i have no feeling for cheaters
they deserve the wife beaters
stick in other dicks potentially get some sick diseases
next time she sees him she acts like he's her jesus
she says how much she loves him
and pretends she really means it
then when he finds out about her penis eating
she's suddenly the victim in the wicket that she's weaving
he's been infected and she's still goin at it
when she should really be arrested for sexin without getting tested
i have no feelings for this feminin sinner
as far as i'm concearned she's worse that a witch
the stupid bitch deserves to be burned at the stick
she's got no business sticking her nose in my friends' shit
i don't wish her pleasure in the least
if i could let go and release my tension, fuck a pen
no sentences can send the message that i'm stressing to try to mention gently
so as not to offend my dear princess
this isn't just a dick for you stick your lips on
this is my business, your the one that brought me in it
if you don't change then i'm willing to persuade you to finish what you started
don't start crying, try to get me sympathizing
i'm wise to your heartless lies cause i know you're just garbage