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Jason McRathers checked the little slip of paper just to make sure he had the right address. The place he was in front of looked nothing like your typical boarding house. It was big, all right, but it had flowerboxes in the windows. It was painted yellow with windows that had bright white shutters. He sighed as he walked in. Might as well get this interrogation over with. He hated interrogations. They were long, often pointless, and depressing. And as one of New York City's best private detectives (an: Jason rather hates the term 'private eye'. His logic is that it sounds like something you use for your computer to stop hackers. Not a highly observant person who can actually solve cases.) He stepped up to the door and rang the doorbell. A small, Russian looking lady that appeared to be crying opened the door.

"Hello. My name is Jason McRathers. I'm the private detective that the police hired to take care of the business of your daughters murder..."

The lady gave a sob at the mention of her daughter and nodded. "Yes. Please come in."

Jason stepped inside the boarding house. For all its cheery outer looks, it was as depressing as a banshee at a funeral. Everything was black. There were countless photos of a girl strewn about everywhere. And every person was dressed in black. It seemed as though he had interrupted their lunch.


After three hours, Jason was bored out of his skull. For Gods sake, if he heard another "Jenna was such a sweet girl" he would punch that person's lights out. He KNEW how sweet the girl was, dammit. He just wanted answers. "NEXT!" he called, dismissing a Russian man with a strong accent Mr. Scarfnakovitch? What was that man's name?

A thin, elderly woman with cotton-candy white hair teetered in. Her face was streaked with tears, her eyes red with sadness.

Jason gestured to the seat in front of him. "Please sit Ms..."

"Myers. My name is Wren Myers."

Jason nodded, taking this down on his notepad. "Well Ms Myers, what can you tell me about Jenna's life, up to her untimely death?"

Her face was very guarded, very careful. "Oh, I just moved here. Jenna always came over for pie after school. It was our little daily routine. We *sob* always did it after school..."

Jason's eyes gleamed excitedly. "And exactly WHAT TYPE of pie did you server, ma'am?"

"Oh, apple mostly. Jenna liked the apples with the skins still on them...I would add cinnamon, sugar, nutmeg...would you like a piece?"

Jason eyed her carefully, "Well, I just had lunch...but I wouldn't mind taking a piece back to the office with me."

"Oh of course. Here, let me get it."


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