I sit here


Grade five, six, seven and eight.

Do you remember those years?

I can, instead of being left happy,

I sit here, drowning in tears.


You said we were sisters;

Never to part.

I was a fool in believing that.

You left me without a heart.


I used to sit,

Writing in my diary,

Of all the crazy days

You shared along with me.


But now I see you,

You're a whole new person.

You're the flower of deception.

One I cannot place trust in.


Soha, you hurt me

All I can feel now is excruciating pain.

But I sit here weeping,

Utterly misused and staring out at the rain.


I see the beautiful droplets fall.

Falling from the havens above (haven. NOT heaven.) Completely unaware

Of the fall to take place.

Become friends with Soha, and beware.


Four years together.

She played me for a fool.

Made me think I was loved.

But then drowned me in a pool.


Why Soha? I don't get it.

You were my best friend.

What did I do? What did I say?

Admit it. You were planning on leaving me in the end.


Now I sit here, writing in my diary,

Of all the torture you put me through.

But now you must beware.

Soha...I'm coming out to get you.