This sonnet is dedicated in memory of actor/singer Michael Cuccione, whose second death anniversary was this past Monday, January 13. Many know him as playing the part of QT McKnight on the MTV movie/TV series "2Ge+her". He died eight days after his sixteenth birthday of complications from a car accident that previous December, and of lingering effects of Hodgkin's Disease with which he was diagnosed at age nine. During his lifetime he was known as an actor and singer, in 2Ge+her and a brief appearance on "Baywatch", as well as the author of a book and the founder of a cancer charity fund. In his brief years he accomplished more than many will ever in their lifetimes, and his loss was a grievous one to many people; family, friends, and fans.

My English class was assigned to write a sonnet which happened to be due on the 13th. The date inspired me to write a poem in memory of Michael, as he was really an inspiration to me. This is especially important to me this year because I realized that I have now been on this earth longer than he was ever given a chance to. Now as you read this I hope you are inspired also, and that you may look back on Michael's life fondly.

by Reiyan

Never was ever a tear in your eye
Though sickness and darkness you could not deny
You wondered in silence but never asked why
It was only the angels who knew how to fly

A smile so sweet it could make the girls sigh
Accompanied by a whispered lullaby
In a voice that was soft and unable to lie
And never did hint that it might say goodbye

The gifts you were given clearly justify
The brief years you had to the world mystify
But in that short time you reached up to the sky
And proved that no wish could be ever too high

Now standing beside them you understand why
It's only the angels who know how to fly

In loving memory
Michael James Cuccione
January 5, 1985 ~ January 13, 2001