Chapter 3
title: Good Day Sunshine
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Michèle lay in her bed, thinking.
She heard a male voice, Julian's, through the wall.
She heard another female voice mumble back to him and
giggle. She was too deep in thought to bother.
'Did Julian kiss me? I mean, was it for real, or just
a .. stupid happy kiss? Was he too drunk to know?...
Did I enjoy it?!' Michèle puzzled.
She heard giggles through the wall. She listened. She
could hear groaning of the bed springs. She snapped up
in her bed. More giggling... rustling noises....
A long, drawn out moan issued from the apartment next
door. Michèle listened in horror.
'No!' she mentally screamed at herself. 'I did NOT
enjoy it!'
Another moan.
"I hate you, Julian Casablancas, I hate you!" she
screamed aloud, trying to block out the noise.

Michèle awoke at about noon.
"Fuck, it's late," she mumbled, pulling herself out of
the mess of sheets, bedspread, and quilts that had
once been her bed.
She pulled her dirty hair into a messy bun.
She slipped on a pair of new jeans... er- another pair
of jeans (worn out, so, essentially, not new) and a
Mentos shirt that sported the logo on the front, and
on the back said "Get down with freshness!"
She walked out of her apartment groggily, originally
planning to go for a bagel and a coffee.
She spotted a familiar curly head.
"Fab!!" she yelled for no apparent reason and ran and
jumped on his back.
"Hey!" greeted a surprised-but-friendly Fab. He caught
her under the legs and she straddled him,
piggy-back style.
"Where is everyone?" asked Michèle from somewhere
amidst his curls.
"Dunno, I guess that's what were looking for," replied
Fab. He could make even the most mundane activities
seem fun.
"Do you realize that I'm crotching your back?" asked
Michèle randomly, thinking of her friends back in
Minnesota. She always used this phrase with
them... it was one of their (many) inside jokes. She
never realized how much she missed them. She was
brought back to "consciousness" by Fab laughing.
She smiled.
"Lets go find some people!... ONCLE JULES!"
(pronounced "on-kluh jool") she burst out randomly,
yet again. Another inside joke.
"What?!" Fab was very confused.
"Nothing..." muttered Michèle. "MUSH!!" she yelled,
"spurring" Fabrizio on. In actuality, she was slapping
his ass repeatedly.
He laughed "the things I do for you," and continued.
After a long time of walking about, to all the
Strokes' homes, and up several flights of stairs, the
needed a rest--well, at lease Fab did.
They sat down in the lobby of the apartment building
that they all lived in. Sitting on the couch, Fab
puffed slightly. His forehead had a few beads of sweat
on it.
He merely smiled. "It's hard work, being your bitch,"
he laughed.
Michèle laughed. Fab was his usual smiley self.
"Aww, Fab!" said Michèle, holding Fab's square (sexy,
manly, wonderful, erotic) chin in her hand and shook
it slightly. "Who couldn't love this face?"
She went cheek to cheek with him, beaming.
They both turned to face each other, and they bumped
into each other; an accidental brushing of their lips,
They broke apart quite quickly, but still looked at
each other. Fab looked to her lips for a slight
second, and smiled at her. She smiled the tiniest bit.

Fab leaned in (moved in for the kill!!) and Michèle
made no motion to stop him. 'When It Started' to get a
bit 'hot and heavy', Fab laid Michèle on her
back on the couch. Two crazy friends with a lot of
passion and a lot to forget.
Her hands were all over his back (....), and his hands
were tangled in her hair (....).
Just as Fab felt an 'ass-squeeze', there was a voice
"FAB!" It was Nikolai. "Michèle?! What the f----?!"
Niko censored himself.
Fab was still on Michèle, but now had that classic
'deer in the headlights' look, ad did a guilty
Michèle, still with her hand on his rear.
"Fuck, this isn't good!" faintly whispered Michèle to
Fab. "I'm so sorry, Fab! Niko will go ballistic! He's
like an over-protective brother!... Except worse..!
Shit, I'm so sorry!" she hissed.
"Don't be," Fab whispered just a quietly. "It takes
two to tango."
An inadvertent reference to Julian. That tango had
been so special for Michèle. She thought of the night
before and clutched Fab's hand.
"Err... yeah...." Fab said, uhh.. hoisting himself off
Michèle and helping her sit.
They were quite the pair to see.
Her coloured gloss was all smudged and all over Fab's
face. His curls were in even more dis-array than
"Yeah, uhh, I don't think you earring is down
there...." Fab lied lamely, standing up.
Michèle stood next to him.. they were still holding
"Fab, may I speak with you?" Nikolai said evenly,
attempting to control his voice.
"okay...." muttered Fab, releasing Michèle's hand.
With a curt jerk of his head, Nikolai beckoned Fab
"Niko, dude, caaaaaaaaaaaaalm!" advised Fab.
"I cant fucking calm! What..." Nikolai struggled.
"What did you do to her?!"
"Dude, we kissed.. Are you feeling okay?" said Fab to
Nikolai. Nikolai must have thought that he fucked
her.. hmm.. Fab was suddenly glad that he
didn't... boy, Nikolai was touchy about Michèle....
Imagine what he would do if they had had sex....
"You kissed... yeah, that's an obvious one! You didn't
do anything *else* to her.. you swear?!"
Yep, definitely thought that they had fucked.
"I swear!" said Fab, throwing up his hands. "Why are
you so uptight?"
Nikolai sat down on the bench and ran his fingers
through his hair. "Dude, Fab... you've got to promise
me something...."
"Not to kiss her?"
"No... you have to promise me that.. if you ever.. get
in a relationship with her... don't fuck with her....
"You don't want your cousin having sex?" inquired a
confused Fabrizio.
"No.. not fucking in that sense.... Don't say you love
her, and then leave her. Don't pull some stupid shit
like that... Fuck! Please, just don't,"
"Why would I do that?"
"I don't know," sighed Nikolai. "I don't know why
anyone would do that to her-- to anyone...." he
"I wouldn't," Fab stated, ending with a finality that
said that her wouldn't need to be asked again.
Nikolai nodded once with an odd look in his eyes.
"You sure that's all?" asked Fab, cocking his head
"For now," was all Nikolai said as he walked away,
leaving Fab very confused as to what that meant.

Chapter 4
Title: I Want To Tell You
"Man, it's good to be on vacation!" Albert said,
leaning against the couch in Julian's apartment. Fab
leaned on the back of a chair eating Oreo's.
"You said it!" said Fab, spraying the room with cookie
"Ick, dude, that was nasty!" muttered Albert, shaking
the crumbs out of his fro.
"Vacation's good, but remember, we still have to
work.. the album does have a due date," pointed out
Julian. He dropped his business tone and grinned.
"Hey Fab," he teased. "I hear you and Michèle had 'a
bit of fun' yesterday."
Albert stopped messing with his hair and became a bit
Neither Fab nor Julian noticed the change.
"Dude, what were we supposed to do? We were alone, on
a couch.. it was warm outside.. she's cute, I went for
it," Fab explained, a pinkish tinge in his
"Fabby-boy's growing up!" sniffed Julian. "Bet Nikolai
wasn't happy," he continued, having noticed Nikolai's
uptight-ness as well.
"Yeah.. he seemed a bit of... dunno about what,
though," Fab answered.
Julian chuckled.
"Was she a good kisser?" he asked, a gleam in his eye.
Albert interrupted. "I'm just gonna get going," he
said, suddenly not feeling so happy.
He walked out without another word.
"So...." Julian started. "Was she?!"
Fab bit his lip and the blush in his cheeks deepened.
"She waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas!!" Julian yelled in
a sing-song voice. "But think about it. Dude, its
Niko's cousin. It's Michèle!"
"Yeah... so?" inquired Fab, not catching his drift.
"There's just something about her that annoys the fuck
outta me!" Julian *slightly* shouted.
"Dude, you're strange," remarked Fab.

Albert walked down the apartment hallway. It was hard
for him to accept. But her still couldn't forget
*Albert was simply going outside for a cig, when he
noiselessly walked through the lobby.
He didn't expect to see what her did.
Fab, in another or his brightly coloured shirts, on a
couch... with Michèle. Not just that, but they were
making out. He observed her hands on his back etc.
and his on her body. He could practically taste the
potential to sex in the air.
He observed it painfully for a minute, then ran back
upstairs. All the while, no one noticed him.*
Deep down, his inner-child was crying, but his adult
commanded him.
Deep down, part of him was happy that Nikolai had
Albert reached his apartment on the floor above,
unlocked the door, and went inside.
He was so frustrated with himself. Stupid Michèle. He
almost laughed to himself. "I actually thought she
liked me,"
'I'm just not good enough for Michèle.. I'm not Fab.
Fuck it, I can find someone else....' thought Albert.
'...No I couldn't. There's nobody like Michèle.
I'm not worthy of her beauty, or her grace, or her
class, or her dirty mouth....'
"God, I'm such a fucking fuck-up!!" he screamed to no
He sat on his bed with his face in his hands.
"Albert?" asked a soft voice. Someone pushed the door
Albert looked up. His eyes were red.
"Are you okay?" asked Michèle, coming to sit next to
He took a shaky breath, but didn't say anything. She
looked concerned.
"I can hear you through the vent. My apartment's
directly under yours," she finished.
"Yeah, I'm fine," Albert managed to say.
He just sat, staring at her forlornly, an empty look
in his eyes.
"I don't believe you," she said simply, putting her
arms around his shoulders.
"Me neither," Albert replied, laying his head on her
They sat for many minutes, just sitting. Michèle
absently playing with Albert's hair.
With Michèle sitting there, with him, Albert began to
think. 'She's come up, she cares enough to be
worried....' He suddenly noticed her arms around him.
'Awfully masculine gesture, but ... maybe I do have a
Albert heaved a small sigh. "I'm gonna be a man," he
muttered. He lifted his head and turned so that he was
facing her.
"I have balls...." he convinced himself.
"Yes, you do, Albert, now what were you going to say?"
Albert breathed deeply.
"Michèle, I really like being around you, and
stuff.... Even though I haven't known you for very
long, I really have enjoyed the time you spend with
and I cant stop thinking about you... I think... I
love you. I know it sounds like some stupid corny
shit, like I'm trying to get laid or something... but
I truly think that this is real.. I.. Have some real deep feelings for you.. I.. Uhh..I love you," he bit his lip.

"And... and when I saw you and Fab-"
"You saw us?!" she interrupted.
"Yeah. Wh-.. When I saw you, it just fuckin hard. It's hard for me to accept. I just.. I know that you
don't feel the same," said Albert, losing much of his
(little) confidence. "and it hurts, but there's
nothing I can do. But when I saw you two... it was
like a slap in the face.. just... its hard to fucking
deal...." he breathed out.
"Albert... I'm so sorry... I-... I don't know what to
he had been holding her hands.
She squeezed his soft hands, looking into his eyes.
She looked down, a bit embarrassed. "But the thing
with Fab.. Sure, I *like* him, but I like you all...
it was just a fling... I know it, and he knew it when
it happened... I didn't mean to hurt anybody...."
"I know..." Albert said. "but you did... me."
She looked at him, flabbergasted. "Seriously, Albert, I
really didn't mean to!"
"I believe you," said Albert. "Sorry to make you come
up here," he continued, putting on a smile. "I feel
better," he lied.
"Good..." said Michèle, smiling at Albert. "I wanna
make you happy," she said as she non-subtly moved
closer to Albert.
'These damned mixed signals!!!' Albert screamed inside
his head.
She leaned next to his cheek. She whispered, "Albert,"
They were really close....
Albert's smooth cheek brushed hers.

"No.." moaned Albert. "I can't do this… I cant…"

He looked down to hide his expression. As she felt his lips brush her skin (not a kiss), he pulled away quickly.
She looked confused.
"I should get some sleep," Albert murmured, scooting
back a bit.
"All right... well, um, Albert, just.. just try to
feel better," Michèle smiled. "Ring me later."
Albert didn't say anything. He sat on the edge of his
bed, staring out the window into blue skies mocking
him. The happy face of the sun laughed at him.
All light seemed cold and harsh.
He heard Michèle let herself out....
He cried aloud. He felt so fucking bad inside....

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