I'm not real,
I can't feel,
I'm nothing at all,
As evanescent as a snowfall.

People yell and scream,
It's nothing but a dream,
Everyday I die,
I've never been alive.

I'm nothing but a shell,
My soul's frying in hell,
Empty is all there is,
Can't be replaced by a simple kiss.

I've always been gone,
The days are always long,
There's nothing for me to feel,
Reality is surreal.

Pain and barbs can't hurt me,
I'll never fall onto my feet,
Kisses and hugs can't awaken me,
My soul can't be set free.

I'm only here to be here,
My soul can't ever get near,
I've been dying since I was born,
I reside by the devil's horn.

I'm damned to be without a soul,
Nothing to friends and foe,
No one can set me free,
My prison is my decree.

My soul's in the devil's plane,
I've got nothing to gain,
I've never been alive,
So I might as well die.

Nothing left to say,
Except to end another day,
Even when I sleep my soul can't rest,
I suffer with the worst of the best.

I'm just an empty shell,
My soul has already fell,
Can't breathe me to life,
If I've never been alive,
When I was born I died.