Story: Get It Together To Tear It Apart
by: Julia

Chapter Title: "Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment"

A/N: The title of this chapter is thanks to the glorious Ramones in all their coolness. Ahh, the idea for this story just popped into my head one day, and I've just been writing it ever since. It's quite long, now, and the rate of typing it all and updating depends on my homework. *whew* It starts out with not much of a plot, but it gets better. Beware, I'm a) corny, and b) melodramatic.

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"Hate to say I told you so, All right!!" screamed
Michèle, dancing around to her Hives' CD in her NYC
She had just moved in, there were boxes all around and
she kept knocking them over as she danced
energetically, shouting into the end of a hairbrush.
"Now its all over YOU knew!" as she sang this line of
the lyrics, there was a sharp knock on the door.
She jumped along, clutching her brush.
She opened the door and a man mouthed angry words that
Michèle couldn't hear. She stepped out into the
hallway and shut the door, muffling the blaring
music inside.
"I'm sorry, what was that?" she asked sweetly, smiling
at the man who towered several inches above her.
"I told you to turn your damn music down, some of us
are trying to fucking sleep!"
He looked quite obviously sleep-deprived.
"Its fucking three in the afternoon!!! Besides, who

asked you?! I can listen to the Hives whenever
the hell I feel like it!" she shot back. She was
small, but mean when she wanted to be.
They shot daggers into each other and the man was
about to retaliate, when,
"JULIAN! C'mon man, we've gotta practice!!" yelled
another man from down the hall with dark curls and a
smiling face, sharp contrast to the man who
stood before Michèle.
The angry man had long, brown, soft-looking hair,
full, pouty lips, and sad, soft brown eyes, presently
"See you later, 'Julian'!" Called Michèle to the man's
retreating back side. She was greeted by an "unhappy
Michèle went back inside to her hairbrush-singing and
unboxing, with help from the Hives... yes.


"Who was that hottie you were talking to?" asked Fab,
grinning at Julian.
"I don't fucking know.. Just some bitch who's my
neighbor. She wouldn't turn her music down when I was
trying to sleep... it was the Hives.. god, I have a
hangover!" he complained while they walked to their
practice site.
"Oh.. I see.. She cant be that bad.. she likes the
Hives!" said Fab, trying to find the good in a bad
"Fab, YOU like the Hives... that's saying something in
itself. And the Hives are not good healers for damn
hangovers," Julian glared.
Fab sighed. "Yeah, whatever, man.... She's in the
apartment next to yours, right? Maybe I'll drop in and
'welcome her to the apartment'..."
"Don't," said Julian warningly.
Fab threw up his hands as they arrived at their
rehearsal space. A basement of an old building that
the owners would let them use to practice. The layers
of shabby, peeling paint provided good sound insulation.
Julian and Fab walked down the hallway, the dust
muffling their footsteps.... Vintage.
When they arrived, Nick was playing chords, Ryan was
having a smoke, Nikolai was tuning his bass, and
Albert was on the floor with a dog.
"About fucking time!" muttered Nikolai.
Julian rolled his eyes. "Sorry, Nikolai, I was held up by this bitch next door."
"Yeah, whatever, man. While we're all here, lets just
*attempt* to get some work done!"
Julian rolled his eyes, yet again

"Yeah, man, we've got a lot of work to do before our
gig tonight, " Fab pointed out, positioning himself at
his drumkit.
"Al, get off the floor and stop molesting Buster!"(#1)
said Nikolai, scolding Albert, who did, indeed, get
off the floor. "By the way, my cousin, Michèle, just
moved to NYC, she's comin' tonight, you all can meet
her," he added.
"Cool said Nick, sitting on an amplifier. "What're we
starting with?"
Fab beat his drumsticks to the rhythm and they started
into their single track.

That night at their performance, the Strokes rocked
out. They rocked out hard. At the end of the night,
they premiered a new song, "In Her Prime".

"This next song is called 'In Her Prime'."
["You might wanna tone it down a little bit,"
"In Her Prime, dudes,"
Fab started out the beat and the guitars of Nick
Valensi and Albert Hammond Jr. started to play their
spunky new song, while Nikolai's bass lines filled it
How the crowd cheered.
"New York, we luv ya guys!" Julian slurred before
heading offstage.

After most of the crowd cleared out, The Strokes
settled into a quiet booth with their drinks. Nikolai
beckoned a golden-brown haired young woman over.
"Hey guys, this is my cousin, Michèle!" said Nikolai,
hugging her by the shoulder.
Julian was surprised to turn around and see, none
other than-
"The bitch!"
"The angry man!"
"Nikolai?!" they asked simultaneously.
They all just blinked for a moment as Julian sent one
of his infamous glares at Michèle.
Michèle had the same colour hair and eyes as Nikolai. (Just a visual for y'all)

"Hold on.. you guys know each other?" asked a confused
"She's in the apartment next to mine, refusing to turn
down her music!"
"He's the jerk-off that yelled at me!"
"..okay then... that's not so great, but uh... just so
you don't know each other just as 'that little bitch',
and 'the yelling dude', Michèle, this is Julian
Casablancas. Julian, this is Michèle Fraiture," said
Nikolai, forcing them to be civil.
"Now shake hands on it!" said Albert, grinning.
Julian firmly grasped her hand for a second...
Her skin was warm... too warm. He shrugged it off and
went back to his beer.

#1: In the Hard To Explain video, there's a husky dog. I have named it Buster. It also makes an appearance in the Someday vid.

#2: has anyone else heard that in the beginning of In Her Prime? That's what it has on my version.

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