By:Andrew Troy Keller

My name is Harrison Grayson,CEO of Grayson Industries with an addiction to pure cocaine--an addiction that I was unable to stop.
But that was before they were finally to catch me in Chicago.
You see,it was in a bar somewhere in Chicago where I had met the one who had started my addiction--a woman named Saphire Blaze.
She had walked over to me and asked me to join her in her hotel room for a nightcap.
She had looked so mesmerizing to me,I was unable to say 'No' to her.
A few minutes later,inside her hotel room,Saphire had reached for something that was behind the sofa,while I was still finishing up my drink.
After I had placed my empty glass on the table,I had spotted a white powdery substance on the table.
After I've asked her what it was,she had told me that it was something that'll really put me in orbit.
First,she had snorted it into her nose.
And then,after she had handed it to me,I had done the same thing.
Suddenly,I had started to see strange things appear before my very eyes--things like Satan himself sitting on a throne on top of the TV set and laughing his head off,while Saphire had removed my clothes and began to caress each and every part of my nude body.
We've made love until three in the morning.
After that,I was so totally hooked.