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Fate's Games Chapter 6: Guardian

Maar stumbled back clutching his scorched shoulder wincing. His icy blue eyes were narrowed into a glare as he brought his sword up blocking off the dragon's sword with his unscathed arm. A low growl of fury formed from deep within his throat as he began to fight back trying to ignore this new type of pain. "You cheated." Maar spat in pure raged. Suddenly he was hit with another of the burning, painful sensations as another fireball caught him in the stomach. He gritted his teeth as he faltered once more.

"And I cheated again." The dragon challenged. "What do you plan on doing about it? I could simply kill you with magic."

"Coward." Maar growled as to provoke the calm dragon. "I suppose, then, that dragons lack honor as well as brains." The dragon snorted at that, grinning and shaking his head as if Maar was a young child who had no way of understanding. Maar's eyes dripped with hatred. How dare this dragon treat him like a child in the dark!

"You are young and sharp-tongued, foolish and arrogant, naïve and weak, human swordsman. I may not possess much honor, but your kind possesses even less so do not try to tell me of honor." The dragon replied, eyes serious and filled with an inner disgust.

"You Bastard! How dare you insult me when you are the one that cheated! I wouldn't be one to judge people's honor if I were you. Using magic..." Maar hissed; voice seething in absolute despise. He seemed to shudder at the word, 'magic.' "Using magic was the most dishonorable thing to do. You KNEW I'd best you if we continued so you turned to the next option." Suddenly his whole body coursed with electricity as a lightning bolt struck him causing him to instantly drop his sword. He fell to his knees and dug his nails into the ground biting his lip as a futile attempt to disregard the waves of pain that continually washed over his body. Suddenly he felt a surprisingly strong, swift kick sending him onto his back. Then he spotted a blade by is neck. His gaze traveled up the sword and found the dragon, looming over him; a smile that reeked of death spread across his face. Maar glared at the dragon, unphased. Unbeknownst to the dragon Maar seemed to be fiddling around with something.

"And I thought her guardian would be stronger." The dragon sneered. "Now to get rid of you." He said, raising his sword above his head for a stab...but Maar was faster. "Guess again." Maar shouted as he whipped out a dagger from behind his back and hurled it at the dragon. The dragon eyes widened as the dagger plunged deep into his stomach. He stood there in total shock and pain, dropping his sword. Maar pushed himself up to his feet, renewed. In his eyes sparkled a lust for death. Quickly he wrapped his hand around the hilt of the dagger. He twisted it, enjoying the dragon's pain, before pulling it out. The dragon dropped to the ground grasping his stomach as the blood oozed through his fingers. (A/N: O.O I can't believe I just wrote that! Ahem. There's a side you don't see too often. Black is affecting my brain! I'll stop there.) Maar smirked. "One dishonorable act deserves another." Maar taunted returning his dagger to its proper place and scooping up his sword. He faltered suddenly as he felt all the pain return. He heard footsteps behind him grow until right next to him stood the girl mage. Her gaze of pure hatred shifted to him and suddenly he could see her red optics glow as she placed her hand to parallel his chest. Suddenly he felt a blast of fire strike him, sending him into instant pain, and he flew back about ten feet and slid. Every inch of his skin screamed out as it smoldered. He fought to keep himself awake. He managed to push himself up feeling instantly nauseous at the sudden movement. He sat there trying to ignore the immense burden of pain upon him as it screamed loud in his mind. All of his training against pain seemed to be undone at this moment. He stared weakly at the mage who had just made his life a living hell as she tried to tend to her master.

"Master?" He heard her call in pure horror. "Master? Are you okay? You'll be okay, right?"

"Sorry, I don't think so. The boy was sly. But don't worry. You'll be fine by yourself. I know you will. I knew I'd have to leave you alone sometime. Watch over the young one. He respects you." The dragon said sternly, trying to hide his pain.

"What! Not now! No! I won't let you! How can you do this to me! You can't leave me alone! I don't know what to do! I'm weak! I'm powerless." She said desperately.

"Shut up and listen. You must do what you feel you must do. You decide your own destiny. Never forget what I taught you." He growled. He tried to laugh but it came out more like a wheezing. Maar fell back, laying his head against the ground and could hear no more, the pain blocking out every thought and sense. Suddenly, after what seemed like an eternity to Maar the girl was suddenly before him.

"YOU DIRTY LITTLE ROACH!!" He heard her scream at the top of her lungs; emotions of hate anger and sorrow were all pitted into her voice as she spoke. "I'll burn you to death now and then you can burn in hell for an ETERNITY!" She screeched. Maar found himself hit with even more pain as she fire magic blast after magic blast at him. He felt as if his skin was being ripped off and his muscles were being cooked. He'd hate to think of what he looked like right now. He was probably just a black lump smoldering on the ground. He could barely think and each pain he felt intensified by the second. He felt his life fleeting and his mind slowly slipping away; losing every thought. Suddenly the magic stopped. Maar couldn't open his eyes but he heard...he hear something. Someone. Megumi. Then he felt himself slip into unconsciousness.


"Maar!" Megumi screeched in pure horror, a blue aura blazing around her. "You bitch! What have you done to him!" Megumi cried in absolute terror as she shot ice blast after ice blast, which was continuously countered by the girl fire mage.

"That MONSTER killed my master! I'll make sure he suffers my master pain a million times over! Get out of my way!" The girl screamed back, fire roaring all around her, clearly displaying her rage. Megumi's eyes narrowed and suddenly a water crystal blast hit the girl, drenching her fire and cutting her all over.

"Wench. I guess I'll just have to get rid of you first. You will DIE!" The other girl shouted shifting to her dragon form and flying into the air preparing to rain fire upon the flightless Megumi when suddenly an ice attack caught it. The ice instantly melted and the girl dragon turned to face another dragon, which had emerged from above the forest. It looked exactly the same as the girl mage's dragon form except its scales were tipped with blue. The battle raged between them, but on the ground Megumi ran to her smoldering protector. She looked away when she reached him, afraid of what she saw, and tears formed in her eyes. She sat down beside him and scooped him up into her arms. She saw his chest lift ever for slightly as he breathed shallow breathes and she felt a ray of hope shine through. But then she looked at him again and her heart fell. How could she save him? He was as good as dead and she couldn't do anything. He wouldn't be breathing for long and she knew it. This was all her fault. He was protecting her! For what reason it didn't matter, but he was like this because she had run away! She owed him her life and now she couldn't even save him! Suddenly she heard the roar of the dragons and she looked up. She saw the blue dragon was losing and she decided to help. She concentrated and an ice bolt hit the fire mage, piercing her wing and sending her plummeting into the depths of the forest. The other dragon turned to her and slowly dropped until it was beside her.

'Climb on. I'll take you to the fairy queen. She can heal him. For right now I'll give him some of my life energy.' The dragon said sympathetically. His voice didn't fill her every cell with pain when he spoke in her mind as the other dragon's voice had. In fact it was quite pleasant, but she couldn't think about that right now.

"I-I..."She stuttered. The dragon stared at her with its soft, assuring blue eyes and that was all it took. She grasped Maar and struggled to get up to its back, but fell. Rina popped up.

"Whoa! Maar! Is he okay?" Rina asked, suddenly popping out from Megumi's bag.

"Oh Rina, I don't know." Megumi sighed. "This dragon offered to help us." Rina stared in awe at the dragon for a brief second before returning her small eyes to lock with Megumi's.

"You know, usually dragons don't help people. They're often quite irritated by them. Ever since the incident with the castle and the old empire." Rina said, and then stared in worry at Maar. Megumi cringed, memories pounding through her head. But that didn't matter right now. All that mattered was Maar.

'Come on. He looks like he's in bad condition.' The dragon thought-spoke. Megumi nodded and hoisted Maar onto the dragons back and scrambled up after him and Rina fluttered her wings and landed on her shoulder. Then Megumi felt them start to rise up the ground and fly off. She looked down at Maar, worried. 'Oh please let him be alright.' She thought to herself. She would never be able to live with herself if he wasn't.


The dragon slowed the beat of his wings, somewhat exhausted as he landed. What with fighting the female mage and transferring some of his own energy to the boy a little bit of weariness tugged at the back of his mind. He felt the girl slide off and he turned to stare at her. She smiled politely but he saw right through that. Then he stared at the boy, who looked a little better from the energy he had given him. The boy would probably survive. The queen fairy had a reputation of being the best healer in the land. But the girl didn't know that and he knew she worried. They were before the magical portal that would lead her to the fairyland.

"Thank you." Megumi whispered.

'Don't worry about your friend. He'll be fine.' The dragon assured. Megumi's eyes fell to the ground, unsure and apparently still worried.

"I'm very thankful, really...but why did you help us?" Megumi asked.

'That boy killed my foe. He was brains behind the rebellion. My job is so much easier now. I'm actually very surprised that this kid could do it and it worries me, but I owe him. I really didn't want to kill him myself. And you, I saw you in the forest and taking a wild guess I followed you and you lead me to where I wanted to go. That's all.' His voice echoed in her mind. It wasn't unpleasant, but Megumi could sense a little bit of seclusion in it. He didn't seem to favor humans, just as Rina had said. She nodded politely. 'I have to go now. The mage will not stay down for long.' He said suddenly and was off without another word. Megumi watched him fly off in all his magnificence. Then she felt a swift jerk on her sleeve and she noted Rina pulling desperately.

"Let's GO! We have to take Maar in!" Megumi suddenly snapped back into reality at Rina's statement and stepped through the portal.


Megumi stood next to Rina, who had suddenly became her size when she stepped through. They were before the queen, whose lavender hair and flitting blue wings beared great resemblance to Rina. In fact, the only difference seemed to be in her soft lavender eyes, which held so much more wisdom than Rina's impatient purple blue optics. (A/N: Sorry for biting off of you, Sairi, I just didn't want to use "eyes" again. Gomen nasai! ^^) That and the beautiful blue and lavender attire the queen fairy wore. The queen fairy's fingers drummed against her chin, as she looked thoughtful. Megumi opened her mouth to plead for help, but the regal looking fairy cut her off.

"I can heal him." She said simply. "Do not worry anymore. Bear with my immature sister for about an hour and try to ignore yourself." She sent an assuring grin at Megumi.

"Milu! Don't call me immature!" Rina growled. The queen fairy sent a glare at Rina, silencing her. Then she turned to Megumi.

"Leave him here." Milu motioned towards Maar. "I promise he'll be fine." Megumi bit her lip, feeling that if she let go she would never see him again, but finally she reluctantly set him down. Then, with one look from the Milu Rina grabbed Megumi's arm and pulled her out. Once they were outside Rina leaned against a huge flower.

"The nerve of Milu. Just because she's the queen she ALWAYS thinks she can push me around! I'm still her sister!" Rina fumed. There was a long silence. After Rina was sure no reply would come from Megumi she sighed. "What's eating you this time?"

"Maar. I'm still worried. What if, what if something goes wrong, or it's too late? It'll all be my fault." She sighed.

"Stop blaming yourself, Megumi! My sister's the best healer around. He'll be fine. I've seen much worse than him come out okay. Anyways, I thought you guys hated each other." Rina pointed out.

"It doesn't matter if I hate him or not. He risked his life for me and he got beat up. If I had just backed him he would have been fine." She blamed herself.

"Oh god! Look at yourself. You couldn't even stand it when the dragon spoke! You would have just gotten in his way and gotten you both killed." Rina rolled her eyes.

"You know, you're not as sweet when you're my size." Megumi sighed and blocked out Rina's protests as she thought about Maar. She still blamed herself, but Rina had been right. She would have just been in his way. It seemed she was always in his way. She just didn't know how to feel about Maar and she wondered if she ever would. But at the moment she hoped with all her heart that he'd be okay.


Maar suddenly snapped into consciousness. Where was he? Everything around was all white. It was unnerving the way the white seemed to stretch on forever, never changing; never breaking. Wait, that couldn't be right. If he was dead then he expected a more unpleasant, dark place. Like with people being tormented for their sins or something. He always figured he'd go THERE when he died. He was almost positive he was dead. But if he was, then where was he?

'You're not dead.' A voice filled the air. Maar spun around, drawing his sword, but found no one. That made him nervous. He didn't want to be talked to by a disembodied voice. He hid his nervousness by putting on a cold glare at nothing in particular. He did not answer the voice and showed no further sound of acknowledging it as he plopped on the ground and wiped the blood off his dagger. 'When you wake up you'll only have to clean it again.' The voice pointed out.

"I am awake. Now leave me be." Maar growled. "I have no business with you, nor do I want any."

'That's quite rude of you, Maar. If I were you I would respect an deity if it singled me out to talk.' It said, voice suddenly powerful. Maar listened to the voice and found it genderless, but somehow he felt that it was a woman speaking to him. He raised an eyebrow slightly.

"Oh? A deity, you say? And what, if I may ask, made you decide to single out a lowlife like me to chat?" He asked, almost mocking.

'Just wanted to talk...maybe about destiny.' It paused. Maar had a blank expression. 'Maybe...about your destiny?' It implied.

"I decide my own destiny, thank you. I refuse to have it controlled by you or anyone else." He growled. He didn't like this thing that was talking to him, be it woman or god.

'You're right, of course. I cannot decide your fate. I merely influence you in the direction I want you to know. I am not an all- powerful goddess, but I do watch over this land, and you are my selected. You will carry the burden in which I place upon you; the burden of being the Guardian. You have no choice on that matter.' It said.

"Guardian?" Maar scoffed as if her statement was ridiculous. "I have no idea what you're talking about."

'You have the blood of Guardian within you and you cannot deny your duty.' It said simply.

"I don't care what you are; if you plan on speaking to me speak in English." Maar growled.

'You're very rude, young Maar. But I see I'm confusing you. Your destiny is to protect the bearer of the Waterfall's Tear.' It said.

"So if I get it I protect myself. Seems fair enough." Maar shrugged, refusing to believe what the deity had to say. He knew what was coming, though.

'Maar, you are not the bearer of the Waterfall's tear.' It said, serious. Maar shook his head, gritting his teeth against each other. 'Megumi is.'

"Then why am I ON this stupid quest to find it then? I don't get it. If don't benefit I don't see the point. There's nothing in it for me so why make me continue searching?" Maar growled, suddenly angry at hearing what he knew he would hear. He had gone on this journey to help himself and now he would get nothing for his troubles. "If I kill her then can I get it?" Maar growled.

'You cannot kill her, Maar.' The voice said coldly.

"Just watch me. I've wanted to for the longest time now." He growled.

'You cannot kill her.' It repeated, same cold voice as before.

"Why not!" He spat, already knowing the answer, but hoping for a different one.

'Because you are Megumi's guardian.' It said. The comment had drawn nothing but silence from Maar; silence and a furious face. The deity decided to go on. 'Your sole purpose on this journey is to protect her, just as your ancestor protected the first bearer of the Waterfall's Tear. It is the sole purpose of your life. You may stray from your destiny but as long as you are around her you must protect her, because your purpose is to protect her. That is why you cannot kill her. That is why you never hurt her. That is why you help her when she is hurt and guard her from that which seeks to hurt her. To deny that is to deny your blood. A part of you always has known that and that is what has compelled you to protect her. It does not matter what your feelings for her are. Whether you hate her, or want to kill her it doesn't matter because that which runs through your veins will keep you to your purpose.'

"If that's true then how do I have a choice? I can't decide anything! I cannot deny my destiny, then! I'm doomed to spend the rest of my life protecting that wench!" Maar shouted in frustration.

'You will find there will be times when you are not compelled to protect her. Then it will be your decision. You may kill her, or leave her to die in those times if that is what you wish to do. And you can always give up. If you feel you get no benefit from protecting her then you can always leave and you will never feel pushed to protect her again. Nor will you ever get your mother back.' It said. Maar growled at that. 'Maar you will awake soon. You are, like I said, not dead. Megumi has brought you to the fairy world where you have been totally restored to your normal self by the queen of the fairies. You will remember everything I have said like a very clear dream. I will tell you this, you will find yourself unable to tell of this to anyone at the moment so don't try. There will come a time when you will be permitted to speak of it, but that time is not now.'

"Fine, whatever. I will deny this fate. Just watch. You can't control me. I don't care who my ancestor was, but I won't be sealed to their fate." Maar growled with rage towards this thing.

'I must warn you of one more thing. You must NEVER fall in love with the bearer of the Waterfall's Tear. No good will come out of it. Only sorrow and pain.' The voice said, warning in a too serious tone. Maar scoffed at that.

"As if that'll ever happen. Now that I think about it, this destiny thing is something of a relief in a small way. I'm very glad that it's my ancestor's fault. I knew I had no feelings for that stupid girl. I never will. Now to get rid of this curse called fate." But if he had no feelings for her why did he always get so lost in her eyes?


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