By:Andrew Troy Keller

I am John Blackbison and I was one of the many construction workers who were working on building a new type of football stadium somewhere in the state of Montana.
But that was before one Thursday night,in which I was sitting in a bar and sipping a frosty mug of A and W Root Beer.
I had looked over at the other end of the bar and saw the most beautiful woman in the world.
She had took one look at me,smiled and walked over to me.
After she had sat down next to me,she had placed her hand on my leg and asked,"Am I every woman you want me to be,John Blackbison?"
I had looked at her with the look of confusion on my face and asked,"Do I know you from somewhere?"
"No,but I know you as the one who is destined to become my husband.",answered the beautiful stranger,after she had moved herself closer to my ear."I am Sarah Silverdeer and our shaman had fortold that we are destined to become like one,like the fox is to the vixen."
And then,after she had seen that I was still confused,a smiling Sarah had placed her hand on my shoulder and said,"Join me tomorrow and I shall show you to our shaman,for
he shall be the only one to help you understand."
Which was what I had done the very next day,when I had drove out to the local reservation in order to meet the shaman that Sarah had spoke off.
Sarah was so happy to see me that she had ran up to me,wrapped her arms around me and gave me a great big hug.
Then,she had took my hand and said,"Come on,John.It is time to meet the shaman.",before leading me into a large teepee.
Once we were inside,there was an old man sitting in front of a fire and smoking a long pipe.
"Come,John Blackbison.",said the shaman,after he had looked up at me."Come lie down besides me."
And even though I had no idea what was going on,I had done what the shaman had requested.
And after Sarah had done the same thing,the shaman had placed a hand on each of our foreheads and started speaking in some weird language.
Suddenly,I've felt something strange happening to me--my spirit had just floated itself out of my body and hovered over the fire.
Just then,Sarah's spirit had floated itself out of her body and moved towards me.
She had placed her arms around me and I had placed my arms around her.
And then,we've kissed each other ever so passionately on the lips,while the shaman was still seated below us.
And suddenly,we had became one,just like the fox and the vixen were to each other.
A couple of minutes later,after we had returned to our bodies,I had sat up,looked at the shaman and asked,"What had happened to us?"
"Both you and Sarah were in the spirit world,John Blackbison.",answered the shaman,while he was throwing some dust into the fire."Where you and my daughter were able to enjoy each other."
"What?",I've asked.
"It had to be done,John Blackbison.",said a smiling Sarah."It is the way of the shaman."
And then,they had told me that I was to remain with Sarah forever,I had thought about it long and hard.
And since I had realized that Sarah is indeed as beautiful in spirit form as she was in flesh and blood,I had decided to stay with Sarah in the reservation and take her as my wife.
It had to be so,for it is the way of the shaman.