i done plum forgot just what the fuck i was running from
i locked myself up nice tight in my living room
now i got me a nice spot on the rug i can watch
for suspicious thoughts that come after me
attacking my patience making me anxious and crazy
i'm facing my last sane thought and it's racing
i'm not chasing after, it's gone, that's it, i'm official spent
burnt down to the wick on both side of the candlestick
i sit and think back, reminescent of circumstances i been in
everything i've seen and my reoccuring dreams
my plans to succeed and my fleeting moments when i was happy
but happiness it seems blasphemous
like i'm not allowed to just laugh it up
kick back and relax, find out what this life's all about
then drink every last drop like it's maxwell house
i'm still trying to find an emotional motrin
this pain in my head just ain't going away and i'm afraid i'll still have it for days
it stays and stains the deepest reaches of my brain
until i'm laying naked face down in the street
with nothing on me but rap beat and sheet of paper
i used to release my angry feelings legally