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Chapter 2

As soon as Travis and Mike wee deep into conversation about today's news stories, Tamme turned to Mika. "What's wrong with you?" her voice was in a harsh whisper. "I dunno, I feel weird, I've never felt like this before," Mika replied. "Are you sick?" Tamme asked narrowing her eyes. "No, it's not like that. It feels like my heart's fluttering," Mika said.

When Mika said this Tamme burst out laughing. This made Mike and Travis stop talking and turn to look at Tamme. "What's your deal?" Mike asked. Tamme stopped laughing and gasped for air. "Oh, well Mika told me something funny that Tai did," Tamme lied. "Oh," was Mike's only reply. Mike and Travis continued to talk.

Mika turned to Tamme. "What's so funny?" she asked. "Your 'feelings'. . .they mean. . .you like him!" Tamme said. "I do not!" Mika protested. "Yes, you do, the flutter feeling mean you find him attractive in some way. And I'm guessing you think he's good looking," Tamme argued. "Okay, so I do, but u have never felt like this," Mika gave in.

"Ask him to go to the rave with you," Tamme suggested. "I can't, I have to go with Dave, remember?" Mika growled.

"Well, can't you just tell him you don't want to go with him?"

"NO! He'll hate me, and besides, I couldn't get the guts to go through with telling him," Mika pouted.

"Fine, I'll tell him that you don't want a person to go with, and then he won't know. You can just say that Travis asked you to dance with him," Tamme said.

"Okay, that works. Thanks Tamme," Mika thanked Tamme.

"No problem!"


And so, Tamme told Dave what she said she was going to. Dave took it well, and decided he didn't want to go after all.

They were all on the bus home, and Tamme sat with Mike so that Mika and Travis could sit together.

"So, Travis, there's a rave Saturday night, you going?" Mika asked hopefully. 'Say yes, say yes!' Mika thought inside.

"Yeah, I am are you?"

"Yes, hey I was wondering . . . would you like to go with me?" Mika asked. She bolted her eyes shut. She didn't want to see Travis's expression.

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