Androulla sat on the bar, legs swinging slightly from side to side. It was after closing time and Samuel was in the basement changing the barrels. She had spent the day with Samuel and helped out a bit behind the bar as it was Saturday it got a bit busy, it amused her how he tried so very hard to stop flirting with the customers it was sweet but, the whole idea of the bar was seduction to take that away would be a loss to the community that was what he had said to her when they started dating. She felt something warm come up behind, her she giggled softly as he wrapped his arms around her. The barmaid had been given the night off and he'd closed up early that night so they had the place to themselves. "I'm done here babe, do you want to go out for the night, or order a pizza and a video?" He asked warmly. They had been seeing each other for a month or so in which they had very little time alone his sister was usually around on weekends and during the week she was working so it didn't work out most of the time. "I'm sure we can find ways to amuse ourselves, I mean the place is empty and locked up, and your sister won't be back for another two days." She let her voice trail off. That brought a grin to his face it was usually him suggesting things and her sitting there telling him to behave himself. "Well a quiet night in sounds like a good idea to me?" he teased testing out how far he could push her she was horny it didn't happen very often so when it did he savoured it. "Well we've had loads of nights out and in with pizza and your sister, so I thought maybe we could experiment and try something different." She said smiling. She slid off of the bar on the opposite side that Samuel was standing on she leaned over to him. "Explain." He whispered in to her ear. "You know exactly where this conversation is going, you've recited it enough times, so tell me, are you up for it or not? because if you're not I can go home and find a good movie and phone Catherine but then again if you are we can have an interesting night." She let her tongue play on his earlobe before she bit him gently he smiled she was running out of patience. "You're horny aren't you?" he asked grinning slyly. "Hey you're catching on and if you don't take advantage sooner or later. I'm gonna go home you wouldn't want that now would you." She made it a statement she knew Samuel wouldn't refuse or she hoped to hell he wouldn't.

He stared into her deep brown eyes and slowly pushed his tongue in between her lips. She responded pushing her tongue in deeper, exploring his mouth she wanted to drink him though his mouth, she pulled back. "And about time." She whispered. He slid onto the bar and swung himself over to her side of the bar. "Well do you want to finish this here or carry on upstairs?" he asked playing with his words if they stayed here he was implying they would finish going upstairs would mean they would carry on. He pulled her body against his she would usually push him away but there was something up today a danger lurking in her eyes behind all the I'm a teacher I have to behave like one morals. He could feel her nipples harden against his chest. "Can we go upstairs?" she asked her voice breathy she had been waiting for this since midday that was eight hours ago even her restraints weren't that good. He took a step back and lifted her up she put her arms around his neck and wrapped her legs around his hips. "Why the change of heart or general moralities?" he asked as he got to the foot of the stairs leading to the master bedroom. "Unless you want to finish it here and now please don't mention moralities." She was having a problem with her no sex before marriage moralities. She'd broken her virginity in college she was exotic and gorgeous it hadn't taken her long to find a boy friend and two months into the relationship they had sex. Since then she promised her self no casual sex but here she was being carried upstairs by Samuel. Put me down." She whispered. "I don't trust you on such narrow stairs." He smiled and did as he was told only because he couldn't think of anything witty to say to that. They made their way up the stairs in silence with him in front of her. The stairs couldn't fit the two of them abreast she liked it better that way she was able to watch the way he moved smoothly up the stairs almost gliding he used glamour to do things to the way he walked. Glamour didn't work on her when it came to his image but his voice and the way he moved would still work o her. She had been in the master bedroom many times before when she came in, in the morning and his sister had the morning shift. Samuel had tried to get her to sleep with him on more than one occasion but she stuck to her guns up until now.

It changed every time she saw it apart from the times she spent the night (she slept in the same bed as him but didn't have sex with him) but Samuel usually kept it to the usual red and black theme. Today he had it in a scarlet duvet set, a deep burgundy wall paper, black carpet and a rich ebony border it always amazed her how quickly he had the place redecorated. She sat down on the bed with the four oak posters framing her like a pretty picture. She wondered how many girls had been her before her but let the thought go. He shook his head gently. She loved the way he did that and made his shaggy black hair fall against his face she laughed and laid back on the warm duvet cover he climbed onto the edge of the bed it was big enough that he could circle her before leaning into her and planting kiss on her lips thrusting them open he lay back pulling her onto him he put his hands on her breasts as she would his chest when trying to push him away he slid his hands down and beneath her deep purple shirt and up to meet he naked breasts, when had she gotten rid of the bra he wondered he kneaded her breasts softly feeling her hands moving onto his black jeans and tugging at the zip she finally managed to undo them and slide them down his legs she fingered the red lace boxers then pulled them down to his thighs she pushed his hands out of her blouse and undid all the buttons her breasts spilled out nipples hard and erect. He licked her nipple licking it and sucking at it as a child would she pushed him slowly away he bit her lightly she grinned slyly. She moved down his body taking his penis in her mouth she licked it teasingly mingling on the tip. She took it as far back as she could (without choking of course) she tried to concentrate on taking another quarter inch at a time he was very nearly fully erect when he made a growling sound from low in his throat her breasts brushed against him she took in that last bit of him she loved the way he groaned it came from deep in his throat it was more of a growling sound than a groan. She held him in her mouth for a couple of seconds before moving back up to him. She only then realised she still had her trousers on she undid the buttons and Samuel pulled them down her legs he looked at her black lingerie admiring it for a moment before he pulled it down her legs and tossed it onto one of the sofas that sat around the room. He pushed himself into her finding her already wet the slick sound of flesh spilled over the room as he drew himself out slowly then plunged himself back into her over and over riding her body he brought her to the edge of an orgasm to the point where it seemed almost unreachable then slowly drew him self out of her she groaned loudly. "Carry on." She pleaded her voice soft and tired. He moved down lower and slipped his tongue between her groin then kissed her he fought the urge to go deeper and suck on her she put her hand on his black curls pushing him into her harder wanting him inside her. She pulled his hair gently tugging on it wanting him back at her level, back inside her he came back up sliding himself inside her she wanted him there for a while still just holding him inside her he tried to pull away but she held him there in objection. He relaxed against her body and lay there until they both fell asleep inside each other.

By the chibi monster

Inspired by archangel who told me I was shit at sex scenes I tried to prove her wrong and failed. hey had been seein each otherlace to themselves.he wrapped his arms around her. s sweet.