Beware the pure and good,
The dark hides beneath white hoods,
Everything pure is everything bad,
Goodness is nothing to be had.

Pleasure is sin, the priests say,
They don't even know how to live one day,
The only true sin is what they proclaim,
Purity is nothing, only damns the dame.

Darkness abounds for us to enjoy,
It doesn't say superiority goes to the boy,
Only the pure believe in lies,
They think they're good, but they're as stupid as flies.

Purity restricts the boundaries of play,
It hides from us the sun's shining rays,
Give in to the darkness, the true right,
Sleep in the day and live in the night.

Darkness isn't bad, it's the only thing good,
Living on the edge is what we should,
Staying right and uptight only imprisons our souls,
Keeps us from scoring all of our goals.

Welcome greatly the wolf of piety,
Only believe in the black rose diety,
Don't trust the priests and kin,
Beware the lamb of sin.