Kiss the Rain...

Those words haunted me, every time it rained, every storm, every cloudy day. It pained the hollow void in my heart, and sent scalding tears streaming down my cheeks. I was a poor dreamer, a poet, always looking for inspirational phrases. It's just not fair that William picked those words. If he hadn't brought me out into that summer storm...


"Michael!" His soft features came into view, and my frown faded quickly. "Michael!!!" He called out louder this time, ran to me, throwing his arms around me hastily and burrowing his head into my shoulder, laughing like a crazed man.

"William I've missed you so much..." I whispered softly into his ear, and returned his embrace. We held each other for what seemed like hours, only when the sun set, and the air grew heavy did we part. Dark clouds were rolling in, and the air became thick.

"We should go inside..." He smiled against my cheek. "I mean..look at us, we're like two children, it's silly, holding eachother in the middle of a feild," There was humor laced within his voice.

"It's Dark as well." I smiled and broke away from him, "Lets go inside?"

"No, Lets sit out on the porch, I want to see it rain." Smiling, I whispered an aimable affirmative.


Growling angrily, I slammed a fist against my desk and started crying. Then, picking up a pen, I scribbled furiously at the blue lined paper that was layed out in front of me. If I thought about it, it hurt to much, if I didn't, I grew numb. There was no easy way out.


The clouds had broke, and water trickled softly from the sky, and pattered lighlty against the roof. We had been sitting out of the porch for nearly and hour, just enjoying the soft sounds of the rain. William was grinning wildly, he resembled a puppy with it's first toy.

"William..." It came out barely audible, I was suprised he heard me.

"Yeah?" Just as quiet.

"Give me something to write from."

"You're still on poetry then eh?" He laughed and smiled, ebony eyelashes seemed etched tenderly against his ivory skin, as they pressed together in thought. "Kiss the Rain..."


The memories stung my heart like an icy fire, and my soul seemed to crumble slowly, like sands in an hour glass, slowly slipping away...


"Kiss the Rain?" I chuckled. "What does that mean..."

"Kiss....the Rain..." He stood up from the padded bench and ran down the steps into the yard. He ran further, spinning around viciously within the vast feild. Now laughing manicaly, I decided to run out and join him in the insanity.

"What exactly is kiss the rain?" I finally managed to speak after the laughter died out.

"I don't know..." He smiled and sighed, leaning his face up to the sky. The water ran down his face and mingled with his chestnut hair, turning it a sable, closer to my own hue. "I supose..." He blinked away the tear-like formations from his eyes as they opened. "It's something..." His fingers then reached out towards my face, grazing my lips that were coated in droplets of water. "Like this."

He leaned in slowly, then, his lips touched mine ever so gently, giving me the most tender kiss of my life. We stayed like that until the rain passed, our boddies molded together, dripping with rain water. We kissed, and kissed, and kissed till it seemed our mouths had grown weary.


With the last image I had recalled, I began to write my hand quickened with each sentance, and the script flew out in a sloppy yet fluid mess.


"I love you William..." I whispered as we neared the house.

"I love you too." He smiled at me then, his smile. That beatiful, care-free gentle, loving, optimistic smile. Unlike mine, which were only content and cynical. Our fingers intwined when we reached the old wooden steps. At that moment, we had made a silent vow, a vow in which we would never leave eachother's side again.


Three days later, William died. He had broken his vow, it wasn't his fault, no I could never blame him for it. More of which I blame myself. If I hadn't let him drive out in the rain storm, if only I had taken the truck...

He left this earth in the rain, his greatest passion the one thing he loved as much as me.

Kiss the Rain.

Rest in peace my beloved, Michael.

William J. Hawthorn 1953 - 1969