Craig and his sister, Julia, are sitting in their livingroom. They and their whole family, are dragons of the upright walking, wingless nature. In their world, they and other creatures, live like humans. The way reality works in this world, is however, indifferent. Life, school, violence, drugs, sex, happiness, they all still continue.

"Man, where the hell is Ron", Craig griped.

Julia closed her purse and shifted towards Craig. "How should I know? What's the hurry anyways?", she inquired with a tease.

"I'm bored. Doesn't that look obvious?", he teased back.

"Why are you hanging out with my boyfriend?", she asked playfully.

"Why are you having sex with my friend?", he retorted with a chuckle. Julia smacked him a few times with somewhat of a smile. "Little bastard!"

Craig noticed a sound and stopped short for a moment. Craig didnt realize what it was at first, but Julia did.

"Sounds like Kimberly is getting it again", she said with a sigh and a roll of her eyes. "Sometimes I dont know what the hell her problem is to make herself get punished so much. I swear to god, mom must get tired of figuring out how to spank her all the time!", Julia snapped.

"Mom? What about friggen Kim!", Craig said in Kimberly's defence. "It's her own fault. You know the crap she pulls...", she said, trying to get him to remember.

Craig remembered alright. Kimberly was famous around the house for doing incredibly stupid and downright outrageous things. Like the time she did a science fair project on the flammability of household items, by burning our household items, inside the house even. If its not something plain careless, she's just sassy and disobedient. She's a little too rebellious for a 12 year old in his opinion.

"I know. How can I forget all the things she's done? She fried my black curtains for fuckin` sake! I just feel bad.", he explained.

"Well..", she had started when their mom, Gina, appeared from the hallway carrying a ruler. Julia in all curiosity asked, "So what did she do this time?"

Her mom had put the ruler back on the side of the desk next to the kitchen and turned back to Julia and Craig. "Just the usual wrong-doing followed by lying to try and cover it up. Nothing new", she said sadly. "I am getting tired of this! I hate being mean..."

Julia exclaimed, "She's a twit.", crossing her arms at her sister's behavior.

"Don't say things like that about your sister. She does try to be good, but when she messes up, she has to lie and deceive. I just don't understand why she is so closed.", her mother declared. She picked up her checkbook off the kitchen counter with a sigh.. "Julia, could you talk to your sister before you go? She isn't going to do anything bad when she's sulking, but she's not going to do anything good either", she asked while getting the keys to her car.

"Sure.", Julia replied, starting down the hallway.

Julia felt a little put on the spot by her mother's request. She wondered what she would say to Kimberly after her ordeal. By the time she even cleared her mind to start thinking, she was at her sister's door. Hearing light sobbing from inside, she choked in her insecurities and opened the door slightly.

"Kim?", Julia said in a worried tone.

Kimberly laid on her side, facing away from the door, wearing a t-shirt and her undergarment. Hearing Julia's entry, she only replied with a loud sniff and wiped her eyes. With a short pause, she finally replied with, "This isn't a great time."

Even though she agreed with Kimberly, Julia walked in to her side of the bed anyways. "I thought I should talk to you. Don't wanna leave you like this you know.", Julia tried to say in a happy manner. She said to herself how much of a wreck Kimberly looked from crying so much, but tried not to lose focus.

She failed to get a response so she decided to try and make something of a joke. "You know Kim, if you keep doing things like this, there's going to be nothing left of the base of your tail", she tried. Kimberly made something of a tiny groan.

"Moms always angry at me...", Kimberly said with her teary voice.

"No, she's not. Mom adores you more then anything! When dad left you were the little baby she was able to forget her troubles on. You just do silly, and sometimes downright stupid things.", Julia tried to explain.

"That doesn't help me much...", Kimberly sniffled, finding her sister's advice to be useless.

"What might help is opening up. You don't need to cover up your mistakes. Instead of worrying about being caught and punished, why don't you just admit the things you sometimes do. Its not like you always mean it.", Julia said, believing she might be getting through.

"I can't....", Kimberly said in a whine.

"If you would stop trying to be a rebel against everything and open up to us, you would be a lot better off!", Julia said in a rather sudden outburst that made Kimberly silent. Kimberly turned her head down towards the pillow, dripping a few more tears.

Julia was surprised by the impact her outburst had and nervously thought of something to end the silence. "Come on now, dry your eyes. Get up and get dressed. I saw your friend Sheila leave her house about twenty minutes ago. I bet she went to the arcade to meet everyone else or something, you should try and catch up." Julia hoped this would fly with her and she would get out and do something. "Ron, Craig, and I can pick you up later.", she added trying to add appeal.

Kimberly thought for a few moments, stroking her rear end to figure out if she will be ok and said, "I'll go in fifteen minutes. Just give me a little time ok?"

"Good to hear Kim!", Julia said with a big happy smile. Julia left the room for Kimberly to recuperate. She felt proud that she herself actually got something right. Maybe now, she thought, Kimberly just might be a little more open too, especially to their mom.

Julia went into the livingroom to find Craig not there. Looking out the front window, she noticed him standing in the front yard impatiently. With yet another roll of the eyes, she went outside.

"Ron still isn't here?", Julia asked in a concerned manner.

"I'm going to bite my fingernails off in extreme boredom in a minute...", said Craig with little emphasis.
Ron is driving to Julia's in a hurried manner for how late he is. He didn't think it would take him that long to buy a new airfreshener for his car. The department store clerks were idiots.

He reaches an intersection and stops, only to be cut off by a speeding car on the other street. "Asshole!", Ron exclaimed to the opposing vehicle. "Julia is gonna be wondering where I am..."

After about five minutes, accused dragon of tardiness pulls into Craig and Julia's driveway. They both get into the appropriate doors, Julia up front and Craig in back.

"What took you so damn long!", Craig asked, finally able to vent his impatience. "I had to do a little shopping before I came", Ron said, trying to cover up the airfreshener problem.

"Hey, you got a new airfreshener", Julia pointed out, poking the airfreshener. "Its a new winter fresh smell" "Smells like pine to me", Julia said with a giggle. "Don't tell me that", Ron worriedly said, "I spent extra on the winter fresh one!"

Back at their house, Kimberly was still lying in bed, though she had shifted sides. She had stopped crying for the most part, and was shifting her attention to thinking. She always felt the need to lie and hated herself for it. She had been so mean sometimes, to her whole family. With these negative thoughts, she sniffed softly and wiped her muzzle. She wasn't sure she wanted to be out with all her friends today, because of the way she hurts, not only physically, but mentally. She did, however, want to talk to someone. She decides to find Sheila; maybe just one friend would be best.

She let out a sigh at the thought of moving and mustered up the will to get out of bed. She had stood up, but cringed at the sudden sting. After a few moments of rubbing her tail, she walked over to her dresser and picked out a red tshirt and the loosest pair of blue jeans she could find. She fidgeted a little putting them on and wished her mother didn't swat her for so long. She also thought it might have helped if she obeyed her mom in the first place, but dismissed both thoughts since she cant do anything about the past anyway. She went over to her desk and picked up her gold foxtail necklace. Sheila likes it, probably because she is a fox, but who can be certain.

Before Kimberly left the house, she made sure to swipe a cookie, for the sake of swiping a cookie, and walked out the door.

By now Ron, Craig, and Julia had reached the cafe the rockers like hanging out at. It was a particularly large cafe where the local rockers would play their guitars, smoke, drink, and have a grand time.

"Craig, I need to stop by my friend Eric's place before I can go in. You mind being by yourself for about ten minutes?", Ron asked Craig, knowing Julia would stay with him anyway. "No problem, I'll see you both in a bit."

Craig walked in and Ron drove off. Ron had forgotten that he was supposed to give Eric a little bag of weed that he had asked for. Fortunately, he wasn't late yet.

"You don't mind me dropping this off at Eric's do ya?", Ron inquired Julia in the thoughtful boyfriend manner. "Of course not. You know, now that Craig is gone...", she said with an evil smile and put her hand down the front of Ron's black jeans. "Whoa, I don't think this i----ii--s-s-ss a go--o-od time", Ron managed to say while driving through Barlington Blvd.'s rush hour. Julia found this rather amusing and continued a little more sensually. "Jul, this is no---oooahhhhttt the time to do this!", Ron said desperately while trying to drive in the traffic.

Julia eased up, waited a moment, then quickly unbuttoned his pants and began licking for a burst of sudden pleasure to mess up his driving a little more.

"Damn it Jul!", he said when he swerved and hit a trash can on the side of the road.

Eric's turn came up and Ron barely made it. "Cant you at least wait till I park?!", he yelled desperately.

He ended up parking on Eric's grass, completely missing the driveway and leaving tire marks in the grass from his sudden brake. Julia stopped, sat up, and laughed.

"Please don't do that again", Ron said with a smile and chuckle as he re- buttoned his pants and grabbed Eric's bag. "I'll be back in a minute"
Kimberly had stood outside for a minute, trying to think of the most probable place Sheila would be by now. She noticed their car pull up in their driveway and Sheila and her dad got out. Sheila must have seen her, but she didn't wave or anything. Kimberly wondered what might be upsetting her and decided to go to her side window. What she heard and saw, she found terrifying. Sheila was laying on her bed, fully unclothed, pleading for her father to stop hitting her. He stood over her, whipping her rear as hard as he could with a strap. When Kimberly thought this was over, he hit her several times with a closed fist and stormed out. What the hell did she just witness? She was so devastated and worried she franticly but as quiet as she could, tapped on her window. She startled and looked towards the window to see Kimberly waving her to come to the window hastily. She quickly wrapped herself in a bedsheet and somehow walked to the window and opened it. As soon as she did, she clasped Kimberly tight, crying relentlessly over her shoulder. Kimberly stroked the fur on the back of her head, finding nothing to say. When her crying had slowed, Kimberly managed to let a question escape her mouth.

"What was that?", she said softly, as to not startle Sheila.

Sheila sobbed and sniffed a few times before being able to reply, "Don't you get punished too?"

"Not like that!...That was sickening! If the strapping wasn't bad enough, he hit you with his fist! How can you let him do that?! What did you do that was so horrible?!", Kimberly rambled in disgust.

"I didn't do my chores before I left....", she sniffed sadly.

"What??!! He did all that for that!? least when my mom....punishes me...she cares, and does it because I wouldn't let her do it any other way......You're one of the most perfectly well behaved people I know! Much unlike myself...", Kimberly managed to say.

"I can't do anything Kim", she sobbed. Kimberly wouldn't allow this to go without retribution. She couldn't let this sick asshole get away with this. "If you cannot, I can", Kimberly said as she hastily got up and ran. "Kim!", Sheila had softly shouted, but with no reply.

Craig sat at the bar, listening to Justin, a fellow dragon, play the Jackass theme on his guitar. He was too young to order a drink on his own. That was Ron's job, since he is 18. Fortunately he had a cigarette in his pocket to keep him company for the time being.

"You want anything Craig? Just make sure it's non alcoholic and doesn't contain hotsauce", the cafe bartender, James, a brown mutt, said partly as a joke. Once Craig had a plate of chicken wings covered in the hottest stuff James had. Burned his mouth so much eating it, he drank a bunch of moonshine. Ron had to carry him out and let him recover from being stoned on his couch. Not only was he sick the next day, but half his tastebuds were burnt off.

"Chicken wings. Hold the hotsause. All of it.", Craig said, trying to make a joke at the same time too. James replied with a laugh and walked in back to the kitchen to give the cook his order. By now, Justin has switched to Dark Side Of The Moon, a rocker favorite, so he had an attentive audience. Because of Craig's position, he was able to notice 3 new guys enter. What caught his eye, was that they were rappers. Rappers always mean trouble, especially in a rocker hangout!

"Haha, what kind of shit music is this yo?", the big guy said. He was a dragon too. His counterparts were a horse and a collie, all decked with big chains and rapper style clothes. After that insult to Justin and one of rock's most legendary artist's song, Justin had stopped the song and looked towards the shitheads. As did the rest of the rockers.

"What's the matter? Your little claws got tired of plucking that big ol` thing?", the dragon teased.

"If you don't like it, why are you here?!", quirped a fellow rocker. There was a following of agreements and other random mutters from the crowd.

"Maybe we wanna be here.", piped up the collie. Suddenly. the collie was hit in the muzzle by a half smoked cigarette. He made something of a yelp, as the hot side hit him, making his buddies turn to him to see whats wrong. The other rockers laughed.

"Yo! Where the fuck did that come from!?", the collie yelled when he removed his paw from his muzzle.

"Why don't you corporate rapper pieces of shit, get the hell outta our cafe?", said the person sitting diagonally behind them. The rappers looked behind them to see their cigarette flicking rocker.

"You tell em Craig!" "Yeah!" "Fuckin` rappers!", the crowd by Justin shouted.

"The little dragon wants to be a tough guy!", the collie laughed. "Well you're about to get knocked the fuck out!", he said, quickly advancing on Craig. Craig didnt expect this, but was ready for it regardless. He slipped off the bar stool, just in time to dodge a face shot.

"Haha, get em boy! Get em!", the dragon cheered. It is unsure if the collie even heard him over all the cheers from the rockers, including James and the cook.

The collie was fighting like an idiot in Craig's eyes. When the collie moved in for a punch or 2, he would move his head back in fear of retaliation. This left him unable to aim correctly and left himself open. Craig acted upon this, ducking low under is fists and giving him a sharp uppercut to his stomach. The collie gave a wheezy cough as the wind was knocked out of him, and Craig quickly acted and gave the rapper a full power shot across his muzzle.

By now all the rockers were cheering like mad, which made the dragon very irritated. "Get back over here you pussy, I'm gonna give this shit a beating, dragon to dragon", said their leader just before he ran up to Craig and gave him his best shot to test his opponent. Craig was sent reeling badly, with a bloody cut under his eye. The rockers were pissed now and cheering him on to "Take out the fucker". Craig had too much on his mind to even hear them anymore. This rapper dragon is older then he is, and certainly bigger. The dragon came after him looking to end this and humiliate him. Craig sweeped to his side, trying to use some skill, and gave the other dragon a good kidney shot. Certainly not expected by the rapper, but full of adrenaline, he didn't feel too much. He pulled out his own skill, very unlike a normal rapper, faked a left and gave Craig a devastating shot to his gut, almost lifting him off the ground. Craig was barely standing after this and the opposing dragon took advantage of it, whipping out the rapper trademark fighting technique. If you can call it a technique. The all out relentless assault. Craig was getting pounded bad, and got knocked several feet with the final shot. To everyone's surprise, Craig got up and ran at the rapping bastard. The dragon grabbed a ketchup bottle off the counter and smashed it over Craig's head and the side of his face. Craig hit the wall opposite of the other rockers, covered in blood and ketchup, even though it was difficult to tell one from the other. This time he wasn't getting up.

"That ain't all you little dragon pup", said the angry dragon as he walked towards the fallen dragon.

The dragon got swung around and before he knew it, he had a bigger problem then an already down and out dragon. He was sent reeling with a serious face shot, catching his balance only with the bar and a stool. But that wasn't going to stop the new opponent. He kicked him in the chest knocking him to the floor where he got his face pounded on. The other rockers had to pull the opponent off the rapper before he killed him. "How do you like getting hit when you're down you dishonorable, rapping, piece of fucking shit!!", shouted Ron, Craig's savior. Before he knew it, Julia was at Craigs side practically in tears.
Kimberly knew she had to do something against Sheila's jackass father. She refused to let this poor, innocent, kind, respectful, well behaved girl be abused like that. She got a gasoline canister from Sheila's neighbor's backyard. They weren't home often, so she hoped they wouldn't miss it. Sheila's dad kept a big fishing boat next to their driveway. He loves this thing. Not for long. She hopes this time, she will be burning the right thing. She quietly climbed up the back of the boat and made sure no one would be around to see. When the coast was clear, she climbed onboard and poured the gasoline all over his deck, then splashed some on the sides. She took a matchbook from the onboard grill on the boat, took one, and went down. She lit it on the fencepost and threw it on one of the splash trails. The fire immediately spread and exploded into a boat inferno. Before the match even hit the gas, she had already taken off behind the shrubs and ran out of the house's visual range to her own house. She arrived infront of her door and looked back at her work. That'll teach em, she thought, while looking at the ablaze boat. She wondered how long it would take for that guy to realize there is a fire in his front yard. She laughed in her mind, and went in the front door.

As soon as Kimberly entered the door, she received a rude welcoming. The door shut suddenly behind her and something grabbed her arm forcefully, swinging her around. Before she knew what was happening, she felt her loose jeans be pulled down along with her undergarment. It was her mother. She released Kimberly's arm only to get a firm hold of her tail. She held her bent over with her arm while she kept her tail raised with her hand. In her other hand was the ruler, which she immediately began swatting her with.

"How could you do that???!! What the hell is wrong with you!!!???", her mother screamed, almost in tears. Kimberly already was, giving an audible "Ow!" with each strike. Her mother was using all her strength and the greatest speed she could.

"Dammit!! Why Kimberly!!?? Why????!!!!!", she screamed, striking her so hard the tip of the ruler broke. Kimberly was bawling uncontrollably, but managed to say what she needed, "Sheila was being beaten by her scumbag father!!!"

Her mother immediately stopped, in even more shock then she just was. As soon as she left go of Kimberly's tail, Kimberly fell to her knees and continued crying till she could summon the strength to say anything else.

"I know what I did was wrong! I was going to tell you what I did, and I expected to be spanked bigtime for it! I knew what I was getting into! I had to do something! Anything!!", she cried. Her mother was speechless. She had no idea.

"Finish this already....I'm tired of being in doorway half naked", she added to display her impatience.

"Kimberly, I'm so sorry", her mother whispered. Kimberly didn't understand. What you see happen to Sheila?"

Kimberly, slowly explained what she saw and heard from the window. Her mother was appalled. "He got what he deserved. Don't go around doing these things though........I'm so sorry for what I did, I feel no better...", her mother said quite saddily.

"Don't be,", Kimberly said, "I committed arson...again....On someone's boat. I would have done that same. I apologize for what I have done....I shouldn't have"

"You say you would have done the same thing in my situation....but I also feel the same way about yours. I have something I need to do now..", she said while she got Kimberly and ice pack. "Fix yourself up, I'll be outside for a few moments, so you'll have your privacy", she said and walked out the door. The fire trucks had responded to the bastard's house and put out the boat, which was no more then a blackened skeleton now. He was in his front yard, ready to rip out his fur. He'll be doing more then that shortly, Gina thought to herself. On the side of her house, she took a piece of paper from her pocket and wrote a message on it,

"I know what you do to your daughter. Do it again and you're in deep shit! I hate disciplining my child and that's the way its supposed to be!!"

Gina took a brick from the side of the house and tied the message to it. When the fire trucks had left, and the bastard was on the phone in the house, she walked over to the side of their house and threw the brick through his bedroom window. Kimberly wasn't the only one who would do this kind of thing. She got it from someone, she said to herself. She walked back inside to find Kimberly had changed her clothes and was watching TV on her stomach, with a few tissues nearby. "What took you so long?", she asked.

"How can you so easily forgive me?", her mom had to ask.

"That's how you raised me", she said with a smile.

Her mom smiled too. "Well, I had to wait till the fire trucks left before I could throw a brick with a message tied to it through his bedroom window." Kimberly applied a shocked look to her face. "You got the compulsion to do things like that from me, don't be surprised", she said laughing.

Ron and Julia we're busy with Craig. When Ron couldn't get him to respond, Julia went over to the rapper dragon and kicked him in the nuts. The other rockers then dragged him outside to the curb. Maybe his pussy friends would come back for him. Nah.

Ron told everyone to chill and for Justin to keep playing. Justin was worried so he kept hitting wrong notes, but nobody seemed to care.

Craig had a laceration from the top of his head to across his cheek and muzzle from the ketchup bottle. Julia had to wipe off all the ketchup and blood to find his cuts. James got them gauze to wrap his serious wounds with, while Julia kept cleaning the other cuts because of worry.

"James, could you get me a little whiskey?", Ron asked. James had brought a small glass with about 4 shots worth in it. Ron tried to get some in Craig's mouth, to wake his ass up. He choked on half of it but it made him come to.

"Aww man....", is all Craig could muster.

"Craig!", Julia happily exclaimed and hugged him, with a tear down her cheek. Ron was happy by Julia's response. He found it to be "Cute". "Craig, can you respond to me?", he tested.

"Yeah....I can", he said perfectly, however sad. "That guy was too much. I couldn't take care of myself."

"Why did you fight dammit! You were hurt!", his sister suddenly snapped.

James interrupted for Craig, "Three guys came in, caused trouble, and Craig didn't stand for it. He did a service for me, and the rest of us, and I thank you Craig. The chicken wings you ordered are on the house, and so are Ron's drinks tonight. Hint, Hint.", he said with a happy tone.

"He even had one guy totally outmatched and humiliated. Good laugh that guy was!", Justin added while playing the Flintstone's theme, now with all the right notes.

Craig stood up and walked to his bar stool and sat down, with Julia objecting to him moving. "Ron, how is the bleeding?", Craig wondered, being aware of his apparent bleeding.

"Pretty bad when I first got here but Julia and I did a good job playing doctor. You shouldn't need stitches. Shouldn't even get a scar from the amount of cleaning Julia did", he explained, even though he really didn't know if he was right.

"I'm going to call mom Craig and tell her you're ok", Julia told him. She walked to the hallway near Justin's stage where the bathrooms and the payphone were. She picked up the receiver and called their house.

Gina and Kimberly were both lying on the floor on their stomachs watching TV. Her mom didn't want her to feel alone down there so she joined her. They were watching The Tuxedo Penguin Show, Kimberly's favorite. Being the cool mom she is, she lets her watch filthy comedies like this, lets Craig smoke, and Julia just has sex with Ron. No big deal really. They would do it without her consent anyway, she would rather they tell her these things. She is happy Kimberly has changed her ways. At least she hopes.

They were watching the part when UltraGay Zord falls on Osama Bin Ladin and he grabs his camel's balls for one last time, and Tuxedo gets his TV back. Kimberly always laughs hysterically at that part, but it was interrupted by a ringing telephone. "I'll get it!", Kimberly yelled.

"Trensetter residence, what the hell do you want?", Kimberly said to mess with the person on the other end.

"Well miss Kimberly Trensetter, I am calling to offer you better long distance rates!", Julia said like an annoying telephone salesman.

"Oh hi Jul, what's up?" "Where can I start...", Julia said sarcastically, "Oh I know! Ron got beat by a rapper and got a ketchup bottle smashed over his head!". Kimberly gasped and can be heard in the background calling for their mom, who quickly got on the phone.

"Is he ok?!", she asked as soon as she got on.

"Ron and I think we will be fine. We dropped Craig off at the cafe, went to one of Ron's friend's house, and came back to him knocked out. Dont worry, Ron beat the asshole senseless. Oh, and I kicked him in the nuts!"

"That's my Julia! Has the bleeding stopped?"

"Not sure. We have the wounds wrapped really tight, and I shouldn't remove them since they have been completely sterilized"

"Thank Ron for me will you?", she said appreciatively.

"Sure thing mom. I'll see you soon ok?"

After they hung up, she went back to the bar where Ron and Craig were already talking, eating, and drinking. Just 20 minutes ago they were in serious trouble. Quick change.
After the night had winded up, Ron dropped Julia and Craig off. Julia talked to Kimberly and their mom about Craig's ordeal while he took a shower, then went to bed. You could also say he passed out, but he wasn't really that drunk. Kimberly got tired of watching TV and headed for bed, with Julia and their mother in suit.

When Kimberly awoke in the morning, she got dressed and found she was the only one up. When she went outside to fetch the newspaper, she was surprised to find Sheila leaving her house.

"Hey there. How are things?", Kimberly asked Sheila.

"You burned my dad's boat, hahaha. I snuck out last night, got caught, and he didn't punish me at all!", she said excitedly.

Kimberly explained what she did, what her mom did, and what happened when she got home. That last part upset her a little. "I'm sorry Kim. Thanks for taking one for the team!"

"It is no problem. My mother and I have never been better", she described warmly.

"I am going to go meet Chris at the arcade. Why don't you stop by later?"

Kimberly said she would try and they went their separate ways for the time being.

A few days pass until Wednesday morning, when Kimberly, Craig, and Julia were getting ready for school. Craig hasn't acted the same since he lost his fight at the cafe, and the rest of his family and his friends were beginning to worry. After Kimberly had gotten ready for school, while Julia was in the shower, she thought she would talk to Craig alone and try and see what his problem was. It took her a few minutes, but she found him in the garage, lifting weights.

"Is this what you have been doing?", Kimberly asked, after not getting much acknowledgement when she walked in.

"Yeah", Craig sort of snapped with a hasty tone. Kimberly was a little insulted by being blown off but thought she would keep her cool.

"Would this have anything to do wi,", was all Kimberly got to say before Craig got angry and interrupted, "You get the crap beat out of you by some fuckface rapper, get a bottle smashed over your head, leaving a deep wound there and in your mind, and then YOU try living with it!"

Kimberly didn't say anything, but quickly released her own irritation. "Sorry if I cared! It's one thing to prepare for the worst, but don't take it out on the rest of us!", she retaliated before going back inside.

Craig lifted his weights a few more times before putting the bar back on the bench and letting out a solemn "Dammit".

Kimberly sat down on the couch and flipped on the news, hoping she wouldn't be bored to death by the stock report. Shortly later, Craig had come in, freshened up, and had been attempting to avoid Kimberly. She found this to be slightly backwards and just ignored him. When Julia had finished getting ready, it was time for Kimberly to catch the bus. For some messed up reason, the middle school bus came before the high school bus with a 6 minute difference. Craig and Julia went in Ron's car to school, so it would still be the same scenerio even if the high school bus was first.

"Bye guys!", she yelled before walking out. Julia replied, but Craig was nowhere around to do so.

Her bus stop was infront of her house, so she didn't really have any walking to do. Sheila hadn't arrived yet, but Kimberly did notice someone in her front yard. It was her dad's fishing day. He sat sadly on the lawn, wearing his fishing clothes and holding a fishing pole, staring at the big black spot on their lawn. Kimberly had to use everything she had to not laugh hysterically. Within a minute, Sheila had joined her. Kimberly had acknowledged her by snickering and pointing to her dad.

"My dad is funny now", she whispered with a giggle. "Did you study for Mrs. Rodriguez's lab today?", she had then asked.

"Me? Study?", she curiously said, wondering if Sheila had lost a few screws.

"Well she went over all the answers on the lab worksheet and explained all the directions yesterday in class", she said to defend her sanity. Within a few seconds of Kimberly giving her a strange look she finally remembered. "Oh yeah! You slept all period yesterday!"

Their bus stopped and they got on, sitting in seat 5 on the door side. Middle grade, middle seat, Sheila had said when she picked this seat. They were in the 7th grade, halfway through middle school. The only big difference between the grades, is that the more upward you go, the teachers act more like high school teachers.

Kimberly and Sheila had the same first period, so they were going to be working together on the lab. Mrs. Rodriguez had all the tables set up with everything they would need. Today they were going to study the hardness levels of certain minerals and rocks. Oh boy, rocks!. Thats pretty much why Kimberly had been sleeping the past 2 days.

While Sheila talked to Chris behind them, she took the time to skim through the lab. It at least looked easy enough for her to do without prior knowledge.

"Do you even think you're going to pass this Kimberly?", said a very annoying voice. It belonged to Sharon, a pompous, stuck up, nerdy dragon. She always got near perfect scores and was the class loser. Sheila was smarter then her, but she was high class, and also NOT a stuck up, nerdy dragon. Even Kimberly was smart and mature for her age, for the most part.

"Well I haven't failed yet", she retorted to make Sharon's question sound stupider then it originally was.

Upon hearing Sharon open her mouth, Chris had to say something. "Mind your own business". Sheila just shot her a nasty look.

"The pot smoker says something and the second rate genius glares at me. Ha! You have made my day", Sharon insulted.

"Second rate?! You're an idiot compared to me!", Sheila burned her with. Chris just kind of chuckled at the "pot smoker" remark.

"You of all people have no right to make any comment", Kimberly said calmly, knowing she was right.

"You're worse then the other two! You sleep almost every day in class and still somehow pass! Are you paying off the teacher in any sort of way?". she ended with a smirk.

"If anyone in this room is a lesbian, that would end up being you.", Kimberly said, completely understanding her last remark. "I don't know any guy that would ever go out with you!"

Sheila and Chris laughed at Kimberly's superior burn. Sharon, knowing she wasn't doing so well, remembered something she overheard her brother, Justin, talking about.

"I'm sure your whole family is a gaggle of idiots. I heard about how your older brother got his butt kicked by another dragon and almost got landed in the hospital. He must have been pathetic", she added as a coup de grace.

To the absolute shock of Sheila and Chris, including a few other observers, Kimberly growled, jumping out of her seat, at the same time grabbing one of the mineral samples off the desk, and struck Sharon on the side of the head with it. If she had been paying attention in class, she would have known that mineral was called Talc, and is the softest mineral there was. None the less, she still gave a shriek and fell. Kimberly immediately jumped on top of her and kept slapping her. "You bitch!", she yelled.

Sharon was doing a combination of whimpering and that all too familiar pre- teen shrieking that Kimberly despised. Upon hearing all this, Mrs. Rodriguez ran in the room from the hall. When she saw what was going on in the middle of her room, she started yelling for Kimberly to stop, and pulled her off Sharon when she got there. The others were laughing at Sharon, or not saying anything, surprised by the generally very kind Kimberly's actions. Mrs. Rodriguez was very frantic and appalled. "You're going to the office!", she yelled, pulling her out of class. She asked another teacher across the hallway to check on Sharon and watch her class.

Kimberly was instructed to wait in a small waiting room in the back office's main hallway. She sat there with her arms and legs crossed, still hyped up by adrenaline. She could care less she got in trouble. She heard Mrs. Rodriguez next door, still frantic, talking to one of their vice principals. Which one, she didn't know. It was Mrs. Rodriguez who got her and brought her to the office next to them. After she went inside, Mrs. Rodriguez left and she sat down in a red chair infront of a desk. The name plate said Susan J. Suret, and she was an older vixen. The vice principal was looking for Kimberly's disciplinary record in a file cabinet. She didn't say anything for a minute or so, then asked, "Have you ever been written up before?".

"Nope", Kimberly replied proudly. Proud that she never was, and proud she finally got one.

"Guess that means I'll have to make a file...". she said, sounding surprised there was none, and annoyed that she'd have to make one. "Its to my understanding you attacked one of your classmates. Why did you?", she began interrogating.

"She insulted me, my friends, and my family", Kimberly replied, responding some of the previous anger she had.

Mrs. Suret shook her head slightly. "This other girl was an A+ student with no disciplinary record. Were you and some others picking on her?".

Kimberly was disgusted. She herself had no disciplinary record up till today, and being an A student meant nothing about her as a person. The accusation that they started this was nothing more then a bitch slap. "It was her who started this. We only made small retaliations or none at all, to her outrageous comments. She mouthed off the second she came in", she defended her and her friends with.

"Mrs. Rodriguez was very upset, and said this girl would never do anything to anyone, and that your group must have gotten violent with her for a laugh", Mrs. Suret explained, questioning the integrity of Kimberly's defense.

Now that had pushed Kimberly too far. To have her complete integrity questioned by someone who had only heard the testimony of someone who had not witnessed the whole thing was vommitable. "That's completely untrue!!"

Mrs. Suret looked angry now. "Are you calling Mrs. Rodriguez a liar?", she asked in a taunting sort of way.

"I didn't say that!", Kimberly said, almost jumping out of the chair.

"I have had enough,", Mrs. Suret quickly cut in, "I'm calling your mother!"

Kimberly's heart sank. After all the effort to keep her mom close, this lady might ruin it with one phone call! " don't have to do that!", she said nervously. Mrs. Suret made no reply and continued dialing her phone number. Kimberly sat quietly, rubbing her hands and biting her lip, opting to just listen.

"Hello, Miss Trensetter?...This is Mrs. Suret, Kimberly's assistant principal......well she has gotten into some serious trouble, it seems that she attacked another student...........I don't believe I am getting a straight answer from her......yes.....yes, ok...bye..", she said and hung up the phone, walking out of the office and closing the door behind her. Being left alone in this office of doom gave her butterflies. Now she was worried about getting in trouble, unlike before. One could only guess the small office and a what seems to be welcoming fish tank, are actually there to make you nervous.

Kimberly ended up sitting there for fifteen minutes fidgeting till Mrs. Suret came back, along with her mother. Her mother stood next to Kimberly while Mrs. Suret took her seat. "Kimberly,", her mother said in an irritated manner, "explain what happened"

"Well, my friends and I were talking, this girl, Sharon walks in. She sees me looking over my lab sheet and makes a comment about how she doesn't think I'd pass. I said I have never failed and my friends told her to mind her own business. She then decided to insult them then. When I stood up for them, she started insulting me further, then she said something about Craig and I clobbered her", she said as a short version.

Kimberly looked up to see what her mother thought, and she had an angry look. This scared her even more.

"Her teacher had heard the girl screaming and came in pulling Kimberly off her", Mrs. Suret added. "She described Sharon to be a model student with no disciplinary problems"

"Neither did I till today. Sharon is not a good person! She is a stuck up, nasty", Kimberly retorted till she was interrupted by Mrs. Suret.

"It is not your place to judge others", she said rudely.

"Then don't judge me either!", she shouted, leaning forwards in her seat.

"Kimberly, enough!", her mother suddenly snapped. Kimberly sunk into her seat, disheartened by her mother's reply.

Mrs. Suret finished writing out her discipline referral and handed her mother the white copy. "Kimberly is suspended for three days for fighting. Hopefully this wont happen again"

Her mother and Mrs. Suret said their formal good-byes, and her mother opened the door and walked out leaving a sulking Kimberly to follow. When they had gotten outside and walking to their car, Kimberly walked up alongside her mother to try talking to her.

"Mom, all the things she said weren't true, you have to believe me!", she pleaded, looking for forgiveness. Her mother just started cracking up laughing. Now this really confused the hell out of Kimberly.

"I'm sorry Kim,", she said snickering, "I was only acting like I agreed with her. I know you're telling the truth, I'm proud of you."

Ron and Julia were having lunch with their friends Eric, Justin, Amber, and Frank. They were sitting around the front courtyard of the school, having some fast-food they picked up down the street. Justin ate his in the car, against Ron's pleas to not eat in his car. He got sesame seeds on the backseat, which Eric made him lick off for a laugh. Justin, even though annoyed from getting carseat fibers stuck to his tongue, was playing his guitar while the others chatted amongst themselves.

"I wish Craig skipped this period so he could be here. He woulda liked seeing Justin lick that carseat!", Eric said with a laugh. Justin kicked him in the shin without interrupting his song.

"I'm wondering who those rappers were who attacked Craig were. They have to goto school here.", Ron wondered.

"Fuckface rappers like that are probably dropouts living off their mommys!", quirped Frank.

"There were three right? At least one would still go I'm assuming.", Amber gave as her intelligent insight.

Justin's celphone rang. "Dammit, she ruined my song", he said before picking up his phone. "Hi mom!", he said happily when he picked up, making everyone snicker. He waved for them to hush up, and continued to listen. "Ok mom, bye", he eventually said. As soon as he hung up the phone, he busted out laughing.

"You're not getting giddy from eating carseat fibers and sesame seeds now are you?", Eric said as a joke.

"Fuck you Eric", laughed Justin some more, "This is better!".

"I don't know, seeing you clean my carseat with your tongue is hard to contest with", Ron added to Eric's string of carseat licking jokes.

"Julia, your sister beat up my sister in school earlier today!", Justin said, still cracking up.

Julia's jaw dropped and looked serious. "Oh my god, I'm so sorry Justin!"

Justin shot her a "What the hell are you talking about" look and said, "I hate my sister. She's a little bitch. Kimberly did the world a service."

Still, Julia was a little puzzled. "That's not like her though. That girl must have pissed her off good!"

Kimberly and her mom spent the day cleaning the house and watching TV. Kimberly had recorded almost every Tuxedo Penguin Show episode aired and played those while they worked around the house. By the time Julia and Craig got home, the place was spotless.

Kimberly was cleaning her own room when they came in. Julia stayed in the livingroom to talk to her mom about Kimberly and Justin's sister, but Craig went to Kimberly's room. She left her door open a few notches, to clean behind the door, but he knocked anyway.

"Kim, could I talk you?", he asked with a little trouble. Kimberly nodded and told him to come in. He came in and closed the door to the amount Kimberly had left it.

She was sitting at her desk, cleaning off the top. Craig was nervous, and it was noticeable.

"I, uhh, just wanted to apologize for what I said this morning. I haven't been very nice since Saturday, but I'm just worried", he tried to explain.

"Don't be so nervous. It's not like i am going to try and kick your ass", she joked.

"Justin told me how you stuck up for me. I felt really bad about going off on you"

"'Twas nothing. Go and do something, I'm just going to finish what I'm working on here", she said warmly.

Craig walked out and went into his own room, turned on his stereo, and lied on his bed to contemplate. For someone who was known for doing dumb things, Kimberly was very mature and intelligent for her age when she wanted to be. What happened? And cleaning her room of all places? Anything seemed like a possibility now. This called for a cigarette and a little Rob Zombie.

After Julia finished talking to her mom, she went to see Kimberly, who was now organizing her dresser, and finding all her long lost socks. "Hi Kim!", she greeted. Kimberly looked up from what she was doing just in time to receive a crushing hug from her sister.

"Everyone seems to be paying me a visit today", Kimberly said with a smile.
The next morning, Julia and Craig woke up to just themselves, since Kimberly was taking a forced vacation. Craig had refrained from his newly found weightlifting and decided to just watch TV instead. After they had left, Kimberly awoke, ready to start a day of butt sitting. She spent her whole day lounging, snacking, and talking, as did her mom, since the house was already spotless.

Craig and Julia had to take the bus home since Ron had to stay after for an exam retake. Julia doesn't mind since she has a pile of friends to talk to, but Craig thinks he is surrounded by idiots.

"We're back!", Julia yelled when she walked in. "Hell was full", said Craig behind her.

"Could one of you walk to the grocery store for me?", their mother had asked them when they got settled in. Julia was busy writing an outline for a chemistry chapter, which was one of the things she hates most in the world, so Craig volunteered, being the only one left to do so.

"Can I come too?", Kimberly asked Craig and their mother. Neither had any objections so they left together. The grocery store was only a seven minute walk, and all they needed was half a gallon of milk, eggs, and instant coffee stuff. Kimberly also swore she was getting gummi bears because of how well they go with milk. Craig didn't get it, but wasn't going to question it either.

Ron had finished his exam and believed he passed it nicely. Not many people were left in school, so he walked through the empty halls to the student parking lot. When he went to unlock his car door, he noticed a laugh and someone use the name "Trensetter". Ron had turned to see who these people were. One row of cars away there was a group of rappers. Ron didn't like the fact they were using the name Trensetter in a sentence and wondered what they were planning. What he noticed next was what really made him worry. The horse dude from the cafe was the one who used it. His two buddies weren't with him, but there were 4 other rappers. No big deal. Ron found it in his best interest to find out what was going on. He casually walked over till he got behind the horse. He quickly placed him in a choke hold and held him to the hood of his car. The other rappers advanced to assist their friend.

"Ok horse boy, call off your chronies or I'm going to dent your "ride" with your face!", Ron commanded, getting a good hold of the back of the horse's head.

"Yo guys, back off!", he told his followers.

Now that the stage was set, Ron was ready to do some informal interrogation. "Why did I hear the name Trensetter?!"

The horse fidgeted, finding he was being held pretty tight, and not very comfortably. "Who says I did?"

Ron tightened his hold, slamming the rapper against his car. "Answer the fucking question!!". When he got no reply, he pulled the horse's arm as far around his back as it would go without breaking, which made the horse make very painful sounds. "If you want your arm, you're going to answer me."

The horse gave in to Ron's form of torture. "My brothas are going to kidnap that Craig boy the moment they find him!"

"Where? Where would they take him??!", Ron franticly demanded to know, pulling his hold just a little more tighter.

"Our "safe house" at the center of Ridge Manor off of Mariner and Dalton, now please let me go!!", the wussy rapper pleaded.

"Fuck!", Ron had shouted when he shoved the horse to the ground and took off to his car. He peeled out, looking to get to Craig's house fast.

Kimberly and Craig had filled their basket with all the things requested, including the gummi bears. Before they left, they were checking out the magazine racks. Craig was checking out the guitar and skateboard mags, while Kimberly just tried to find one that didn't suck, which she never did. Their cashier turned out to be some guy Craig knew from school. Fortunately, they didnt talk much, as Kimberly was getting impatient from all of Craig's sidetracking.

"You're slow", she teased Craig while walking out.

"Not my fault magazines are too long and fellow classmates flood the workforce", Craig said, trying to be funny.

Their conversation was cut short by several loud hollers from behind. Neither of them had enough time to even turn around before being grabbed by a bunch of unknown people. Craig knew what kind of people they were when he heard them. Rappers.

Three guys were trying to apprehend Craig and two had grabbed Kimberly. Craig did his best to break from the three rappers restraints and help his sister, but he just ended up getting punched in the back of the head a few times. Kimberly was screaming for her assaulters to put her down, and was squirming to get free. She was a lot easier for two people to handle. The one up front backhanded her across her muzzle and quickly motioned for the other to grab her legs so they could carry her. A car parked around the corner had backed up to where they were. The driver got out and assisted his fellow rappers with Craig, punching him a few times so they could shove him in the trunk. Kimberly got dropped in along with him, and the rappers quickly slammed the trunk, piled into the car, and left as fast as they could.

There was no light in the trunk, and Craig only hoped there was enough air for their little field trip. "Kim, are you alright?", he asked, feeling her trembling against his side.

She was shaking and sobbing, absolutely terrified. "I'm scared!", she cried.

Craig was a little short on words to reassure her with. He was scared himself and couldn't figure anything out that wasn't a lie. "I'm here Kim. Just remember that"

Ron had pulled up infront of Craig and Julia's place and jumped out of his car. He ran to the door and knocked rather hardly. Their mother answered the door to find a hysteric Ron.

"Where's Craig?!", Ron shouted before Gina said anything.

"Uhh, don't you mean Julia?", she asked puzzledly.

"No, Craig!", he reaffirmed.

"He went out to the store, he hasn't gotten back yet", she said, still puzzled.

"God dammit!!!", Ron yelled while darting for his car and taking off again, leaving his mother standing in the doorway, completely confused.

Craig and Kimberly hadn't said anything in a while. Craig just kept his arm around the lightly sobbing Kimberly and tried to listen to their assailants.

"It took them long enough in there, I was getting tired of waiting man", he understood one of the rappers say. For the most part, it was just rapper music and laughing. His thoughts and observations were interrupted by Kimberly.

"Why did they take us? What are they going to do?", she sniffed.

"I can only guess this had something to do with the cafe incident....but I lost, they shouldn't hold a grudge against me. They also took you, which makes no sense at all", Craig tried to calmly explain.

Kimberly had never been so scared in her life. She got caught up in a mess she didn't even cause and felt so alone, even with Craig trying to comfort her.

Craig was sensing her thoughts and was trying as hard as he could to find something else to occupy her with.

"Did you enjoy slapping around Justin's sister?", he asked, looking for her to explain about that situation instead of thinking about this one.

Craig felt her move her arm and wipe her eyes. That's a start. "This isn't the time to ask, but yes, I liked smacking some of that snottyness out of her. It's one thing to insult me, but don't insult my friends and family.", she began explaining, getting calmer the more she went.

"Mom said the vice principal lady was a real bitch and she had to play along that she was on her side", Craig had said to give her another topic.

"You're damn right that Mrs. Suret was a bitch. She had the nerve to question my explanation just because Mrs. Rodriguez said Sharon was an A student with no disciplinary record. Well shit, I didn't have one either till that morning! Mom scared me a bit the way she acted in that office. I was overjoyed when I found out she wasn't angry.", Kimberly had continued, pretty much losing all that fear that occupied her mind just a little bit ago.

The car hit a few bumps and Craig and Kimberly got a little rattled. The car began to slow down and stopped. Craig held Kimberly's hand tight so she wouldn't become any more scared. They heard the car doors open and someone unlocking the trunk. As soon as it opened, the rappers from the car and a few extras grabbed the two, carrying them inside a ramshackle house that looked like it had been condemned more then once. More then overpowering them both, they shoved them up against bare skeletal struts. Pulling their hands behind their back and the strut, and tying them together. Craig and Kimberly were no more then One and a half meters away, but felt so far away. Having apprehended the 'objective', their leader sought to talk to the group that caught them.

"Who is this other one?", he asked, pointing to Kimberly.

"She was with him when we caught him, they look related", one of the assailants said.

Their leader turned and Craig sneered at the face he saw. That goddamn dragon he lost to in the cafe. His lacerations hadn't even fully healed. Why whas this crazy fuck still after him?!

The dragon had stopped to have a look at the bonus item his chronies had gotten. "This makes the plan even better", he told his crew. "Hi there cutie", he said when he turned his head back to Kimberly and ran his fingers down her tummy.

"Get the fuck off her!!", Craig yelled so Kimberly wouldn't have to. She had her head down with her eyes closed as tightly as she could, gritting her teeth.

Craig didn't see what the hell it was, but he got slammed in the gut with something by the guy standing next to him. He would have slumped over if it wasn't for being tied to a support strut.

"Let my sister go, you wanted me", Craig growled over the pain.

The dragon walked over to Craig. "Did I say I wanted YOU dragon pup?", the dragon said to Craig in a taunting sort of way. "I think you're both more useful together", he added with a smirk.

"You don't make any sense!! What are we important for?!", Kimberly cried out.

The dragon turned to Kimberly and took a few steps in her direction. "Plain and simple. Your bait for that dickhead Ron!"

"If you want bait, use cheese or worms! Please let us go!", she sobbed to the dragon.

The dragon walked up to Kimberly and slapped her across her face, causing her to yelp, and causing Craig to growl again. "Speak when asked twirp"

Craig finally knew why he was kidnapped. He wanted Ron.

"If Kyle did his part in the parking lot of our school, Mister Ron should be on his way right now. Then I got a present to give him for fucking with ME!", he said while removing a gun from his jacket. All Craig could see was that it was a silverish metal revolver, and it was one of the guns you can REALLY kill someone with.

"You can't kill him! You can't!!", Craig shouted at the lunatic rapper.

The dragon swung around, lunged forward, and hit Craig as hard as he could across the muzzle with the butt of his gun. Craig squirmed in pain, finding nothing to rub the wound with. His nose began to bleed along with the point of impact, leaving him in near unbearable pain. "Who the fuck are you to tell me who I can kill pup?!". The dragon turned and took a step away only to swing around again and strike Craig in his side with the gun. "I fuckin` hate you cocksuckers", the dragon said as Craig slumped as far as the wire binding him would allow. Kimberly couldn't bare to watch anymore of this and closed her eyes again, to cry quietly to herself.

The sound of a car peeling into the front yard was more of a blow to Craig then the dragon had ever given him. The dragon began giving his final second commands. "You keep the pup quiet", he told the guy standing next to Craig, "And you untie the girl quick!", he asked the guy near Kimberly. He untied Kimberly and the dragon took her and dragged her over to where he was last standing.

Ron kicked in the door and immediately knocked the guy nearest the door clear out.

"I would stop right about now.", said the dragon, who was holding his gun to Kimberly's head. "If you want this lil` girl here to live, put your fuckin` hands up"

Ron froze dead in his tracks. "You...sick fuck...", he barely managed to say after this display, complying to the rapper's orders.

The dragon had Kimberly restrained with one arm, and was waving the gun around with the other. Kimberly just kept squirming and crying at the thought of being killed or the same happening to Ron.

"So this is the game. You wanted me huh?...If you kill me, will you let them go?", Ron quietly asked.

"Please Ron, no...", Craig had sobbed.

"I don't know. The pup will probably be found near beaten to death in a ditch, and I think I'm gonna keep this one", he said with that upbeat rapper attitude, rubbing down Kimberly's leg with his gun. He raised his gun to Ron. "It's not like you have any choice. Die fucker!", he yelled.

Just as the gun was going to be fired, Kimberly bit as hard as she could into the dragon's opposite wrist. He gave a loud yell, as the gun made a louder fire. He had missed Ron's head by half an inch. As soon as Ron realized he wasn't dead yet, he want after the group of rappers that were between him and the other dragon.

The rapper dragon threw Kimberly to the ground face first. When she had gotten on her hands and looked up, the dragon had the gun pointed at her and pulled the trigger, causing the most universe crashing sound ever.

A click.

The dragon's chamber revolution device had jammed, making the gun only strike the chamber that had already been used. Kimberly quickly scrambled to her feet while the dragon clicked the trigger a few more times, trying to figure out why it wouldn't fire. She grabbed a handful of cocaine from the table and threw it in his face. He didn't stumble, but he did drop the gun and tried to remove the crack from his eyes. Kimberly ran to Craig and broke the wire with a small homemade blade Craig's overseer left on the ground. Craig's face, muzzle, and nose were covered in blood, but he was still very responsive.

The dragon had finished wiping his face and was coming after Kimberly and Craig. Craig wasn't about to let Kimberly be hurt anymore and stayed to fight, motioning with his hand for her to run. She did not. Kimberly knew she had that blade in her pocket, and was Craig's best hope, since Ron was very busy trying to fend off a large number of rappers.

As soon as the dragon got close enough, Kimberly jumped to the ground, swinging her tail behind his leg, as Craig pulled together all he had left and kicked him square in the middle of the chest. The force sent him backwards, tripping over Kimberly's tail. Now that he was down, Kimberly went for the blade. The thought of really harming someone scared the crap out of her, but she saw it as the only means of escape. She pulled it out of her pocket, and went to get him with it, when he grabbed her hand. The dragon kicked Craig in the knee, causing him to fall as well, when he went to assist Kimberly. She was doing her best to keep a hold of the blade, but the other dragon was just too strong. Once the other dragon had the key finger around the tip of the handle for leverage, he pulled the blade from Kimberly's hands, slashing downward in the process and slicing Kimberly's leg. She screamed from being slashed and clasped the large wound going down her thigh and leg, which was bleeding perfusedly.

Craig had just gotten up and saw what happened to Kimberly. He wanted to check on her so bad, but had a more serious threat to her he needed to take care of. The other dragon had gotten to his knees to get up and received a drop kick to the back of his head by Craig, to stall for as much time as he could. The dragon hadn't dropped the blade. Instead, he spun around trying to slash Craig from the ground, but was a little out of range. He immediately got up as did Craig.

Before either dragon made a move, Kimberly lunged with her one only good leg and grabbed the rapper dragon's arm that he was holding the blade with, pulling it with the falling force of her own body. She had given Craig his one chance. While he could not stab Craig and was preoccupied with Kimberly, Craig ran at him with all his strength and slammed the dragon in the nose, finally allowing the blade to drop, along with Kimberly.

Both dragons were now throwing wild punches. Craig had so little left but managed to hang on, delivering several shots, but the rapper still had the upperhand.

Ron was bruised from his squabble with the group of rappers, but they were nothing compared to him. Just power of numbers, he said to himself. While the other rappers were down, he darted for the rapper dragon's revolver. Actually knowing how to use one, Ron pulls the release on the front of the gun, opening the revolving chambers and spilling the bullets on the floor. He reached down and grabbed one, quickly putting it in the gun and closing the chamber. It was now lethal again.

"Hey! Rapper dragon!", he called out. Craig staggered backwards and fell, having nothing more to give. The rapper turned and saw his own gun pointing at him.

"The gun is live again, so YOU better put your fucking hands above your head!!", Ron commanded, holding the revolver like a professional.

The dragon silently complied, astonished over the turn of events.

"Craig, come on get up, tie his hands behind his back", Ron tried to get Craig to comply. He sort of came to, grabbing the wire next to his head and tying the dragon's hands behind his back with a large amount of wire. Ron walked over and slammed the dragon across the face with the gun, knocking him out cold.

The place looked even more ransacked then it did when they first came. The place was littered with rappers, weapons, and droplets of blood. The next thing they noticed was Kimberly. Her jeans were soaked with blood, with a pool of blood formed under the cut in the fabric. Ron clicked the bullet release on the revolver and dropped it, picking up Kimberly, who had been crying in pain after her last heroic attempt to help Craig.

Craig limped after Ron and they piled into the car, speeding to the hospital, leaving the rappers behind.

Craig sat in back tending to Kimberly while Ron drove like a madman, weaving through traffic. The closest hospital was by their own houses. Craig put pressure on Kimberly's gash, nearly crying himself trying to reassure her that she will be ok.

"You did good back there Kim....", Craig whispered to Kimberly. He wanted to much to give his sister a hug, but was afraid to remove his hands from her wound. Kimberly was in too much pain, and had no energy left to respond. She could only tremble and whimper.

"Hold on you two, I'll make it there in about three minutes" , Ron told his injured passengers, knowing how freaked out they were.

Ron had pulled around to the emergency entry at the back of the hospital. Ron came around and carried Kimberly through the automatic door with Craig following along. The receptionist called a medical emergency as soon as she saw the bloody mess of dragons that walked in. Nobody else was waiting, so they had doctors able to take Kimberly immediately. The doctors wouldn't let Craig stay with his sister, against his protests, but instead took him to a different spot to fix him up. The emergency room was just a big floor, covered with instruments and computers with the perimeter surrounded by rooms made by curtains. Craig was in a little one in a different area from where they took Kimberly. A nurse has washed up Craig and cleaned out the wounds with alcohol. Craig was detached from the world for the most part, but who could really blame him.

Ron had refused any care and was taking care of the loose ends and paperwork for the secretary. She had called the police for them, and apprehended most of the rappers with serious charges. Gina and Julia had been contacted, who both had a crying session on the phone. They were on their way and would probably be there within the next five minutes.

The doctors had given Kimberly painkillers, so she was even more detached from the world then Craig was. She didn't really want to be alone with some doctors with her pants off. It's one of those scenarios you don't want to find yourself in. They were using staples to close the wound. It still hurt with the painkillers, but she didn't care to respond.

Craig had been waiting with Ron in the waiting room next to the entrance. When Julia and his mother showed up, he braced himself for lots of questions. Julia was the only one who stayed for the story, as Gina had to check on the one not present in the room. They had finished with Kimberly by then, so she got the ok from the secretary and was directed to Kimberly's room.

She was worried what to expect when she got there. The thought of this even happening is beyond belief. Your child landing in the hospital, and you weren't there for them. While Julia does her thing with Craig and Ron, she needs to be there for Kimberly. Someone so young, in a life and death situation....It was all too unfair.

Even under the influence of painkillers, Kimberly perked right up when her mom popped in.

"Mom!", she said happily. After being sulky and unresponsive, this was quite the turn-around. The doctors had given her a small blanket to replace the pair of pants that was pretty much ruined, but her mother brought a different pair so she could go home.

After they had hugged, kissed, and greeted eachother, her mother sat down in a little chair next to the bed and took a look at Kimberly's leg.

"I can't believe this happened....I am so sorry Kimberly!", her mother sobbed.

"I thought I was going to die....he would have killed me...." , Kimberly said sadly.

Her mother realized she hadn't heard the story of what happened and asked Kimberly to explain. She wish she hadn't. When Kimberly got to the tricky part, they both came to the realization of how lucky they really were. The dragon had pointed the gun at HER and pulled the trigger. She would have died. And then she was attacked and ended up fighting a much older dragon, and got sent to the hospital. That seemed like nothing compared to what he originally intended to do.

"He would have killed me...", cried Kimberly, holding her mother tightly.

"But you see Kim, you're not dead. You have to live your life! You only get one, and it's only so long! Cherish it.", her mother told her. "The real world is full of bad things. But remember, it's also filled with good things. Happiness and sadness are one!", she continued.

Kimberly wiped her eyes good, deciding to stop her crying for the day. "I love you mom", Kimberly told her.

Her mom smiled. "I love you too. But you knew that already"

Kimberly suddenly remembered something. "Hey, you still haven't gotten your groceries yet", she joked.

After the doctors filled out Kimberly's release forms, they had all went home, exept for Ron, who tagged along.

They spent the evening together, making the best of their night. Each Kimberly, Ron, and Craig had told their stories, and Gina finally knew what the hell Ron coming to the front door was about. They turned on the 10PM news to find the story of the crime. Their leader was going to have a minimum of 20 years in prison. Everyone got a good laugh at their humiliation.

In school, Craig and Ron got red carpet treatment from the rockers. The rappers turn the other way when they walk down the hallway. It's the kind of power the rockers have always deserved. Instead of cowering, Craig was being open about what happened, and actually began liking his "Battle wounds". Ron was admired by everyone for his ability to put himself out on a limb to save someone else. He didn't really care, but at least people notice.

When she got back, not only did people still have the shock of her being suspended for fighting, she was known for her involvement in the kidnapping, and how the other two would have died if it wasn't for her own sacrifices and efforts. She also got to show off the staples to those who weren't too squeamish too look. If Sharon was scared of her in the first place, she sure as hell is now! As for Mrs. Rodriguez, she closed the book on the fight subject. Kimberly is totally sure that had nothing to do with the big news report and interviews the day after the incident. She is no longer scared about what happened, and neither was Craig or Ron.

A family can become happy through trials and tribulations, but nothing can ever be perfect. Life still continues.