Probably the most random thing I've done. This is my excuse for not working on that dratted scholarship application. Yep.

Magnetically Modified

A downtown cemetery
singing elegies of
startling wealth and
rhyming misery.

Hegel's wonder
at concrete humanity
never accounted for
moments of air-filled clarity and
thousand-island dousings of

The world is not all it's cut out to be,
is not the sum of its inhabitants,
is not.


If leased apartments
with ribbons of
dirty laundry
can party like a Warsaw ghetto,
it only goes to show


We all need some London rain,
some Paris loving,
some Roman holidays.

Punchinello, pants wet,
frowns at the dial tone that
greets him
on the street corner -
and through the gap
of store-front fiestas,
sees the quicksilver truth:

We have not perfected
the crescendo.

Staggering models
drop like flies,
a cause for celebration
lies therein.

Sex is calm,
sun is inhumane,
the gun is stolen.

Shine, honey.
The spotlight's on.