Shine By: Kitty

Hey, and thanks for reading another of my fics, I really appreciate your time spent reading this. It makes me...well, giddy for lack of a better word. This fic is about Tai and her twin sister Mika. Mika is a well, I dunno how to describe her, she loves black and raves, but she isn't a Goth. And Tai is a prep. (Grrr, they make me mad sometimes..) Just read it, it may not sound good, but it is, trust me. Mika has never had the feeling of loving somebody, but with a new guy change her mind?? Will this boy test her feelings; can Mika deal with everything new that's happening?? Laters...


Tai woke to the beeping sound of her alarm clock. She groggily put her hand in the air and turned it off. She rose from her bed and walked to her closet. She picked out a pink top and khaki shorts. It was going to be a hot day, and she wanted to dress for the weather. She did her hair up into a bun and walked out of her room.

Meanwhile, as Mika's alarm went off, she too turned it off and got dressed, although, Mika dressed very different from her twin sister Tai. She liked black, so she picked out baggy, black pants and a black tube-top. She got a black jacket to wear over the tube-top. She grabbed her black backpack and walked slowly out of her room, but made sure that her ondangos were perfect.

Down in the kitchen Tai and Mika were at the table. They were eating silently, they never talked too much. Tai was the cheerleader, preppy type, and Mika was the creepy shadow girl, that is obsessed with black, and not perky. The two twins had nothing in common, other than the same parents, and they were identical, other than the way the dressed.

About twenty minutes later Tai and Mika headed to the bus stop. Tai squeaked at the site of her friends. "Salena, Milla, Samantha!" she yelled to her friends. They turned and greeted her. Mika walked slowly over to her best friend Tamme. Tamme also liked black, they had a lot more in common than Tai and her would ever have. They climbed aboard the school bus and were dropped of at Johnson High. Mika and Tamme headed for the side of the building to meet up with other friends, while Tai and her friends headed to the front of the school to meet up with the other popular preps.

Tai got to the group of popular people, and her boyfriend Kyle came over to her side. Tai smiled at Kyle, and gave him a quick hug. They began to discuss what happened on their favorite television sitcoms that they all watched the night before.

Mika's friends were all dressed in black and they were discussing poetry and schoolwork. (Can you tell which type of person I am??) Mike, Mika's other best friend, looked away from the group to the popular people and scoffed. "Look at those losers; they're probably talking about their eyeliner matching their shoelaces!" Mike laughed. "And your sister is the worst Mika, how can you live with her?" "Oh Tai, well I lock myself away from the pink and gleaming light from her lip gloss. I stay in the comforts of my black room and listen to System of a Down, and the Goo Goo Dolls. And of course read my books such as 1984 by George Orwell," Mika said. Tamme laughed. "I would do the same, but my sister is only ten, she is just going to start wearing a bra, and I know that she is gonna turn out like Tai. God, I am regretting that day," Tamme laughed at the thought of her sister running around with her chest sticking out, and lipstick smeared on her face. Suddenly, an arm slipped around Tamme's waist. She turned around and realized that it was Mark, her boyfriend. She smiled and became soft. "Sup?" Mark asked with a warm smile. 'Nothin, we were just dissing the preps again," Tamme replied. "Damn! I love dissing them," Mark groaned. "But I heard that there is a rave coming up on Saturday. Do you wanna go with me Tamme? Hey, Mika you can come with Dave, we all know he likes you". Mika pasted a disgusted look on her face, and said "No, I don't like him, I don't want a boyfriend, and if I did, I would get a better one than Dave. But I'm totally up for the rave; I'll just go alone or something".

School ended and Mika and Tamme returned on the school bus, and took their normal seats in the second to last row. Tai and her friends and the other preps sat in the front and discussed things like make up and 'hot boys'.

Once Mika and Tai were home, they both ran upstairs to make plans for the weekend, even though it was only Tuesday.

Tai had a pink and blue room, and had white closets and a white dresser and wardrobe. (If you don't know what that is for some odd reason, it is like a cabinet that is about as tall as I dunno, usually pretty tall. You put your clothes in it.) She plopped on her bed and grabbed her pink fur phone. She called her friend Samantha. They made plans to go to the mall with their boyfriends on Saturday. (Oh what fun, a day with scary perky people!)

Mika on the other hand, had a black room. She had a black closet, a black dresser, and oh my gosh, a black wardrobe. On her desk which you can guess was black, sat a computer. Mika sat in her chair in front of the computer, and went on to the internet. Her SN was BlackSoulOfPoetry and Tamme's was SoulofDarkDestruction. And Mark's was PitofDarkness. They had a conversation about the rave. Here it is:

SoulofDarkDestruction: Heys.....

BlackSoulOfPoetry: Hey Tamme...what's are going to the rave right??

SoulofDarkDestruction: Ya.nothin here.and of course I am goin to the rave. R U Mad or something?? (Mad meaning insane, not upset)

BlackSoulOfPoetry: No..but cools...where is it??

SoulofDarkDestruction: I dunno...Mark will kno.lets do a chat...Caitlynne and Dave are on too...and so is Mike...

BlackSoulOfPoetry: Cools...and I know that they R on..they r on my buddy list..

Mika got an invite to join the chat and accepted it. Here is the convo:

PitofDarkness: Hey Tamme, Mika, Mike, Melanie, and Dave

BlackSoulOfPoetry: Heys to all of ya

BlackEcstasy: (BlackEcstasy is Dave) Hey Mika, did you wanna go to the rave with me??

BlackSoulOfPoetry: Um...I dunno...that's really sweet of you to ask..

BlackEcstasy: So you'll do it?? You'll go with me??

SoulofDarkDestruction: Just say yes is only one time..and I think you DO like Dave...

PixyOfDeath: (PixyOfDeath is Caitlynne) Yeah, just this once. Come on!!

DarkWarrior: (DarkWarrior is Mike) ya, just this one time..

BlackSoulOfPoetry: Fine!!! But just this once!!! Yeah Dave, I'll go this time with you

BlackEcstasy: Cool

PitofDarkness: Yeah cool, but the rave is at the old warehouse downtown that they changed into a rave place. But duh, they are always there. And it is called 'Bubbles' cause supposedly they are gonna have bubbles fall from the vents when they have the guest DJ

DarkWarrior: Sounds awesome

BlackSoulOfPoetry: Yeah it does

DarkWarrior: Hey, um there is a guy that moved in next to me. You know the house that was for sale. Well he is gonna go to our school. He dresses like us and he is cool. His name is Travis. You'd like him, I invited him to go on the bus with me, and hang with us.

PixyOfDeath: Sounds cool

PitofDarkness: Ya, can't wait to meet him

BlackEcstasy: Ditto

The convo went on for a little while more, but people dropped out one by one. Mika and Mike were the only ones left, so they too got off.

Mika was depressed; she had to go to the rave with Dave. He is sweet and very cute. He could have been prep, but turned them down. She knew that Dave liked her, but she had never had the feeling of actually loving somebody. She wasn't Tai, she never had a boyfriend, and she had never kissed a guy, or even held hands with a guy. Mika was waiting for the perfect guy, but so far, she hadn't found him, and she didn't want to go to the rave with Dave.

The next morning Tai and her twin sister Mika had the same morning routine as always. Get dressed, eat and out the door to the bus stop. There Mika met up with Tamme and Tai with her friends.

Once the bus got to Mike's stop, Mika and Tamme saw him and waved to him. He sat in the seat next to them, and then waved to a strange boy in black. Mika's heart fluttered when she saw his blonde hair spiked up, but the tips were black. She loved the way he dressed, baggy black rave pants, and a black tee. The tee shirt showed his well sculpted upper body. She gasped, and blinked a couple of times. He walked over to them and introduced himself. "Hey, I'm Travis, I'm new. Mike talked to me and told me that you three are kinda best buds".

Tamme smiled. "Hey Travis, I'm Tamme, and yeah we are. Nice to meet ya". Tamme nudged me and I opened my mouth but no words cam out. "H-hi, I'm M- Mika. I-I am g-glad to m-meet y-you," Mika had trouble saying these words. Something inside of her was twisting and fluttering, especially when Travis smiled to her.

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