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~Fic Starts Here~

Jenna Turbowski was spying on the new inhabitant of her parent's boarding house. The lady was totally unlike any other boarder that she had seen. She was old, rumpled, and looked like she would smell of gingerbread and flour. She looked like she had enough money to stay at some nice, private house, not some loud, raucous boarding house full of loud, raucous, young people. Jenna shrugged to herself. Why did she care, anyways?


As custom, Jenna's mom made her carry a tin of cookies to the new boarder. Personally, Jenna didn't see the point-the old lady looked like she could cook cookies well enough. She knocked, bored, at the door of the old lady's quarters. The door burst open with a cry.

"Oh! I've been expecting someone to greet me!"

Jenna smiled, sheepish. "Sorry, I just had a lot of chores to do before I was going to drop this off-"

"OH! Cookies! I absolutely ADORE cookies, don't you?"


"Oh heavens! I forgot to introduce myself in the excitement of things. I'm Wren Meyers, but you can call me Birdie if you want."

"Umm, Jenna Turbowski."

"Well, come in, come in. Would you like some pie?"


Harry Feingold slapped a manila folder on top of the desk. "You got yourself another case, Jason."

Jason McRathers was standing, back facing Harry, looking out the window. "Who's died this time?"

"Some little kid. Girl by the name of Jenna Turbowski."

"Body found?"

"Yeah. Kid died at the hospital."

"Autopsy preformed?"


"Cause of death?"

"Ya know, you can just read the damn file if you want to. I ain't your personal file-on-a-tape."

"I know."

"So do it."

"Well," said Jason, totally ignoring the comment, "What's the mystery?"

"How the hell the kid died of cyanide poisoning. The stuff in her body would have gotten rid of the rats in New York's subway system for a year."


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