"Gaaaahhh!" Amy bolted upright, searching for the source of the loud and annoying noise. It took her a minute to realize that she was in Mark's messy room, and another minute to locate the alarm clock under a pile of dirty laundry.

"DIE RICKY RAY!" Amy yelled, smacking the alarm clock repeatedly, "DIE WKPX! DIE BEAUTIFUL DAY!" she paused, breathing heavily.

"Uh, you're up, I see," Mark said, coming into his room, to see Amy fuming after having brutally attacked the alarm clock.

"Why, the FUCK do you have your alarm set for," Amy picked up the clock, glancing at the time, "Seven-thirty on a SATURDAY?"

"I don't know how to turn it off," Mark admitted sheepishly.

"Why do you even HAVE an alarm clock?" Amy asked. "It's not like you need to get up early for any reason."


"It was UNDER a pile of clothes!" Amy cried exasperatedly.

"Well you sure are pissy this morning," Mark remarked.

Amy titled her head at Mark. "You know that I'm not a morning person. You're the one that thinks I'm a vampire!"

"You're right!" Mark leapt over the bed and closed the blinds. "Sunlight is BAD for you!"

"What's up with you? You're so...chipper this morning-"

"Oooh, remember that show, 'Chip N Dale: Rescue Rangers'?"

"Yes," Amy said, her patience with Mark's hyper activity slowly dwindling. "But you usually sleep until...like...noon."

"I slept an hour last night, and drank a LOT of coffee this morning," Mark said quickly, as though the words were catapulted out of his mouth. "Remember the theme song? It was all like "Chi-chi-chi-chip and Dale, Res-cue Raaaannngeerrrrs!" Mark sang.

Amy shook her head. "Coffee sounds good," she mumbled, as she sleepily walked downstairs. Mark was following her, bouncing around, signing a forgetful rendition of the Rescue Rangers theme song.

"Something, something, something, la la la la, Chip and Dale!"

"MARK!" Amy yelled, wheeling around. "SHUT THE Fmmmmmm" her eyes grew wide with anger as Mark's hand covered her mouth.

"Language Amy!" he glanced around as if a higher power was listening. "Man, I'm gonna get you some coffee. I've never seen you so grumpy," Mark removed his hand and Amy growled and flipped him off.

"Whoa! Very lady-like," Mark laughed.

Amy shot him daggers and plopped down on the couch.

"Here, drink this," Mark came back with the coffee. "You're not like this every morning are you?" Amy drank half the cup before answering him.

"No, it's partly because I'm not in my house, and partly because of last night."

Mark winced, "Oh yeah, sorry Amers."

"Meh," Amy said, her mood already improving. "Some things are unavoidable."

"Like cheese?" Mark asked, utterly serious.

"Um, sure," Amy said, "Like cheese."

"Cheese follows me everywhere I go," Mark said matter-of-factly.

"And I'm very proud," Amy said, getting up and patting him on the head. She looked out the window. "What the...." she trailed off. There were a bunch of boxes out in front of her parents' house. The few items sticking out of the tops told Amy that the things were hers.

"That bitch cleaned out my room!" AMy growled.

"What?" Mark asked, coming to the window. He saw Amy's mother carry out what looked to be the last box, then go back inside. "I'm sorry Amy," Mark said gently, putting his arms around her shoulders. She was silent for a moment. Then, she lifted her chin.

"Mark, do you think you could help me carry in my stuff?"

"Of course," Mark answered. He and Amy went outside and gathered all the boxes. "You think this is everything in there?" Mark asked, once they had carried everything into Mark's spare room.

"I don't know," Amy prodded a box with her toe, "Maybe we should go over and check," she said uneasily. She glanced at Mark, an unsure look on her face.

"Don't worry Ames," Mark comforted her, "It'll be okay. You're one of the most emotionally strong people I know."

Amy offered a weak smile. "How many people do you know?"

Mark laughed lightly. "Come on Ames, let's go." They walked out to Mark's porch, and the sight they saw stopped them both. AMy stopped a bit quicker than Mark, and he smacked into her.

Amy's mother was walking out of the house, struggling with about 3 suitcases, screaming at Amy's father, who was quietly pleading with her, glancing around, hoping not to make a scene.

"I refuse to live this life another second!" Mrs. Keller shrilled.

"Martha, please don't do this," Richard begged.

"No! I don't love you! I'm starting to wonder if I ever did. I was persuaded to marry young, to marry you, so I did," she said angrily.

"But, but," Richard stammered. He couldn't believe all of this was coming out now. "Amy..."

"I don't care anymore..." Martha mumbled, before she got in her car. "Goodbye," she called out the window, and drove off.

Amy watched her mother drive down the street and out of her life. Though she probably should have been sad, she felt a great save of relief wash over her.

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