i've been having trouble sleeping as of late
i'm styaing up hating to hate the things i want to hate
but i'm stuck playing childish games
running around talking like i got my shit straight
open my mouth and got nothing but shit to say
but noone listens to shit that means anything anyway
so why even try to change the flock of sheep that graze my way
just begging for affection, look to me for some direction
but the only fucking place i'll ever tell them to go
is the one place i know there won't ever be any snow
at least in hell i won't be able to complain....but i will
what the fuck am i saying, i complain anyway
i talk shit with a feign swing of my mouth and nothing comes out
it's just a bunch of words, verbs, and constinents
to make a comment, sentence but never compliment
i still feel that some things need to be said
i'd rather be dead than run circles in this life without my head