It was Period 5. Students at St. Bomb's College were feeling the Monday-afternoon depression.

Lunch was over. The students walked to their homerooms. Kurt, a Year 9 student, finished up his game of handball and went back to class. He sat next to Mario, a slightly fat Italian kid.

Mr Harrison closed the door, and the class was totally silent. Not a word could be heard. He then walked to the front of the class. "Tomorrow we have camp."

The whole class burst into conversation. Mario started to protest. "How come you told us so late? We only have one night to prepare!"

"Quiet!" Harrison screamed. "I know I didn't tell you earlier, but I forgot. That is why I am going to answer any questions you like about the camp for the next two periods."

A spray of hands went up, and Mr Harrison pointed to Karter, an Indian kid.

"Where are we going?" Karter asked. "Are we going to the Grampians like we did last year?"

"No, this is different," said Harrison. "We're going to Phillip Island—the island with all the penguins and sharks. I reckon it'll be good."

Mario interrupted. "How long will it be?"

"Very short. Two days maximum. After that we'll be heading back."

"What will we be sleeping in?" said a voice from the back of the class.

"At Phillip Island there is a house with many cabins. Each one of you will be assigned to a cabin," said Mr Harrison. "Each cabin can fit three to five kids. Some are good cabins; some are bad cabins. Each one contains a different number of beds. When you get there you will choose who you will be sharing a cabin with."