This is my first attempt ever and, although I have a good idea of where it's going, I'm afraid that the plot might be a little- well, OK, VERY cliché! But I see this as a learning experience so- what the heck?!

If you flame me too much then this is a complete story but if anyone likes… it is only the beginning… Mwah ha ha ha ha!!!!

Constructive criticism is not only welcome, it's desperately needed!

A HISTORY: The Last of the Ancient Races

Long before the Time of Man, as it now exists, the Earth was a place full of mystery and magic, inhabited by a variety of the most remarkable creatures, creatures that only exist now in myths and legends. The most exquisite of these creatures were The Graces, seven Angels dedicated to the preservation of life on Earth, they, were solely responsible for all that was good. The Angels were a Race shrouded with mystery for no one, not even they themselves, knew how they had come to be or when their time on Earth had begun. The way their time ended, however, was and still is a fact imprinted upon the minds of every living being.

The Men of the Earth had always distanced themselves from all other beings. Ruled by their primal fear of the unknown, they were somewhat wary of all magic, a gift that they did not possess and knew nothing about. As their numbers grew, they became parasites, forever consuming and never thinking to replace that which they had taken. The delicate balances of the more mysterious creatures of the World were destroyed and one by one the Races of Old died out.

The Earth was no longer an enchanting place but a fearsome place, a cold and treacherous place.

None were more in danger than Angels, The Graces in particular. Their delicate existence was threatened by all the suffering and they were forced to leave this World. No one knows to where and no one has ever heard of them since.

And so the Age of The Graces ended and a bitter darkness fell over the Earth.

But not all hope for recovery was lost for they left one final gift.

One Ancient Race remained, the only reminder of a more beautiful time. They proved their immeasurable power as they alone survived the Time of Man.

The Seliath looked like Men, or at least at first sight they did. They did not have the obvious wings of The Warrior Angels or even a trace of the pointed ear of an Elf, but they had a certain presence. The same light that The Graces possessed seemed to shine from within each one of them and they moved with the fluid ease of the birds. Most were slightly taller than the average human, but with more delicate physiques and the finest of features. All were incomparably beautiful.

They drew their power from nature, which they were at one with and could easily bend to their will. This power enabled them to master any craft or skill but they could not develop it themselves. It needed to be taught, nurtured and controlled, for with their immense power came extraordinary passion. While this ensured that they lived lives of great spirit, loving with an intensity unparalleled by any other creature, it also meant that they lacked in strict discipline.

This is why, although The Graces themselves departed, they left behind the remainder of the surviving Angels, an immortal Race of Teachers, Healers, fierce Warriors and Protectors to watch over the Seliath. The Angels were sad and beautiful creatures. Their knowing eyes held the sorrows of a hundred lifetimes, for they had seen paradise and had been cruelly torn from it.

The fates of Angels and Seliath were now bound together for eternity.

Both Races gained from this strange union. The Seliath eased the pain of the Angels with their constant merriment while The Angels assisted them in developing their powers.

The parting gift of The Graces that I mentioned came in the form of Protection. Spells were cast around the last standing settlements of the Seliath, which allowed none but The Angels to enter and leave. This way they could preserve the last traces of magic in the World. And indeed, for a short time at least, it was preserved, and the spirits of the long gone Nymphs returned to the woods and waters of these protected places.

To ensure the continuation of their people, the Seliath had to, at some point, leave their own safe haven in search of another. With the guidance of Teacher Angels, the majority of young Seliath trained until the day when they mastered their power and were strong enough to face the perils of the World of Men.