The Girl in the Mirror
Lys Summers

In a pretty little room,
Filled with silly little things,
An ordinary girl sat and stared.
Stared at a white framed mirror,
Hung just perfect on the wall,
And there the little girl would sit and dream.

I would sit and dream,
Just an ordinary girl,
Making wishes that I knew would come true.
I'd have so many friends,
And lots of things to do,
Be that pretty girl to match the perfect frame.

So when I looked in the glass,
I'd picture her face.
The girl in the mirror was who I wanted to be.

Hiding in her pretty room,
The girl still sat and dreamed,
Not quite passed a child's immaturity.
But parties came and went,
The pretty ones got all the friends,
There was nothing left for a girl who only dreamed.

I tried so hard,
Just to fit in,
But no one cared enough to waste their time.
I hated those girls,
With their cruel, painful words,
Because the face I dreamed wasn't really mine.

And day after day,
All alone in my room,
The girl in the mirror just laughed at me.

In a large empty room,
Devoid of any thing,
The mirror now hangs on a new wall.
It sees a girl who has matured,
A girl that's never home,
A girl who seems to have it all.

I've got lots of friends,
And places to go,
Sometimes I'll stay on the phone till one.
But somewhere inside,
When I look in that white frame,
I'm still shocked by what I find.

After all the years have passed,
I know what they now see,
The girl in the mirror is me.