I have a friend and she's afraid
afraid of love, afraid of pain
afraid to be alone or even left behind
afraid to be forgotten in the sands of time
she hides her broken heart, afraid to open up
for fear she'll fall again and this time not get up
fall for one who tells her things, words she wants to hear
a man like all the others, ones who brought her fear
so she tags along with friends, standing in the back
lying through her teeth again, giving them an act
so they'd believe she's happy, perfectly content
unknowing of the pain, the pain of self-resent
and waiting for the day, the day for her to shout
shout what's held within, let her pain flow out
to let the world know, let her brethren see
that who she is today is not what she's to be
for all she ever wanted was not that much to ask
just to love another and forever have it last

by Justin Byrd

TO: "my friend who deserves an angel, an angel like herself"