Can you hear it?

I can feel it...

The rush up my spine

The screaming inside my head

Its just me though

The electricity tangling itself in my mind

As I lie in my bed

The violent beats of my heart

Echoing in my ears

I can feel the pulse

Can you hear it?

I can feel it!

Arms spasming

Fingers clawing at the sheets

Reach out...

Reach out.

I want to...

Leave her alone...

Leave her alone!

Eyes roll back into my head

Twisted flesh

Marred essence

Convulsing muscles

Can you see it?

I can feel it!

Pure, unbridled,

the last reserve that fills me to the last drop.

The last demon that possesses me

The heavy sin

That tears me limb from limb.

Means well

It means well...

But it lusts.

Can you see it?

I can feel it!

The one isolated possessed out of many by the weighty peccadillo



My weighty peccadillo


I can feel it...

And so will you.