4. The Raid

It was a couple of days after we had captured the city. I was sitting in my makeshift headquarters, poring over reports of the patrols that went out the night before. It was the usual stuff.

'Engaged small squad of GE soldiers using 'desert rat' techniques.' Said one. Desert rat techniques is the nickname given to when the GE soldiers erupt out of the sand.

'Nothing to report.' Said another.

But then I came across a sentence that caught my eye. It read, 'soldier tripped over a solid object buried in the sand.' Then it went on to say, 'Dug it out, and it was revealed to be a sealed hatchway of some kind. Unable to open it, submitting for evaluation.' Then it gave the coordinates.

This immediately aroused my interests. I left my makeshift office and high tailed it to the communications room.

"Connect me to Craiger." I commanded the on duty officer.

"Yes sir!" He replied, as he leapt to his feet and snapped off a salute. I returned it casually, and he set to work. Once the connection was established he removed himself from the room out of respect for privacy.

I took a seat in front of the computer and waited for the image of Craiger to pop up. His face appeared on the monitor.

"I trust you have some important find to report to me?" Craiger inquired.

"Always the charmer, and always to the point." I replied.

"One's time is valuable, and cannot afford to be wasted." He continued.

"I'm squatting here in the Godforsaken desert, with no one but dirty GIs for company, I haven't seen a friendly face for months, and you hand me this valuable time shit?"

"You don't show the proper respect to your superiors. I should take you out and beat you. But unfortunately 'I am too important to be allowed to be put in danger by going to a foreign country.'" He quoted.

"Yeah well I'd much rather be back in the US than here. I'm so goddamn sick of sand!"

"Enough fooling. What's this pressing business you have?" He asked.

"A recon team went out last night, and they reported finding a sealed metal hatch. I want to do a satellite sweep of the area they found it. This could be some sort of nest type thing where tons of them hide out. Do all the usual checks, thermal, and all that jazz."

"What if it comes back negative on all accounts?" He asked.

"Then I'll just have to check it out. Because if it's worth concealing that much, then it's worth it for us to check it out." I replied.

"Into the lion's den, so to speak." Craiger said.

"Yes, and in order to kick this lion's ass we're gonna need a special weapons load out. I'm gonna put together a forty man team. I want submachine-guns for one half, and twelve gauge shotguns loaded with slugs for the rest. We're most likely gonna be fighting in tight quarters, and I wanna be able to rock those special freaks onto their oversized pain and bullet resistant asses."

"All right I'll have those over to you by tomorrow." He said.

"That quickly?" I asked in disbelief.

"Hey if FedEx can do it, so can I. Just because I'm shipping them over an ocean doesn't mean anything."

"True, okay well I've got other matters that require my attention, and I'm sure you do too."

"Call me back once you've reviewed the satellite feeds."

* * * *

"It's just like I thought, the pictures show nothing out of the ordinary." I said to Craiger as soon as I called him back several hours later.

"Then there must be something down there they want to hide." He replied.

"Then that means we shouldn't delay. We should launch a raid as soon as possible." I said.

"I'll make sure those weapons are there when you wake up tomorrow. Now I know you have a large raid to plan, so get going, good luck, and make sure you come back out of that place alive."

"Will do sir." I replied. The communications link faded, and I left to go and find my men.

I found Mack, Pat and Scott in the mess hall.

"Well what do ya know, it's our fearless leader, who boldly goes where no man has gone before, who leaps over tall buildings with a single bound." Mack taunted.

"And who kicks the sorry ass of his subordinates who like to mouth off every time he arrives." I replied, not able to hide my smile.

"What's the word from our great leader?" Pat asked.

"Well we have a raid to plan." I replied.

"What kind of raid?" Pat asked.

"The really dangerous kind." I replied.

"You could be a bit more specific." Scott said.

"The kind where we take on most likely a numerically superior foe, on their own turf, in close quartered battle." I said.

"Fucking A, when do we begin?" Mack cheered.

"Second platoon found some kind of sealed hatchway out in the middle of no where. I called it into Craiger to check out with a satellite, and it came back negative on all counts." I explained.

"So what does that mean?" Pat asked.

"I swear you get dumber by the day." Scott said, flipping Pat's hat off.

"That means that there is something out there that they want to hide. Something so important that they took the time and money to shield this underground bunker from all kinds of detection. Even satellite thermal shots taken at night didn't reveal any kind of heat. This is the desert, once that sun goes down, if there's any sort of heat, it glows like a fucking distress beacon." I explained.

"So why don't we just use a bunker buster?" Mack inquired.

"Because we want to assess what is inside. Plus if it's this valuable, they must have protected it from a bunker buster. Those missiles have only limited penetration." I said.

"So what are we gonna do, the entrance to that thing is prolly gonna be a fucking bottleneck, and we'll get slaughtered one by one." Scott said.

"Well tomorrow is the fourth of July you know. So I think we can give our wonderful GE friends down there an Independence Day celebration they'll never forget."

* * * *

The next day I stood in front of the hatch second platoon had reported. A team of engineers were in the process of cutting it open with blow torches and other special tools. Around me was assembled forty of the best, and most skilled men I could find.

As promised, Craiger had delivered the package of weapons I specified. So half the men clutched MP-10s, an upgrade from the MP-5s I was used to handling. Essentially the same, just a newer, better model. The other half of the men clutched twelve gauge shotguns loaded with heavy slugs. That way if there were any of the special GE soldiers, then the slugs would be able to damage them much more than a blast full of steel shot.

"Listen up men, we are going to engage the enemy on their own turf. We must assume that they are a numerically superior force, and we must assume that each one is a special GE soldier. That way we can be prepared for anything. You have all been briefed on what to do once we enter the complex, so I won't bore you with those details again. What I am going to say is this. Since we are assuming we are dealing with nothing but Special GE soldiers, then the normal rules of engagement do not apply. These genetically engineered men are resistant to pain and all forms of damage to the body. So therefore I want you to aim for the head. Even these monsters can't live after a single head shot.

"Keep your heads, stick together, be smart, and we'll all be laughing about this in a couple of hours. Now get ready, we're gonna give them a Fourth of July party they'll never forget." With that said I motioned to a group of specialist to come forward.

They lugged heavy boxes up to the opening with the aid of some other soldiers. They began setting up and linking together hundreds of fuses. After a few minutes of work they nodded to me, signaling my Fourth of July party was ready.

"Gentlemen, light the fuses!" I yelled.

"With pleasure sir!" The leader replied. He then took a lighter and lit the end of the fuse. "Now get it in there!" He cried as he and his men began to hoist the heavy boxes and dropped them one by one into the hatchway.

The hatchway had a single ladder in it, and was just big enough for a huge man to climb up. The ladder descended for about three stories, and then it opened up into a polished marble floor.

The boxes with the lighted fuses sticking out of them landed with dull thunks three stories below. Some of their contents spilled out as the wood was crushed upon impact. The fuses still ticked on regardless.

After all the boxes were dropped in, the men slammed the latch back onto the hatchway, and all we had to do was sit and wait, and most important of all, imagine what was going on down below.

I could just picture the scene as the first set of fuses reached the box, and ignited the contents. With a loud hiss, the fireworks sailed away in a shower of sparks. Just try to imagine hundreds upon hundreds of fireworks going off in an underground bunker.

The fiery missiles were zooming all around in the tight confines of the bunker. Sometimes they hit a wall and shattered, partially exploding. Other times they struck a wall and bounded off to continue down the hallway. All over the place the fireworks were exploding with ear splitting booms. Glass shattered, things were set on fire, smoke and the stench of sulfur filled the hallways. It was absolute pandemonium. Still the fireworks launched on, one after the other after the other.

Now every GE soldier in the entire place would be running around, trying to find out the source of the confusion and noise. They would be disorientated by the smoke and fire. Many would be nearly deaf and blind from the explosions happening so close to them. The complex would no doubt be several levels deep, so many soldiers would not be effected, but they would still come running. Exactly what we wanted.

"Lets go, open the hatch!" I roared. The men complied. Two others were already pulling the pins on grenades. They chucked them down the hatchway as hard as they could.

Even before they went off I tossed my shotgun to Scott, drew fourth two flashbangs, and stepped up to the ladder.

"You know what to do!" I yelled over the explosions of the two grenades down the hatch. Then I leapt into the hatch, sliding down the ladder navy style. I landed and spun around immediately so I could see the hallway before me.

I had thermal goggles over my eyes, so I could penetrate the gloom of smoke. I could see the glowing images of several fires, and a couple of fireworks that were still smoldering. I could also see some GE soldiers, peaking around corners, looking to see if anyone followed the grenades.

I pulled the pins on the flashbangs and hurled them. They bounced and skidded to a stop in front of the GE soldiers. I spun around, closed my eyes, then covered my eyes with my arm.

Despite those precautions, I still saw an immensely bright flash, and the roar was deafening. But it was much much worse for them.

GE soldiers, especially the special ones, had excellent eyes. They were designed along the lines of a cat's eyes, so they could dilate, and allow tons of light in, so they could see through darkness like it was daylight. But imagine what would happen if a fully dilated eye, that let that much light in, was suddenly accosted by a flash that rendered a normal person who gets even an indirect blast unable to see properly for several minutes.

I could see them writhing around in agony. It was a beautiful sight.

I looked up and tracked the process of my shotgun. Scott was instructed to drop the shotgun down the hatchway as soon as he heard the flashbangs go off, then he and the rest of the men were to go down the hatchway as fast as humanly possible.

I caught the shotgun, flipped it around into a firing position, cocked it, and then squeezed the trigger, sending my first slug slamming into one of the GE soldiers writhing in agony on the floor.

"Come on you lazy bastards, get your fucking asses down here now!" I screamed as I pumped the second slug into the chamber. I aimed and squeezed off a second round, silencing the moaning of the second GE soldier effected by my flashbangs.

Men were sliding down the ladder one at a time as fast as they could. As soon as they were down they took a few steps forward, then knelt down to cover the descent of the next man. Then the first man ran up and joined me further up the hallway. I was on the left, crouching down low, the next man ran to the right side of the hall and did the same. Then the next ran and crouched down on the left, and so on and so forth.

When twenty men were assembled, I held my hand up for all to see. The smoke was beginning to clear, so I had removed my thermal goggles moments before.

"Let's go!" I screamed, getting up and charging forward. The twenty assembled men followed suit. We charged down the corridor, guns up and ready for a fight.

We came to an intersection. The hallway continued forward, but another went across it, so there was another passage to the left, and a second to the right. I had already briefed the men on what to do in this situation.

We were assuming we were dealing with a numerically superior force of men who were all special GE soldiers. Our entire attack was based on surprise and disorientation. So therefore we couldn't just all go as a group corridor to corridor securing everything. That would allow them to get organized. I had who went where in what situation all planned out ahead of time.

Seven of us kept running strait, and two teams of seven went left and right. The numbers worked perfectly because I didn't include myself in the twenty men assembled. The number of people carrying shotguns and MP-10s was pretty even, despite working with odd numbers in all cases.

We kept running forward, ready for any kind of trouble. The hallway kinda curved, then we came to a door. It was pretty solid looking, so I didn't try ramming it with my shoulder.

"Anderson, do your stuff!" I commanded to my squads engineer. He ran forward, letting his MP-10 hang on it's sling. He ripped off his pack and grabbed a bag containing door charges. He placed them on the hinges and latch, then we all withdrew several feet.

"Fire in the hole!" He screamed as he hit the detonator. The three explosions went off simultaneously. The explosions were so neat and clean that the door hovered without falling. Not wanting to wait, I sprinted forward and leapt at it, putting my shoulder into it.

It fell with little effort, and I slid into the adjoining room. It was teaming with desks and people. There were burn marks, and small paper fires all over the place. I was assuming that this was where many of the fireworks went off, and then they shut the door in an attempt to stop them if there were anymore.

I leveled my shotgun with a surprised looking guy wearing hospital scrubs. I wiped the smile off his face with a slug that quite literally decapitated him.

It might seem odd that I just lit up a guy with no weapon, who appeared to be a scientist. But I had two justifications for my actions. One was anyone down here was probably genetically engineered, or someone who made the genetically engineered troops. We never wanted any kind of incident like this again, so anyone who had any thing to do with the process had to die, and we would destroy all records.

I leapt to my knees and dove behind a desk as the return fire began. Other men from my squad ran in, firing as they went, and dove behind desks. Two men with MP-10s stood in the doorway, next to the door jam.

The crossfire was intense. Everywhere bullets scored hits across the desk I was hiding behind, and the walls around me. I could recognize the sound of deuces, buzzards, with a few scattered pistols.

I sat back against the desk and closed my eyes. I drew forth the mental picture I had of the scene. In the quick glance I had taken before diving behind the desk I could remember every detail of the room. From the sounds of gunfire, and trajectory of bullets I could tell who was where. My trained mind could get over how overwhelming all the gun fire can be and pinpoint all the tiny details that went unnoticed by others in the din of the fight.

A guy at the desk right in front of my own, about ten feet away, was sending bullet after bullet out of his buzzard at the men crouching behind the desk to my right. His attention wasn't on me.

In one fluid motion I spun around so I was now facing the proper direction, and at the same time I brought my gun up to my shoulder and aimed out the guy.

As it was very common with me, I saw every thing in slow motion. I saw every spent shell as it ejected from his gun, I saw his eyes, cold and calculating. I depressed the trigger of my gun, I watched as fire spewed out of the barrel, then as the gun roared, felt the recoil as it flew back into my shoulder. I saw the slug begin to move forward, heading strait and true towards him. Then suddenly everything went normal again. The slug impacted the man's throat at a slightly upward angle, blowing out the back of his neck amid a cloud of blood and bone fragments from his spinal cord.

I cocked the shotgun, and turned and aimed out a second guy who was trying to get his deuce in line with me. I leveled my gun square with his chest and pulled the trigger. The slug sailed out again, and embedded itself in his chest amid a red cloud. He was thrown backwards from the impact, flipping over and landing on his head, hard. Not like he would have felt it anyway.

I pumped the shotgun again, chambering my fifth round. I aimed out a third guy and pulled the trigger. He ducked behind his desk as soon as he saw me aim at him, so my slug bit into the desk, tearing out a huge chunk and showering him with wood chips.

I pumped my last round into the chamber and sent it at the same guy. This time it passed through the space vacated by the chunk I tore out, and removed the top of his head.

I leaned against the desk again as I began to reload. That's the only drawback of using a shotgun. It doesn't take all that many rounds, especially heavy slugs.

"Grenade!" I heard someone yell as they lobbed a grenade, it sailed over me, coming from the doorjamb, and it landed near several GE soldiers crouching behind desks.

There was a shout as they all tried to scramble away. They were too late. The explosion caught them dead on, upending at least three desks.

"Lets go!" I screamed. "Take the other side of the room!"

We all got up, running across the charred ground strewn with spend bullet casings. There was a single door on the other side of the room. This one was only cheep wood and had a huge window in it, so I knew door charges weren't necessary.

I ran up to it, and sent it flying back on it's hinges with one monster front kick. The glass shattered, and the hinges gave way as it rebounded, causing it to fall on the floor.

The noise alerted of the two GE soldiers who were walking towards the sounds of gunfire, that something was coming. I sent a slug sailing towards them, but they leapt into a doorway, avoiding my shot. One of them answered with a shotgun blast from his own deuce. I ducked back into the room, avoiding the scattering of iron shot. O'neil, a man from my task force, wasn't so lucky. He caught a few bits of the shot in his left arm. He spat out a curse and clutched at the wound as blood began to pour out.

"Someone take care of him!" I commanded. "Spencer, take his place!"

"Yes sir!" Spencer replied as he moved up to take O'neil's place at the doorjamb.

"Aight here we go. On three we move up with suppressing fire. Two men stay behind at the door jamb and throw down as much cover as you can. The rest charge up the hall. Open up with a short burst first, then we charge, understand?"

"Yes sir!" They replied.

"Okay one, two, three, open up!" I screamed. Three of us leaned into the doorway and threw fire at the two men. They retreated back into their own doorway on the left side of the hallway.

"Let's go!" I yelled as I broke cover and rushed down the hall. Cover fire came over our heads, sporadic, but it kept the bastards down. We drew level with the doorway just as they were getting ready to lean out again. I silenced one with a slug to the head. The other was brought down with a double tap, two in the chest and one in the head.

"Clear it!" I roared, pointing to the doorway. Two men ran up to check to see what was beyond the door. I waved the two men from the doorway to come up and join us.

"Clear!" Came the yell from the doorway. "No other entrances or exits to the room."

"Lets go, keep moving!" I screamed. We kept running down the strait hallway. As we came to doors we cleared them. All these led to small offices. Almost every one was empty. If there was anything moving inside them we lit it up with a burst, or smashed it with a slug.

Reloading as I ran, we continued our mad charge down the hallway. I was still feeding slugs into my shotgun when an unearthly roar I had become accustomed to came tearing down the hallway. It was the battle cry of one of the special soldiers. He came tearing down the hallway, his massive arms even making the buzzard look tiny in comparison. He snapped it into line with our advancing group faster than we could bring our own weapons up. His initial burst caught a soldier in the chest, picking him up and slamming him back home. His body armor remained true however, and the wounds were not fatal. He was just dazed from the impact.

Using his lightning speed and deadly accuracy the GE bastard lined up the soldier behind the one he already took down. This time the burst he fired was even more effective. Three rounds took the soldier in the chest, three in the throat, and four would have hit his head, but by the time the fourth round came around there wasn't enough of his head for it to hit.

All this happened before anyone could bright their guns up. He was in the process of lining up a third man when I snapped into action. I dropped the slug I was in the process of loading into my shotgun, and shifted the weapon over so I was grasping it only in my left hand. Then I drew from the small of my back, my pistol with my right hand. I snapped that into line with him faster than he could line up his next target.

I squeezed off my first round, but he used his lightning speed to side step and avoid the shot. He swung his aim around towards me instead. Exactly what I wanted. I'd rather he shoot at me instead of my men any day.

What followed looked like a scene right out of the movies, but yet it was true. I began to send round after round after him, and he dodged them all. He sent round after round at me, flying right towards my head. I ducked under them, and proceeded to dance around.

Both our weapons emptied around the same time, his had a bigger magazine, but fired much faster. He tossed the weapon down and with a roar charged right at me. My own men were paralyzed by the spectacle they had just seen. A couple of them fired, but their rounds were ineffective as they impacted all over his massive chest. His eyes were hugely dilated, which led me to believe that their resistance to pain was nothing more than huge amount of drugs pumped directly into their veins.

I stood, seemingly transfixed, looking down at the pistol empty in my hand. The gigantic man rushed headlong at me, his fierce battle cry enough to chill the marrow in a normal man's bones. I am not even close to being normal.

When he was mere feet from me, and only had to extend his bulging arms to strike me, I dropped the empty pistol, took a step to my left then immediately spun around into a heel kick, which connected my heel with his chin. The impact was so hard that it made my teeth rattle, but it accomplished what I wanted. He was ripped off his feet, and much of his forward motion was converted into downward motion slamming him to the ground. The rest of his forward motion carried his huge body along the floor as he slid on his back.

I brought the shotgun back into a double handed grip, and closed the breech, which was still open from my interrupted loading process. I had managed to get a few slugs into it before the GE bastard had charged down upon us.

I spun around so I was now facing the downed GE soldier. I aimed carefully, leveling my shotgun with his skull. I pulled the trigger, and my slug tore off half his head. Even these tough bastards can't live with their heads torn off.

I calmly reloaded my pistol, and then finished loading my shotgun. Once finished I accosted my men. "Let's go ladies, the shows over, and we still have rooms to clear. Now can we get moving again sometime today!" I barked.

"Sir yes sir!" They yelled back.

We continued our death charge down the hallway. We were an unstoppable force of weapons, kevlar, aggression and adrenaline. Blood was hammering in our veins, and pure venom shot from our eyes. We could make grown men hit the floor and piss their pants while crying like a baby. If anything moved in our view it went down with an extravagant amount of shots. The trail of carnage was long, but necessary.

We met our first staircase. Suddenly a set of double doors loomed in front of us in the drab unchangingness of the marble hallway. When the doors were kicked apart, and then propped open, what met us was a wide staircase with a flight of steps, a landing, and then another flight which led to the floor below. My guess was the elevators were in another section, cause walking up and down stairs like this, especially when you had to walk through a huge stretch of hallways to get there, would be a bitch and a half.

"Clear it!" I roared.

"With pleasure sir." Replied Manny. He moved towards the stairs under the cover of Diego, and a few others who were covering the landing with their weapons. Manny drew fourth two grenades in one hand, pulling the pins on both. He then threw them both down the steps. They bounced off the back wall and continued down the steps to land at the bottom. The report of their explosion reached our ears, and we set off at once.

Mack beat me to the punch in charging down the stairs. He knew the drill however. He went down the first flight, then stopped, leaned against the railing and covered the stairway with his MP-10. I was moments behind him, and kept charging down the stairs with his cover.

I already had a flashbang ready, for stairways are dangerous places. There is a time when your vision is blocked by the wall in front of you, but anyone at the bottom can see your legs and torso. So that's what the grenades were for, and the flashbang. As I approached that critical level, I pulled the pin and lobbed it down the stairs where it hit the floor and slid further down the hallway.

"BRACE!" I screamed back up the stairs, as I suited actions to words and closed my eyes, covered them with my elbow, and clamped my hands over my ears.

The resulting flash of light, and roar of sound was lessened, but still hurtful. But it was more hurtful for the three GE soldiers I had nailed. They had collapsed over onto the floor. The sound the flashbang produces is so loud that at certain distances, it can overwhelm the ear's system for balance, so it often causes it's victims to fall over.

I slammed one with a shotgun shell, splitting his throat open. The next one and the one after him were both pummeled by the automatic weapons of the men behind me.

We charged on undaunted. The same procedure followed. If there was a room we cleared it. If there was any movement, we brought it down. It seemed we had reached the berthing level. Every room we cleared had a couple of sets of bunk beds, and other such things found in bed rooms.

Many of them were occupied with various people. Most were hiding behind the beds, and most were scientists. We killed them all regardless. All these evil men had to die, so that no one could ever be tempted to created genetically engineered monstrosities ever again. It may seem immoral, or unjust to kill these unarmed men without any knowledge about their involvement. It was justified in my mind however. Countless civilians were killed in their bombing raids during the conflict in the US. It was a very dirty job, but someone had to do it, and that someone was us.

We completed that level in much the same fashion, but twice as quick. There were no prolonged fire fights. Once again we came to a set of double doors which yielded a flight of stairs identical to the one we had just come down. It is no surprise that we handled them in exactly the same way. Our grenades and flashbangs were beginning to get on the low side, but we had no choice but to press on.

I hadn't seen the rest of the underground bunker, but I had a very good guess as to what it looked like. I'm willing to bet it sorta looked like a lowercase T. There was the little nub that we ran along as we descended the ladder, which was the top of the T. Then it branched off to the left and right, and kept going strait. That made up the rest of the T. The lower levels each went below their respective sides, so the men who ran in other directions would probably have to go back to the top level to enter our section. This assumption allowed me to order my men to fire on anything that moved without worrying too much about friendly fire.

This third level proved to be our toughest yet. It wasn't just a strait hallway with rooms on either side. It was a medical level, with clean rooms and glass airlocks, operating tables, and other such apparatus. There were tons of computers, and operating rooms that were sealed tanks with glass on all sides to the doctors could all watch without being exposed to whatever was in the operating room.

Despite being our toughest floor yet, we still came charging down the hallway, yelling and screaming with our guns blazing. If we came to an airlock door, we didn't bother to wait till it would open for us. We shattered it with a hail of bullets. That was a flaw of making almost everything out of glass on this level. Granted it was safety glass, but when has safety glass ever stopped a bullet.

This floor was swarming with scientists. We blazed into them, killing them all. Everywhere our hail of bullets went swarming as we charged across the first room. Computer screens exploded, circuits shorted out, spewing kilo joules of energy into the unsuspecting person who was working at the station. Glass went flying everywhere, and so did the blood. The body fluids and gray matter of the scientists went flying all over the room as their bodies were torn apart by the hail of lead raining down upon them.

We charged through the first room quickly, shattered the air lock that separated us from the second, and continued our murderous charge. The second and third rooms were taken out in the same fashion, quick and bloody. The fourth room had a raised platform that was encased in glass.

Inside it was a GE soldier, his massive size told us he was one of the special ones. He had no visible weapon, but he himself is a walking weapon. We opened fire on him. He took shotgun slugs to the chest, hollow point bullets to the chest and legs and arms. He was picked up and thrown backwards from the force of the onslaught. He hit a support pillar, and fell to his knees. Blood was pouring from his wounds, and huge chunks were taken from his massive body.

He began to rise, pushing himself up painfully with his arms that were soaked in blood and gore. Seven men had emptied their weapons into him, and yet he still rises. Which also means that all of us are now out of bullets and must reload as he begins to advance on us. I solved that problem quickly.

"Grenade!" I screamed as I hurled my fragmentation grenade up at his position. It landed, bounced, and the GE bastard hurdled it on his way to us. The explosion went off right after he cleared it, the blast tossing him forward and pitching him off the raised platform headfirst. He came crashing down, landing on his head with a sickening smack.

"Check him." I said as I began to reload my empty shotgun. My ammo for the weapon was getting very low. I hadn't counted on having to do this much shooting. And I made sure everyone had plenty of ammo. That's saying something cause usually I am over cautious.

Two men with Mp-10s walked forward to examine him. One gave an exclamation and immediately drew his knife.

"What are you doing?" Asked Diego.

"He's still alive!" Said the soldier. He then proceeded to bury the knife in the GE soldier's throat.

"Come on people, snap it up, we gotta press on!" I barked.

"Ready!" Came the consensus.

"All right then, lets go rock these fuckers!" I screamed as I led the charge further into the lab complex.

After two more rooms where we met no resistance we came to the end of the hall. This time instead of a stairwell we encountered a ladder. This ladder was quite long, however, and there was no sign of any kind of landing or drop off. So basically it went strait down into the heart of the complex. We were probably getting to the levels that they wanted to keep really deep and underground, so that meant the stuff they wanted to protect from bunker busters.

"I'll go first, I want you men to follow as fast as humanly possible." I said as I slung my shotgun across my back. "We don't know how long this ladder is, so get ready to go really deep."

I pulled a flashbang from my belt, but this time I twiddled a little dial on the bottom. This changed it so the timer would activate upon hitting the ground. That way it wouldn't go off as it dropped, but rather when it hit the ground.

I pulled the pin, dropped it down the passageway, then immediately leapt onto the ladder and began to slide down it navy style. I traveled for a long time, the friction beginning to get intense on my hands.

I heard the flashbang go off, and could judge how far I had to travel still. It wasn't that far. I landed upon the steel floor about four seconds later. I spun around, my dual pistols already drawn. There were no less than four GE soldiers writhing in agony on the floor. They were beginning to recover though, so I acted quickly. I put several bullets into each of their heads.

My pistols empty, I calmly reloaded, as I surveyed the carnage. Once reloaded I stuck them back in their respective holsters. I unslung my shotgun, and charged down the hall. Since my men seemed to be taking their sweet time in coming to my aid, I had to take this hallway on my own until they joined me.

I came to the first door, and ripped it open. I had a fleeting glimpse of what was inside the room through a window in the door as it flew open. What was in there scared the shit out of me. That in itself is a scary thought. What in this world can scare the shit out of a boy who has been trained from his birth how to kill, and has seen more death and horrific battle scenes that any man alive. The contents of this room can.

As the door opened, eighteen heads snapped to look at me. Eighteen pairs of eyes glared at me, then recognition dawned on each and every one at the same time. I reacted faster than they could, brining my gun into line and squeezing off a shot. My slug took the nearest special GE soldier in the head, flipping him out of his desk.

Yes that's right, that's what scared the shit out of me. Eighteen special GE soldiers sitting at desks in three rows of six. They seemed to be in some sort of classroom, waiting for instruction. None of them were armed, but I have stated before. They are all walking weapons.

They all began to try to get up for their desks at once, but the desks were a tad bit too small for their massive sizes. So some stumbled a bit, some began to run towards me with the desks still attached to them, and some simply shattered the desks around their massive frames.

I snapped off another shot and took down the first one who gained his feet. He also took a slug to the head. Now they were all running at me, and would probably crush me with a hail of fists that even I couldn't avoid. But there is a lot more to being 'the perfect soldier' than just brute strength and skill with weapons. You have to be both book smart and common sense smart, plus have the wonderful ability to remember all the little traits and weakness about your enemy. Now I know that these GE soldiers are really powerful, really fast, and really good at hand to hand fighting. But I also know that they are very stupid in the area of common sense. In addition to that when they get in sigh of an enemy they get this insanely bad blood lust that gives them the uncontrollable urge to kill and punish things. This lust overrides what shred of intelligence they have, such as basic motor skills.

I knew the key to beating this group of individuals would be to separate them. To take them on one by one, or if not possible in small groups instead of sixteen at a time. So I did a very simple thing to separate them. I shut the door.

The continued to rush at me, and a fist smashed through he window, and began to try and clutch and grasp me, to pull me into reach. Desperately all sixteen remaining soldiers began to try and beat on and crush, and just plain demolish the heavy metal door that separated me from them. I'm surprised they weren't trying to fit through the window. It was actually amusing, because in order to reach me all they had to do was turn the door knob. But that simple fact escaped them as they were caught up in their blood lust.

I aimed my gun right at the guy who was reaching for me, and split his skull apart with a slug. Someone immediately took his place and I gave him a face full of lead as well. By this time the door was really beginning to cave under their savage onslaught. Ripped backwards by their immensely strong arms, and shattered inward by their savage fists and devastating kicks.

I chambered my fourth round, but as I saw the state of the door I quickly decided on a different course of action. I ran at it and leapt into a flying kick that connected my legs with the door as I was several feet in the air. I braced against it as it resisted, but soon felt some satisfaction as I felt it cave. I knew it was ripped off it's hinges as I jumped forward, and the only resistance offered to me was that of the man behind it. And since he wasn't expecting it, that wasn't that much.

The door hit him and it's full weight fell upon him. That was enough to crush even someone as strong as he was, so he toppled over under its' weight. I leapt forward off the door towards another one. I tossed my shotgun into his chest. As a natural reaction he caught it, but that meant his arms were occupied, and he couldn't block my follow up kick that I connected with his temple. He keeled over sideways, down but not out.

One might think this stupid, and foolish. They might remember the first time I came in contact with one of these monstrosities I couldn't beat just one of them, and would have died several times, but was saved by sheer luck and Mack's intervention. This same person might think if I couldn't beat one, how in the hell could I beat these fourteen that remained. The answer was simple. The only reason I was almost defeated before was because I was thinking of these monstrosities as regular men, and fought them like regular men. Now I know they are far from regular men, but on the same note I am not a regular man as well, so as long as I fight them like the irregular men they are, I shall have no problem whatsoever defeating them.

As I landed from my flying kick, I already had my dual pistols out and ready. I leveled them with the heads of two of the soldiers. I squeezed off two quick rounds, sending the bullets to drill into their skulls, blowing their gray matter out the back of their heads in a red and gray mush. I crossed my arms across my chest, pointing one gun to the left, and one to the right. I fired off several more rounds, each at a new soldier that was standing on either side of me. I put one into their chests, one into their throats, and one into their heads. All four of these men I killed slumped down to the floor, the first group followed closely by the second.

They had begun to converge on me once again, the shock of my sudden entry over. Two barreled towards me from behind, I spun, dropping down onto the balls of my feet, and leveling my pistols with their knees. I fired, then aimed again and fired a second round. I put one bullet into each of their knees, sending them toppling over.

Using my pent up energy in my legs, I leapt upward to avoid them as they toppled towards me. As I was in midair I ended up with one leg on one's back, and my other on the other's. They crashed to the ground with me standing on them like that, they were down but not out. I planned to rectify that shortly. Without even looking or turning around I put my guns over my shoulders and drilled a bullet through the back of their skulls. I could easily tell where their heads were by remembering how tall they were. The process may sound iffy, but that's the way it happened.

I still had eight special GE soldiers rushing to cross the small distance between me and them, and now I was clutching two empty pistols. Problem? I think not.

I bent my powerful legs, and leapt up, using the flesh of the soldiers I was standing on as a spring board. That brought me up high enough to open my legs into a split like motion, kicking the two soldiers rushing at me from the side under the chins. I began to descend, just as a soldier wound up to land a monster punch on my ribs as I fell.

The thing of it was I already stuffed my empty pistols in their holsters, and had my sword out of it's sheath as he was winding up. I brought the thin blade slicing down into his shoulder, severing deep, slicing through flesh and bone alike. I landed, extracted my sword, spun around so my back was to him, and rammed by sword through his stomach, all the way up to the hilt. I ducked as the GE soldier who was now in front of me swung his fist into a powerful punch that probably would have flipped me over. However he missed, and his fist hit precisely on the hilt of my sword. This added power forced the blade, hilt and all, right through the soldier's stomach and out the other side.

From my crouching position I swung my leg around and connected it solidly with his knee. It didn't give way, but he toppled over, his damaged limb no longer able to support his weight.

I righted myself, and faced the horror. Now all those soldiers who were rushing towards me, were all pretty much in reach of me. So minus the one who was lying on the ground with his hurt knee, that meant seven gigantic men were coming at me from all sides.

The nearest one threw a punch, I ducked under that, jumped over a kick from another, twisted away from another punch, and blocked yet another punch. A fifth soldier threw a hard jab aiming for my rib cage. I parried that with my arm and snapped my leg into a hard kick that connected my foot with his stomach, causing him to stumble away.

Two rushed at me head on, arching their arms back to throw their monster jabs at my face. If both of them connected with my face at the same time the shock would probably kill me, or at least knock me unconscious. I moved to parry them both at the same time. I managed to knock one aside, but the other held back, causing my arm to miss his. He then followed up with a right hook before I could recover. I took it in the ribs, and I was forced backwards, and stunned immensely. The one who I parried first, he recovered, and followed up his partner's right hook with a left to my face, then a right to my face, and then another left. Each time my head was rocked backwards, but I lost all feeling after the first blow.

That savage assault would have lasted longer, but before he could land another right, yet another soldier hit me with a cold shoulder from behind. Using his powerful legs he had leapt forward, and used his whole body's mass, focused at his shoulder, to ram be forward. The gigantic amount of force threw me forward, right in-between the two soldiers who were assaulting me moments before. I flew forward and crashed into the wall, hard.

I kept my feet however, and spun rapidly to face them, lest they take me from behind again. I was bleeding profusely from my nose and mouth, my ribs ached in the front and back where I was hit, and my head began to throb.

As these mounds of muscle began to charge at me once again, I took a deep calming breath. Those familiar words began to echo in my mind. Pain is only an illusion. Pain is only in your mind. If pain is only in my mind, then it can't hamper my performance. All feeling floated away from me, and I felt that calm peace of mind that accompanied the slowing down of everything around me.

All eight of the living soldiers were coming at me, but one was out in front. They were sorta coming at me in a V formation. Well I would break through that, and kick some royal ass.

With lightning quickness I snapped my leg forward and nailed a desk, sending it up into the air right towards the lead soldier's face. He didn't bother to dodge, he just simply swung his massive fist into a jab that shattered the desk into splinters and scrap metal. What he got in return was a monster right jab right between the eyes.

As soon as the desk was in front of his face, I had pushed off, leaping forward with my fists raised. Right as the halves of the desk separated, therefore before he could recover, I threw my punch, using my whole body's momentum, and putting every ounce of strength I could muster behind it. There was a deep thunking sound as the bones of my hand impacted his skull. There was a snap as his nose was impaled inward, his whole forward motion was stopped dead and he was pitched backwards.

I was far from finished however. His body pitched backwards so it was parallel to the ground, I snapped my leg up into a kick that sent him up into the air again. I followed this up with a viscous punch sending him crashing into the ground. He was down for the count after a savage assault like that. I had poured all my strength into both punches.

All three attacks had taken less than a second to execute, and I was wasting no time. Fitting with their V formation, there were two men running practically side by side to reach me. There was however a small space in between them. I capitalized on this. I leapt into it and stood there.

With their same murderous rage they both turned and threw a monster punch at me. Their massive fists traveling far faster than any normal man's could ever hope to. I sat there, calm as ever, watching as two fists the size of my head were coming to impale my head in-between them. At the last possible second I ducked my head under their blows. They both then missed, and followed through, thus causing their fists to strike each other in the chest.

I quickly whipped into a front flip, snapping my feet into their faces as I passed by them. They went down, but they weren't out. I was merely buying myself some time. The way to defeat multiple enemies is not to fight them all at the same time, but rather to separate them, get them away from you, even for just a few seconds, so you can beat the living hell out of one in particular.

However, since there were eight running at me originally, and I took one down for the count, and two others down for a few seconds, that meant that I still had five coming at me in their V formation.

One of the two who were at the front dove at me, hoping to grab me in a bear hug and pull me to the floor. I deflected his advance with a crescent kick to the temple. A normal man would have gone down permanently with a kick like that, but I knew he would be back in this fight soon. I had more pressing problems however.

The second soldier at the head of the V formation lashed out with his foot, and I hadn't recovered from my kick yet. He caught me right in the side. The powerful blow sent my sprawling, I went careening into a desk head first, flipped over it and ended up face down on the floor, clutching my side in agony.

He wasn't done though. He motored towards me like a fucking locomotive, knocking desks aside in his haste. I tried to rise, but failed to do so in time. This just presented him with an even better target for his snap kick. His foot caught me right in the stomach, and lifted me clear off the ground, hurling me into the wall once again.

I hit the ground, inhaled, filling my lungs with the oxygen forced out of them by the kick, retched, then began puking all over the floor, my stomach content was mostly blood, and my being sick forced even more blood out of my nose.

Many fighters would have recoiled away from this sickening sight, allowing me time to recover from my stomach's pyrotechnics, however this guy didn't care about something as trivial as throw up. He ran right up to me and grabbed me by my shirt, picking me right up off the ground.

He held up his fist to begin using me as his own personal punching bag, but I stopped him however. I swung both my hands inward in a double karate chop right on his throat. This stunned him enough to allow me to do a double hammer fist on his shoulders, causing him to drop me. I nailed him with a front kick to the stomach, then spun into a roundhouse that connected my foot with his chin.

With suddenness that surprised even me, a second soldier lunged at me with his fist. He seemed to come out of no where. I ducked under the blow, putting my own fist in his stomach. This stopped his advance, I then grabbed his outstretched arm, spun around, and flung him over my shoulder, sending him flying into the one I had done the double hammer fist on.

Wham! A blow to the back of the head brought me down to the ground face first. I slammed the bridge of my nose right into the metal floor. It was already bleeding heavily, but if possible it began to bleed more.

I was quick to recover, rolling away and beginning to regain my feet. He was quicker however, and nailed me with a snap kick to my side. I was flung away and slid across the cold smooth metal towards the middle of the room. That was the precise spot that I did not want to be in. Now all seven remaining solders all were pretty much equidistant from me. Some were in the process of getting up, so it would take them a few more seconds to get to me. But long before I could coax my battered body to rise they would all be upon me. Plus it only took one of them to keep me down for the count.

Three raced towards me. In the time it took them to cross to me I had managed to get to my hands and knees. As always, this just presented them with an even better target to kick. The drop kick style blow from the first one to reach me caught me right in the stomach, pulling me right up off the ground. I hit something that felt like a warm wall, which was actually one of the soldiers. His response was to hit me with a downward punch as I began to descend.

This added force sent me into the ground extremely hard, I bounced once then came to a stop. I couldn't even try to get up before they were on me. A whole teeming mass all trying to pummel any part of my body they could.

I felt the first couple of blows as they struck all over my chest, face, arms and legs. But then after a few it began to tingle instead of hurt. After the pain left me all together. I just lay there, succumbing to their beatings, awaiting death. Since the pain was all gone, there were much worse, and more painful ways to die.

Suddenly an image flashed through my mind. A splash of sunlight, reflecting off beautiful red hair. Sparkling green eyes, dazzlingly bright as the caught the warm rays of the sun. The very definition of beauty, Jody sat before me in my minds eye.

The thought of never seeing her again brought forth strong waves of emotion. Like the ripples in a pond, they surged outward, ever widening. Then the thought of my death causing her untold grief made those waves of emotion take a definite shape. Rage. Pure, boiling, bubbling, and strengthening rage. I felt a white hot fire streamline across my entire body. My limbs began to feel invigorated. Energy collected in my entire body, and I was bursting to unleash it.

Pushing off with my limbs I rocketed my body up, tossing off several of the soldiers who were in the middle of pummeling me. They all stumbled back a step or so, and stood there in a circle around where I floated in the air.

Yes I floated. Everything seemed to stand still as I hovered in mid leap, just about shoulder level with all of them. I wasn't actually levitating, but it seemed that way as everything slowed down. I remember seeing each and every one of their faces. The looks of pure drug driven rage that dominated the prominent features on each would forever be burned into my memory.

In a flash everything went back to normal speed, at the precise moment that my legs snapped out in a split like fashion, catching two soldiers standing opposite each other in the throat. My feet stuck there just long enough for me to push off, and gain some extra altitude. I jumped forward into a type of wrestling drop kick, that is I leapt at another soldier with my whole body lying rigid, and almost parallel to the ground. I hit him, and then shoved off towards the ground, rolling forward and finishing my roll in a crouch at the feet of a fourth soldier.

I sprang forward as I leapt to my feet, ramming my shoulder into his chest, and knocking him backwards. Even before he hit the ground I swung my fist and nailed him with a monster right hook to the throat, and then a front kick to the chest as he finished his plummet. That was one more down for the count, so that left six of them I still had to take out.

For a change, I decided I was gonna rush at them, before they could rush at me. I sprinted towards the one nearest to me. I ducked under his fast right hook, and slammed my right into his ribs. It was kinda like striking a brick wall, but not even a guy like him could withstand a punch like that without some kind of reaction.

He threw a misguided kick at me, but he was slow due to the loss of oxygen from his lungs. I unloaded with three jabs to the chest, and then a left hook to the face. He looked stunned, wondering how so small an opponent could pack such a punch.

I brought his legs from under him with a front sweep, and put him out for the count with a snap kick to the temple.

One down, five to go, but I was really getting tired of beating their sorry asses. There is a time when one can only take so much beating, weather it is being beaten, or beating someone, it makes no difference, one tires of it eventually. So I decided I would end the fight right now.

I drew from where it was strapped to my leg, my deuce, long forgotten by me as I went on into my rage. I leveled it with the skull of the poor bastard in front of me. I always kept it cocked in a combat zone, so all I had to do was pull the trigger, and the steel shot ripped his head right off his shoulders.

That left four. You might think they might be a little bit weary of the shotgun I now clutched in my hand, but no, they rushed on unaffected. The easiest way to describe what happened next is, click click BOOM! click click BOOM! click click BOOM!

That took care of three of the four remaining. The last one was a bit more tricky. In the time it took me to shoot the others he had crossed the distance between us. He leapt at me, reaching for my throat with his gigantic hands. I side stepped, and managed to get out of his path, but as he clawed at me futilely his hand struck my deuce, knocking it from my hands.

"Lets go you big oaf, I'll take you on, one on one." I taunted, assuming my fighter's stance.

He picked himself up from where he lay sprawled on the floor and made a mad dash at me. As always his blood lust overcame his one shred of common sense. He threw a monster left jab which I deflected and unloaded a hard right hook into his ribs. He barely recoiled, and followed up with a right hook to my face.

I stumbled backwards from the blow, stunned but not down. He came at me again, rushing headlong into battle with nothing else on his mind but pummeling me. I spun away as he leapt at me, causing him to miss, and slide along the smooth floor.

Tired of this senseless beating of each other I grabbed my pistols from where I had shoved them empty into their holsters. I loaded them as fast as I could as the monster of a man got back up and made his way towards me.

Having loaded both, I shoved my left one back into it's holster on my left leg, and brought the other one into a double handed grip right into the man's face as he came at me.

With one fluid motion of his hand he swatted my hand away from his face. I twisted my arm away from his and brought the pistol back into line with his face. He swatted it away again. I snaked my left hand down to my other pistol and brought that into line with his face, even as he continued to swat my arm away.

He batted my left arm away with his other hand. This time I brought both pistols into line with his face at the same time. And fitting with the pattern of this fight he batted both away, one with one arm, and the other with the other. This time I put in a little bit of a change. I pulled the triggers as he was twisting my arms down. My pistols were not aimed at his head so they would not be fatal, but the shots took him in the gut.

He is quite resistant to such shots like that, and also he is quite pain resistant. But I have a theory that when ever they receive pain, large amounts of drugs are released into their blood stream. That has to cause some kind of reaction, and I was right. It caused his hands to relax their grip on my arms.

I took this opportunity to wrench my arms from his grasp, and leveled both pistols with his face. I pulled the trigger as fast as I could, and my double nine millimeter shells ripped two gaping holes in his face.

Panting slightly, I surveyed the carnage I had wreaked. I pondered for a second, then shrugged and moved off to pick up my weapons. As I was picking up and reloading my shotgun, the last of my arsenal that I had to reload, men ran around the corner guns up and ready to rock.

It was the rest of my men. Luckily they were smart enough to know that I was down here, and they didn't start shooting anything that moved.

"What the hell took you guys so long!?" I barked.

"As soon as you were down the ladder, we got assaulted from behind." Diego reported. "Anderson took a round to the head and went down."

"Damn it." I spoke aloud. "Well there is nothing we an do for him now but avenge his death by completing our conquest of this facility."

"YEAH!" Screamed the men.

"Lets go, press on!" I screamed!

And just like that we continued to charge down the hallway, roaring as we went, and shooting anything that moved.