A/N: This was a love note my best friend received from her boyfriend put into a free verse poem. It's really sweet!

~I Love You~

My eyes are woozy
My butt is numb
But I still feel my heart
And I know it still beats for you.

I dream now
That when I go away
I will loose you
But I promise
That it won't happen.
I would rather
Give up my future
To be with you
Than to never
Be with you in the end.

I love you
I hope
You love me too.

I told you once
That I would wait
For your answer to that
And I will
'Cause I feel so calm,
So gentle in your arms,
When we are together.

I miss you now more than ever
And I hope to see you on Sunday...
But I don't know if I will.
But I want to be with you for the night...
Even if I have to sleep on the floor.

So please...
Consider the fact
Of future troubles
But don't consider
Leaving me for
My stupid mistakes on you.

I want you to feel perfect.
'Cause you are.
You are my perfect angel
And I love you.

Dec. 8, 02