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Androulla looked up from her now luke warm coffee Sam was standing at her desk with an expectant look on his face she raised an eyebrow the fact that she hadn't heard him come in worried her. She looked out of the window so quickly that it was noticeable she was avoiding his eyes. "What happened to the chair that was at the door?" she asked. "It moved." He smiled always so simple. "What do you want?" she asked her face cold and expressionless. "Why the unwelcoming hints?" He asked his face full with the false impression he actually cared. "Look I'm working. Anyway who the hell let you in?" He chuckled. "You may have forgotten but I'm a faerie I use my powers when needed." His smile never faltered. She hadn't forgotten that he was a faerie he wouldn't let her. "Leave Samuel now." She hoped that using his full name might get across the fact that she wasn't in the mood to play his games. "I have a message from my sister." He said plainly as if that explained everything. "Which one?" Asked Androulla turning to meet his face she was immune to Glamour which if used on the right victims made them think you were of astounding beauty even if you weren't this was a power commonly used by faeries if they were powerful enough to use it. "Abigail." He replied dragging out the time he spent in her office. "And she couldn't use the phone?" She asked stonily. "I offered to come." He replied now grinning. "Tell me what the fuck she wants then get the hell out of my office." Androulla said barely raising her voice so that any stray students outside wouldn't hear anything but muffled voices. He smiled his face content at the fact that he was getting on her nerves. "She wants to meet with you." He replied. "Look Samuel I am so not meeting your sister for tea and biscuits. I would love to if I had time but I don't so I guess your sister will have to find some other idiot to lure into becoming bosom buddies with." She looked at her watch brilliant it was five minutes to her first lesson she could get out of here the faerie would smell a lie if she told one it was one of their gifts. "If you'll excuse me I have to go teach my next class." She finished she didn't feel like meeting his sister he was an ex lover meeting the family was not on schedule. She had moved on and got married it was a shame he didn't see relationships in the same way it was as if once she'd given him her number they were forever tied. "I'll walk you there and explain why it is vital that you meet with my sister." Persistent she thought it would have been a turn on in any other man but in him it was just plain annoying. "Suit yourself." she said gathering her next lesson plan and heading for the door not even glancing at Samuel. He followed her out and walked passed her as she turned to lock her office door she looked down at the name plate it read Ms. Kouppas she wondered if she should get it changed to Mrs. Loyza maybe it would cut down on the visits from Samuel. "My sister says you are in danger Ms. Kouppas." His lips curled into an amused smile. That was it she was definitely getting her name plate changed. "Danger? What's new?" She asked as they passed a group of girls in the corridors as they moved on giggles ran through the corridors shit she thought as she felt blood rush up to her face. "Ask Abbey not me." He replied. She felt anger flare. "You're telling me it took you the best part of half an hour to tell me that your crack pot of a sister thinks I might be in danger?" She swallowed hard praying that she wouldn't walk into Irene the head teacher of the school. How would she explain a tall dangerous looking dark haired guy in a long leather jacket that shouldn't be there? "You forgot the part where I told you that she wanted to meet with you." He replied coolly. "Okay if that's all you came here to tell me Samuel then I've got a lesson to teach." She said pushing the door with her body and walking into the deserted classroom everyone must have been still at registration brilliant an empty classroom and a psychotic faerie outside the door what more could she wish for. A slow flow of students began to stream in. She wondered if he was still out side the door her curiosity wasn't strong enough to lure her outside he'd soon get bored of hanging around even faeries aren't immune to boredom. When the best part of the class had got there or how ever many would actually make it to class she started her lesson going on about the same thing she had taught last year and the year before. Half the lesson had passed when Samuel entered the room. She looked up expecting one of her colleagues to come in short of text books or something of the sort. "Ms. Kouppas could I see you for a moment outside?" He asked putting a big emphasis on the Kouppas. She looked up coldly. "Samuel if it's not a matter of life and death then your answers no." She replied. "Oh but it is." He replied. She felt a ripple of unease hit her and realised that he was rolling her students minds with glamour. The fact that a cute guy had walked in was bound to distract the pupils but the silence wasn't something that came unless they were in deep trouble or wanted something. "The glamour stops now Samuel." She said without turning around to look at her pupil's bewitched faces. "What do you want?" she asked his smiling face once she had made sure the door was closed. "Did I ever tell you how hot you looked leaning over a desk like that?" He teased. "Cut the sweet talk." She scowled. "Who got out of the wrong side of bed this morning?" He smirked. "Look first you walk into my office and stop me planning my next couple of lessons, you feed me trash that I knew already and then you use your powers illegally on my students and you expect me to be dandy well my life is so not open for you to come in and out of as you please." Her face was full of anger. "You're in danger my love." He said moving closer and placing his hands loosely on her hips. "Samuel you will move your hands off of my hips right now and take two steps away from me." She looked into his eyes defiantly. He slid his hand smoothly off of her hips and took a step back. "Androulla you can't go on like this teaching at a human school with ordinary kids living an ordinary life because you're not ordinary. Every day you come into work you endanger the kids here. What if something was to come after you during a lesson the monster would just think of the kids as an added bonus. You know a job for you at the bar will always be open." His voice had taken a serious tone. "Samuel what exactly do you want from me?" She asked meeting his eyes. "I want you." He replied blankly his eyes filled with emptiness but showing a very slight fear of rejection. "Samuel get over it we were together we broke up I moved on it's been almost six months now move on." She pitied him she had once been like this over a lost lover but that was in high school they weren't kids any more. "Look come to the bar for a drink bring Mr Loyza along as well." Was this guy for real? She thought. "I'll think about it." She replied. "Liar." He accused. She raised an eye brow bringing a grin to his face. "I love it when you do that." He said his tone almost regretful. She smiled as he looked down on her she was a few inches shorter than him she was 5"5 so when there were a lot of year elevens round she was easily camouflaged. "I don't expect you to be here when I leave for my coffee break." She tip toed up and kissed his cheek lightly. "Get over me," she whispered into his ear as she pushed the door of her class room open. The class went quiet as she walked in then a hand shot up at the back. "Yes Marie?" she asked. "Miss is that your husband?" She asked giggling. "Not that it's any of your business but no he's a." she pause. "A friend." She finished. There were going to be rumours flying what ever she said she was used to them. The end of the lesson drew closer and she caught her self watching the clock. Maybe she did still have strong feelings for Samuel but it didn't mean she had to like them. He had been one of her first serious relationships they broke up over a disagreement he wanted to see other women and she was not sharing. The end of lesson bell rang sending a sense of relief through her finally she could have an undisturbed caffeine break. She didn't bother to dismiss the class she just got up taking her lesson plans with her up to the staff room. The corridors were full of kids making there way to their next lessons. So maybe Samuel was right she would never forgive herself if something happened to the kids at the school but she couldn't leave her job either it was something that kept her just on this side of being human being normal. The staff room door was open she strolled in making her way to the coffee maker and pushing the on button before dumping her books on the off grey coffee table. She heard something shuffle behind her and was thrust forward onto the couch by something large and heavy. When she regained her breath she looked up and there was Samuel on top of her his legs wrapped firmly around her waist. "What the fuck is up with you." She asked trying to seem imposing which was hard when you were in between someone's legs and looking up at them. "I want you bad." He replied voice rich and full of amusement of the fact that he'd bewildered her and caught her off guard it didn't happen often so he was going to savour the moment. He leaned down on to her pushing his tongue in between her lips and kissing her. To his surprise she responded allowing him to explore her mouth then taking her turn and thrusting her tongue in to his mouth ever deeper. "Don't ever take me by surprise again." She whispered against his mouth. He looked at her confused and startled he sat up pushing against the back of the sofa breathing hard. "I've missed you." She said her voice a hoarse whisper. He sat down beside her on the red leather couch she turned to look at him his eyes were glowing a strong amber colour. She turned and sat on his lap legs dangling either side of his body with a massive grin on her face she felt him stiffen beneath her. "What do we do if someone walks in on us?" he asked. "Face the music." She replied. She let her gaze travel down the length of his body then back up pausing at the top of his shirt. She slowly undid the first few buttons of his pale blue shirt revealing lightly tanned brown skin she slid her tongue over his chest upwards mingling over the pulse in his neck. She could feel his pulse quicken as she brushed her teeth against his neck then kissing it lightly. "You have to go." Her voice strikingly full of passion. She had held off for as long as she could but she knew that she would never truly get over him a part of her would always want him as well as crave his body. She looked at him searching for an emotion in his now expressionless face. She slowly slid off of his lap and crouched in front of him. "Samuel did you come here to prove that you can still have me if you want?" Her eyes shone with a need for answers. "I came here to tell you that my sister needed to see you. I still want you Androulla. Would you believe me if I said that I was overcome by lust?" He smiled genuineness played on his face. She swallowed. "Samuel did you plan for this to happen?" She raised an eyebrow waiting for his reply. "I didn't plan it to happen." He said as a thought crossed his face. "Samuel." She said her voice full of warning. "I fantasized, hoped, maybe even prayed for this to happen but never did I plan it." His voice was calm almost soothing. "Samuel stop the glamour on your voice I'm not about to give you the third degree on fantasizing and even if I was it would take more than a soothing voice to calm me down." She paused. "Samuel you do realise that we can't get back together again?" She hated the fact that she was married, or was it the fact that she still wanted Samuel. She got up and turned to the coffee maker the uncomfortable silence lingered she remembered the way she and Samuel would sit in her apartment with mug after mug of coffee. She made two mugs filling both to the brim she figured that if she did this she would have to concentrate on not spilling the coffee instead of saying something to break the silence. "Neither of us can move on Androulla we're meant to be together." He said as she laid the coffee down on the table. "I'm married Samuel. Look the staff room is going to start to fill up in the next couple of minutes do you want to come up to my office?" She wanted him to go it had taken her the best part of six months to try and get over him all the barriers she'd built had been taken down. "I have to go; the bar will not run itself." He looked deeply disappointed like a puppy being turned away. He wanted her yet he could have any woman in the city apart from her so why was her embrace so powerful. He was one of the most powerful users of glamour among the faeries in Great Britain and even with out the glamour he was truly amazing yet she turned him down. He left the school as he had come in. The office staff were female and easier to roll with glamour they stood and stared as he sauntered past and through the doors leading to the car park. He had parked his car in one of the vacant spaces nearest the gates. Dedicated to Ulferic By Punk Ass Bitch