The other group returned, and immediately dinner was served before anybody could do anything.

The class had dinner outside, under a verandah. The teachers were cooking Italian food, just what Mario wanted. There were seven tables with five chairs to each table. Tang and his friends were sitting on a table near the food while Kurt and his friends sat as far away from Tang as possible.

Kurt was so hungry he dived into the spaghetti and rice immediately after it was served.

"So what did you guys do to Tang's cabin?" asked Kurt.

"We totally trashed the place! We exploded TEN fart bombs in the area and closed the windows and the doors. The smell is so bad it is not funny," said Mario.

John went on. "We put one in each bag and zipped it up before it exploded to keep the smell in. Some of the apples he had turned brown after we farted on it. We did that to every bag. And we put fart bombs under their sleeping blankets and waited till a bubble was made when the bombs exploded. The gas is trapped in there. When they go to sleep and jump under the blankets, they're gonna smell it bad!"

Kurt interrupted. "So let me get this straight. Just because one fart bomb exploded in our room you go and explode ten in theirs?"

"It's only fair!" cried Mario, who was looking over his shoulder as Mr Gary came along.

"I'd like to give you guys an apology," said Mr Gary.

"For what?" asked Mario. "Did you do something?"

"No. Some guy from the other camp left an empty fart bomb container under your bed, and our dog pooed in your sink."

Shock filled Kurt's face. His friends' faces were almost white.

"So that fart bomb we found was old?" Mario asked. "And the smell didn't come from the fart bomb but from dog poo?"

"Yeah. It exploded like years ago, and the guy who did it decided to hide it under your bed after he exploded it outside."

Mr Gary walked away. Mario was almost crying. "Oh, no! Tang didn't do it! We filled his cabin with so much gas it could have killed a horse."

"Aaaah, crap!" cried John. "The smell is permanent. I made sure I had the industrial strength fart bombs."

"Oh, God!" cried Kurt. "There goes Tang. What do we do now?"

"Quick, let's hide in the girls' toilets!"


Created: February 1998

Last Modified: February 2004 (fixed spelling, grammar mistakes, etc)