. That's just adorable. Anyway, I muster up the sense to resume breathing normally and ask-

"So you've been childhood sweethearts since then?"

"Not quite. She moved away, and I didn't see her again until years later. We dated throughout high school. I went to business school in east coast, and she took an interior design course in UCLA though, and the long distance tore us apart. We eventually lost contact. Then, right around the construction of the new branch in New Orleans, I get this referral for an up-and-coming interior designer for the executive offices. I wasn't even supposed to meet her, but the other guy was sick, so I went. And bam! It was Chelsea and it was high school all over again. She had me by hello."

He says this with such quiet sincerity, that I can't help but feel like the biggest loser on earth for not having someone to feel the same way about. Anybody who feels the same sentiment (Preferably male. Kidding!), feel free to call me so we can depress ourselves over a tub of Ben and Jerry's. Anyway, I'm forced to end the interview right then in fear I transform into a blubbering mess in front of him.

Because listen, how can you compete with that? That kind of premise is set up for a happy ending, and nothing else but. Sorry girls. Time to play nice. Tyler Raileveu is officially off the market. Looks like this one's a keeper. Don't feel bad, though. If you beg hard enough, we might just do the cute PR guys next time.

Don't hate me cause you love me! Marnie Greene--

Last minute edit: Sources confirm that as of press time, Wednesday, Tyler Raileveu got down on his knees and asked his girlfriend to marry him. When asked to comment, all the grinning groom-to-be had to say was to reserve the first Sunday of February. Bring your dancing shoes, baby, cause we'll drink champagne to that!




Author's Note:

I've been putting the epilogue off for the longest time; even considering not writing one anymore. But inspiration struck at the weirdest time last night. So here it is. I hope you like it. :)

Also, I'm planning to write a new story and am considering two plotlines. I'm probably going with number one, but I'd like to hear what you guys think first. So pretty please comment. Write the number! Thanks :)


Tentatively titled: Back To You / Red Carpet / Semi-Charmed Kind of Life

Summary 1: Picture this. Celebrities, wild parties, prep schools, designer labels, and annoyingly hot ex-boyfriends freshly kicked out of boarding school. And the girl who's at the center of it all, Tiara Briar Madden. Welcome to the Red Carpet.

Summary 2: Tiara is the most unattainable girl in school. The girl all the boys want, but can't really have, not really. Just when she's used to the pace of her world, where hot celebrity moms, casual hook-ups and overachieving twin sisters abound, the past catches up with her in form of an annoyingly hot ex-boyfriend who used to be the love of her life.

Summary 3: I could have any boy that I wanted… So why do I have to pick him?

Summary 4: Erik and Tiara used to be in love. But when Erik leaves unexpectedly without goodbye, Tiara is crushed. She vows never to be vulnerable again. That is, until Erik returns. He's still annoyingly hot, and Tiara's still annoyingly not over him…


Tentatively untitled

In the face of such unfortunate events, there were only two things that were prone to happen. It could make you stronger and bring you closer to people. Or, it could tear you completely apart and make you digress and rebel.

In Katie's case, the latter was what happened.

Gone was the self-imposed order of her life. She was tired of being the good girl. A new face, a new name, a new attitude. Katie was a thing of the past. Kate was the edgier, wilder new her.

This is her unraveling and then, her rebirth. This is a year of ups and downs you won't ever forget. She learned to love, and to let go. Though not necessarily in that order.

There's that vulnerable, lonely girl in every one of us. The one who just wants to be loved.

And her name is Katie.

Things are never going to be the same again.



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