Read my stories in the Lizzie McGuire section! They are titled 'My World' and 'Spring Break Heights.' ANYWAYS! My friend wrote this poem in Science. I thought it was kind of cute . . . Tell me what you think!

Stripper Monkey
By: Jaclyn Cook

In the tree tops there lived a monkey.
He really was quite funky.
He ate bananas all day long,
and danced around in a leapord-skin-thong.
That's all his day consisted of,
it was his only true love.
But one day,
George had an encounter with a blue jay.
The little bird snatched what little he had left on,
Now everything was gone.
Poor George's face turned bright red.
He had no other choice than to hide his head.
The bird now had a new posession,
and George had learned his lesson.