Chapter one. Remembering Octobia

The room where the immortals met was filled with conversations. Death was his usual cold self, and the Elemental rulers were arguing as usual, but there was a sense of unease in the room. Only the Avatars were silent, for many of their numbers had perished. An Avatar can only survive as long as its temple is intact, and several had been destroyed. The Horned Guardian knew this, and was less impolite to them than usual. He stood near the middle of the room, not in the middle, because directly in the middle of the room there was a beam of light, and in the light you could see three mortals, one of them carrying a strange sword. The Horned Guardian looked around him as he knocked his axe on the floor for silence. "It is good to see that so many have come today, for I am here to explain the recent situation" he began. "A long time ago, the Brotherhood of Blood managed what no one thought was possible. Drawing power from the elements, they managed to open a Hellgate. Because of this, demons came to our world. I know that you know this, yet I feel that I must explain it. The dragons fought the demons back, and Xatan was trapped inside his own evil, in the form of a mountain. Lord Elementar of the dragons fell in the battle, and both demons and dragons died or left. But demons never die, and dragons seldom leave without a fight. The Brotherhood of blood is still around. Using their fowl blood magic, they sneaked out some demons, succeeding in trapping us, the guardians. More and more demons were sneaked out, and they did their work in silence. They sowed unease in the minds of humans, and the Avatars were weakened as their kingdoms were destroyed. In the wilderness that followed, they made great cities of evil creatures; raising armies the world had never seen the likes of. They hid these cities under a cloak of darkness, so that we could not find them, or even know of their existence. When my brother and I returned, they had enough demons out to release Xatan. Everything points towards our destruction and the victory of Xatan, yet that is not so". He pointed towards the three mortals. "Jaro, Cart and Alaya. Unimportant they may seem, but it was these three that destroyed the demons". A muttering rose from the crowd, only a few seemed unsurprised. "I know it seems impossible, but it is true. Can you see the boy's sword"? The Guardian continued, pointing to Jaro. "That is nothing less than Elementar himself, who somehow managed to avoid death and leave pieces of himself that could be assembled, thus allowing him to rise again. Jaro managed to put him together, as a sword strangely enough, and Elementar used Jaro to destroy the Dark Lord. But the strange part is that Elementar didn't leave afterwards, but stayed with Jaro". The Lord of Magic looked at him. "Why on earth would he want to stay, surely he would like to sleep the sleep of death" he asked. "I don't know, my brother thinks it is because he found a friend in Jaro, or perhaps he thinks this world have gone sloppy and want to tidy up a bit. But the facts remains that he is here, teaming up with a mortal." The Guardian replied. "What about the other two?" Asked Lady Air. "The one called Cart was some sort of a soldier in the Bread legion, when Deig still existed. The girl, Alaya, is a wizardess in training. She shows potentials, but is in the need of training". He replied. "Never mind those," said Mystra. "Where is Elementar going"? The Horned Guardian looked at her in genuine surprise, and then in suspicion. "If Elementar has not lost his mind, there is only one place he would go" he said quietly. "To Octobia".

The sun shone upon a small mining community in Those Bloody Mountains, as they were called. The Bloody Mountains for short. It shone through the window of The Smiths Nose, the local tavern. A ginger cat, well into its seventh life and counting, was stretched out right where the sun hit the floor. Half open eyes were focused upon the figure in the corner. The boy in question looked about sixteen, seventeen of age and was quite tall. He had coal black hair that was cut short, and his eyes were sapphire blue. He was muscular, but did not strike people as amazingly big. He was dressed in common cloth, brown and grey mostly, and carried a sword by his side. His name was Jaro, and he appeared to be lost in thought. 'Why are you here', he thought. He knew he could be heard. I need a reason? Came the reply from inside his head. 'Its not like I don't like you or anything, but why do you live in that sword now?' he asked. 'Surely you want your own body back, or at least a human one' There is a reason for this, the same reason why we have to work for food instead of making it with magic. 'And this reason would be?' Jaro asked. It's rather embarrassing really. You see, when we killed Xatan- Jaro could feel the hatred in the words- I used a lot of power, and since I also used your body, part of our souls were switched. Jaro was stunned. 'Are you saying that I have parts of a dragon soul', he asked in shock. Not exactly, you see what you got were my memories. Most of my knowledge where placed inside you, in a locked off part of your brain. You can't remember them unless something jags your memory and forces it to come forth. Jaro's mouth dropped open. I could have let the Leechers suck it out of you, but I doubt you would have liked the experience. So now I must live partly inside your head (its quite messy in here you know, would it kill you to clean it up a bit?) so that I can regain my knowledge, piece by piece. Until then, I have a lot of power and little knowledge of how to use it. But in the trade I got some of your memories as well. Jaro could feel the dragon grinning. Among other things, I seem to find several thoughts and daydreams of our dear friend Alaya. Jaro went red. Having a guest in your head sucked. I heard that. 'So, we are just going to travel around until all your memories return?' Yes. Err. to be honest, I suppose I had better tell you of the side effects. When the memories, float back, something else floats back, namely. A splash of cold water ended the conversation. Dragons in general avoid water, as they fear it will put out their flame. Jaro's spine curved like a cat's, his eyes glowed red and a hiss escaped him. The cat on the floor fled, but the woman who had thrown the bucket of water didn't notice any of this. She was old, and her skin was leathery. She had the air of a no nonsense kind of person. "I'm not letting you stay here out of kindness you know," she said, but not in an angry tone. "If you want a bed to sleep in tonight, go out in the kitchen and make those breads you're so good at making". Jaro rose. He was quite a lot taller than her. He had killed the demon lord. He had the greatest creature in existence inside him. He looked down at her. She looked back. "Go on then, or no supper for you". "Yes, mrs.Gale" he said, with the voice of a beaten man, and went out into the kitchen.

"That's it!" Cart exclaimed as he plopped into his chair. Alaya and Jaro looked up from their supper. "It was bad enough when the woman made me take a bath, now she even wants me to wash my face just because I had been up the chimney!" Jaro carefully laid down his knife and fork. "I guess you're talking about mrs.Gale, but what on earth were you doing up the chimney"? Cart didn't seem to hear him. "Honestly, I would think I got to drink some beer, but nooooo," Cart continued. "Cart, you went roaring drunk the first night, got up on a table and started singing some song about dogs with carrots in their ears " Alaya said flatly. "That's a famous song, I'll have you know, The Carrot Ear song has been sung while drunk by my family for generations". "And of course, the table was occupied, so that you were dancing in their dinner" Alaya continued. "Well, I've seen people behaving worse while drunk" Cart muttered, "at least I was entertaining." "That's it" Jaro cried. "That's how we are going to make money while we travel!" "Err, Jaro, I don't think people will pay me for dancing in their dinner" Cart replied carefully after a small pause. "No, no, entertainment, watch." Jaro looked down at his hand. He remembered it vaguely, not in words but in action. He put his hands together and said a word. His hands glowed green, and then he pulled them apart. Coming seemingly out of nowhere was a green flute. Jaro put it to his lips, and played a tune from his heart. The sounds were so beautiful that Cart and Alaya, whose mouths had been hanging open, felt tears on their cheeks. After a little while, Jaro stopped playing. "How, how did you do that" Alaya asked. Jaro just smiled and replied that it was an easy trick for a dragon. He missed the stares his friends were giving him, and resumed eating. "The question now is, where are we going to go?" he asked between forkfuls.

"How about the City of Brewers" Cart said hopefully. "How about Meatropolis" Jaro asked, enthusiastically. Dragons have a love of meat. "Meatropolis is all right I suppose, I have a cousin there, and I don't think I'll be welcome in Kandar anymore. Apprentices that run away are not looked kindly upon." Alaya said thoughtfully. Then she laughed. "If we could go anywhere, I would have liked to go to Octobia. The wizard went there once, it sounds wonderful." When Octobia was mentioned, Jaro dropped his fork. The memory was unfolding in his mind, the picture of a huge mountain, a feeling of well-being and memory of a fair city, made of marble and light. "Are you alright" someone asked him in a concerned voice. When he got up it was both Jaro and Elementar who spoke. "Pack your things, we are going to Octobia."