The heat in the car was stifling and only accentuated by the tension between passenger and driver.

            "I can't believe you left it behind," muttered Jack for the twentieth time in the last half hour. He rubbed his eyes wearily while slouched over the wheel. They were both very tired and still had a long, long way to drive before their destination.

            Tony blinked back sweat and said nothing. He just shrugged slightly, his eyes staring fixedly, out the window.

            The minutes slid by in silence for the two until a deer jumped in front of the speeding car. Cursing loudly, Jack spun the wheel and narrowly missed the animal, equally narrowly missing the ditch on the side of the road. The car came to a halt and both men stared for a moment out of the front window in shock. They looked at each other. Both were fine. Then the shock wore off and the tension broke through.

            "I mean Jesus Christ, Tony!" Jack yelled, beating the wheel furiously. "How could you possibly forget it? We needed it!"

            Tony nodded slowly, taking the verbal beating as he had so many times before. When it ended, he spoke up.

            "We could buy another when we get into town."

            Jack glared at his friend, the fury in him slowly subsiding. Eventually, all that was left was just a spasmodically clenching of his fists on the wheel. He nodded.

            "You're right," he said. "I'm sure we could find another. It shouldn't be a problem, right?"

            Tony grinned. "Yeah. It should be easy. Everywhere sells 'em. They're a dime a dozen, yeah?"

            Jack nodded and grinned a little. He put the car into gear and resumed the drive down the highway, mindlessly repeating his new mantra over and over: "Easy. Everyone sells 'em." 

            With the nervous tension now replaced by nervous hope, Tony grinned and laughed, spreading his hands wide.

            "I hope you got money, 'cause I'm broke!"

            Half an hour later, Jack mumbled for the twentieth time, "I can't believe you're broke."