Afterward and Acknowledgements

This is the third incarnation of Alpha Squadron. Having started off as an uber-cheesy manuscript Alpha Squad has come a long way, has evolved so to speak When I first had the idea, I really just pictured using fancy CG to make my own movie. That idea fueled by my reading of Michael Stackpole's X-Wing novels.. And then junior year of high school hit, which is when I was exposed to the entity known as Gundam, during Wing's second run. Upon its conclusion, I decided it was imperative I write a story that was one part X-wing novel one part Gundam saga.

And that's how Alpha Squadron began.

When I first started Alpha Squadron's current incarnation, I wrote it almost like a fanfic, borrowing from sources (ranging from Metal Gear to Halo to Star Trek) at leisure, and then somewhere along the line, I realized I had something much more than borrowed ideas.

That was when Alpha took a life of its own.

Now the massive undertaking of editing and revising this whole thing begins.


There are a few people whom I would like to thank implicitly and deserve acknowledgement for more than just their help and support over the past two and a half years.

Justin- ShippoSan- The man who's been there from day one, back when FP was a part of love of science-fiction has made us more than writing colleagues, but good friends as well. Your help and support has been invaluable and finishing Alpha simply wouldn't have been possible without him. Now we just need to help get 3065 perfected and then we're on our way.

Sid- Chagan- A man who jumped aboard later and it's safe to say, that Alpha Squadron would not have been possible without him there to offer advice, brainstorm, or simply chat with. And, Sid, I'm still waiting on you to solidify your plans for the revamped Aiuan saga.

Nicole- Lucid Psyche- What can I say about her? I remember receiving her first novel length review. She's probably my hardest critic and number one Izzy Lanceville fangirl. She's always there to keep me on my toes with my grammar. And lately she's been helping me develop my characters far better than I ever could've imagined. Where would I be without her?


There are other reviewers who have greatly helped, influenced, or just given support while given our minimal interactions.

Alvin- Deathworm- Arcadian Conflicts is the standard to which I strive for Alpha Squadron to meet. I was so thrilled to know you enjoyed my work.

Ethan- Mbwun- For the Honor of the Fleet and Unforgivable were such consistently well written works. I wanted to see if I could match the level of writing that you consistently wrote and I thank you for your reviews. They let me know I was doing something right. :-p

Daniel- Militarynut32489 - A consistent reviewer who always gave an honest opinion. Your constructive criticism at some points was greatly welcome and appreciated as they helped me to improve in my writing.

Mike- Soichiro X- Even though you've disappeared, your influence have always been evident and your work always good. I always appreciated the enthusiasm you showed when reading my work.

RCS- Ever since my first days on FP, I've always looked to see what a prominent writer of Military Sci-Fi thought about my work. I'm glad you enjoy it.

Ionlyliveindreams- A fellow fan of Stackpole and Allston, consistently reviewing for a period, always offering a kind word and pointing out little areas where I could make the story my own, just a little more.


And that, my friends, as they say, is that. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Soon, I will begin further fleshing out the universe of this tale with the back stories of a few prominent characters and once everything is completely squared away, I will begin work on AS2.

So until then, goodbye.

-Anthony Pinkett, the Master Chief