The Gods and Goddesses have fallen from power, no longer the awe inspiring figure heads they once were, they now take human forms and do their best to exist alongside the humans. In all of her years as a goddess, and in most of her years as a human, Artemis, aka Diana Lunae, has been able to keep her vow of chastity and virginity with fair ease. But will this simple human, someone she has met by chance, make her rethink the vows she took when she became a goddess, rethink everything she has stood for over countless millenias?

Artemis stepped into the small café. The woman behind the counter, Emily, waved at her. Emily knew Artemis. Or at least she knew Diana Lunae, the mortal woman that Diana had pretended to be for many centuries. Artemis sighed wistfully as she realized she would have to move on soon. She had been in this New England town now for at least five human years, and those that "knew" her would soon start to realize that she did not change, did not age. Of course it would be a simple thing to alter the human shell she wore, make herself look older, but Artemis had spent nearly a human century perfecting the image she took as she was forced to walk among the humans, and was not about to change it. As she sat down at a small corner table, Artemis mentally catalouged the body she had spent so long working on. Tall, at least 5'10, and slender. Athletic. What was the Goddess if the Hunt if she was not athletic? Long brown curls she kept up in a bun, pale white skin, piercing blue eyes. She dressed in the fashion of the current day, blue jeans, a white button up shirt, and black boots. She had encountered many would-be swains over the years, God, Immortal, and otherwise, and had turned them all down with cold, practiced ease. But that all changed on this particular morning, as she was catalouging her body. For on that morning, he came.

He was Garrett Branston, a good looking, funny, intelligent young man. He had short brown hair, chocolate brown eyes, and tanned skin. On the particular day that Artemis first chanced to meet him, he was wearing jeans, sneakers, and a dark blue long sleeved shirt. He smiled at the girl behind the counter as he ordered his coffee. Emily, her nametag read. As he waited for his coffee, he became aware of the eyes of a young woman in the corner upon him. He turned, ready to tell her off for staring as he had so many others, and stopped. The woman was gorgeous, there was no doubt about that, but it wasn't what had stopped him. He'd turned down many pretty women. What stopped him was what he saw beyond her looks, in her eyes. She had mystery and intrigue lurking behind her eyes. For a moment it was as if he blacked out, and he saw a full moon, heavy over the woods, and the woman, dressed in a silvery tunic and sandals, bow and arrow in her hand, running through the forest, hounds on her heels and her prey before her. The vision snapped out, leaving him breathless and still looking at the woman.

For reasons unknown to her, Artemis was unable to tear her gaze from the strange man who had just walked in. He was handsome, surly enough, but that was not what attracted her attention. She had turned Gods down, for Olympus's sake, she would not be awed by a mere mortal. Instead it was the feel of him, the feeling that he would understand her yearning for freedom, her plight of being a Goddess without a people. The feeling that there was mystery and intrigue within him. Suddenly the man turned, returning her own stare with his own. Suddenly she had a vision of herself, wearing a silvery tunic and sandals, carrying her bow and arrows, as she ran in the woods under a full moon, her loyal pack of hounds at her heels as she chased her elusive prey. The vision ended abruptly, and she turned away, ordering her emotions down so that the human shell she wore would not blush. Yet she still felt a bit of warmth across her cheeks, and was somewhat amazed. It had been a long, long time since she had been unable to keep her emotions in check, since she had lost control over the reactions of the human façade she kept.