This is a poem I thought up just today and I think it's a good start back to having all my stories revamped. By the way, I've got chapter one of "A Love To Last Eternity And Beyond" revamped and chapter 2 is well on it's way. I've just gotta finish it and then I'll be on to 3. Then, I'm going to work on "Eternity In Your Arms". Don't worry, I'm also working on chapters to follow the ones already up after they're revamped. I'll repost over the stories in a little bit, after each chapter is revamped and ready to go. Anyway, enjoy this poem and please tell me what you think! And, if anyone decides to use this in their fic, please e-mail me. I'd like to know in advance. Thanks!

The stars, they shine bright in the skies above

but none shine as bright as the eyes of the one whom I so dearly love.

Could these stars be in his eyes,

having stolen these stars from the sky?

No, for the sky's stars never could shine so bright

as the stars in the eyes of my life's light.

Oh, wonderful eyes, eyes so full of beauty,

could you ever love me without knowing any sense of duty?

Yes, for my love's great and hopefully will be as great as as my love's love for me.

But I fear, my love will not love me

As I love my love so very dearly.

Oh, bountiful love, fill my heart

With the trappings of love's art

With the beauty of such a man

Whose more than any man could dream to be.

How could this love be so great?

I love him so much that sometimes I hate.

I know this love is more than me

More than I've ever wanted or needed.

by Lacrea Moonlight