Episode One: Katame

*The scene opensto an image that is black and white. A group of people with long white hair and entirely white eyes appear on a still shot.*

Narration: Over a thousand years ago there was a race of people called the Ginminzoku. Beings of silver, they were both heirs and protectors of the Earth as we know it.

*Scene changes to a still shot of a group of people with dark hair around the Ginminzoku. Some are cowering in fear, and others are pointing with angry looks on their faces.*

Narration: But because the humans couldn't understand the Ginminzoku or their powers they immediately dismissed the Ginminzoku as "evil", believing they wanted to destroy the earth, not protect it.

*Scene changes to the dark haired people stabbing the Ginminzoku with spears and swords.*

Narration: Eventually the Ginminzoku were slaughtered by the humans, who were tired of living in fear, despite the fact that all the Ginminzoku did was try to help them.

*Scene changes to several fires. Some of them have Ginminzoku already in the fires, and some have people about to load the Ginminzoku in.*

Narration: After this worldwide massacre the Ginminzoku were burned on pyres so that nothing would remain of them.

*Scene changes to a similar picture when the fires are all extinguished and no people are around.*

Narration: However, not all traces of the Ginminzoku were destroyed...

*Scene changes to show a man looking at a place where the fire was. There is a silver pile of ash there.*

Narration: The Ginminzoku left behind their silver ashes. Wanting to eliminate these traces the ashes were buries in various places around the world, never to be dug up again.

*Scene changes to a river bank. A piece of the soil appears to be falling into it, along with some silvery stuff.*

Narration: However, many years later, in the town of Kintoshi these ashes fell into a stream that was used as the town't water supply. Women who drank water from the stream became obssessed with getting pregnant. When they did they all had their children on the same day: St. Valentine's Day.

*A group of children is shown. We can't see their eyes.*

Narration: These children all had silver pupils in their eyes, and as a result were named the Ginmetsuki. The Ginmetsuki all possessed the powers of the Ginminzoku.

*Scene suddenly goes black.*

Narration: Our story takes place sixteen years after the birth of these children....

*Scene changes to a sidewalk. It appears to be autumn, and all the trees have gold leaves that are raining down. Walking along the sidewalk is a tall, slender young man with short black hair, wearing a black school uniform. His eyes are pointed downward at the ground.*

Voice: Hey! Hey, where the hell are you going, you one-eyed freak?!

Boy: *Smiling slightly* It's none of your concern.

Voice: You can't just walk out of school!

Boy: I can and I did.

*A young man who looks identical to the other (except we can see his blue eyes with black pupils) runs up to the first.*

Other Boy: Shikaze...

Hana: *Nodding* Izumi.

Izumi: Don't be this way! Mom is going to freak when she hears about this!

Hana: You didn't have to follow me.

Izumi: Yeah I did. I'm supposed to make sure you don't do something stupid like this!

Hana: I'd rather you didn't.

Izumi: You want to lose your other eye?

Hana: It'd be a welcome release. And step away from me, you're too close.

Izumi: I can get as close to you as I damn well please!

*Izumi runs up so he is right next to Hana. Hana whirls around and glares at him angrilly. He is wearing an eyepatch over his left eye, and his right is blue but has a silver pupil.*

Hana: *Through clenched teeth* I told you to step back!

Izumi: *Stops walking. Hana keeps walking* You really are a freak, you know! You should be dead!

Hana: *Shouting back* So why don't you do something about it?!

Izumi: Because I don't want to see Mom cry, unlike you! You're a Goddamn monster, a freak, you shouldn't exist!

*Izumi turns and walks in the other direction as Hana keeps on walking. The angle of the scene changes slightly so we can see something behind one of the trees. It is a young woman with very long black hair, wearing a black trenchcoat. She is also wearing an eyepatch, only over her right eye, and her left eye is black with a silver pupil. She is holding a gun and she has it trained on Hana, but as he walks by she puts the gun down, turns, and walks away. Scene changes to inside a house. A rather young and attractive woman is at a sink, doing dishes. She has shoulder-length black hair, and we can't see her eyes. Hana walks into the house and drops his bookbag next to the door.*

Kiwadoi: Where have you been?

Hana: School.

Kiwadoi: That's not what your brother says.

Hana: I was there originally. That should be good enough. You should be glad I went at all.

Kiwadoi: *Putting down her dishcloth and turning around. Her eyes are blue and unremarkable, like Izumi's.* Why do you have to be this way, Shikaze?

Hana: I'll bet that's a question you ask yourself a lot.

Kiwadoi: Shikaze, I'm your mother. I want to help you.

Hana: You want to help yourself, is all. You want to ease your own guilt. You think you made a mistake and if you're nice to me you can make up for it. Don't deny it. That would be pointless.

Kiwadoi: *Tears in her eyes* I really do care for you, Shikaze...

Hana: No, you don't.

*Hana starts to leave the room. Before he leaves completely he stops in the doorway of the kitchen.*

Hana: I left school because negative emotions hurt me, and you can't get much more negative than there.

*Scene changes to obviously later. Kiwadoi and Izumi are sitting in the living room, watching television. Hana walks through and looks over just as a dark-haired female newscaster comes onto the TV.*

Anchorwoman: And in more local news, two more Ginmetsuki were found dead today. Similar to the two other incidents that have been reported this month, one of the Ginmetsuki died of a bullet wound to the heart while the second dropped dead of heart failure. While there are no leads on who this Ginmetsuki Assassin is, experts are now saying they believe this is the work of another Ginmetsuki, and perhaps whoever this is is aiming for supremecy.

Hana: That's a lie and she knows it.

*Kiwadoi and Izumi both turn to face Hana with surprised expressions.*

Hana: It's so obvious even you should be able to feel it. Why would Ginmetsuki kill each other for supremecy? We have nothing to want to be leaders of.

Izumi: What about the Earth? Everyone knows that's what you really want.

Hana: Our instincts tell us to protect the Earth, not rule it or destroy it.

Izumi: As always, Shikaze, you're a liar.

Hana: I can't lie. That part of me was destroyed.

Izumi: And how do I know that's not a lie as well? How do I know that nothing really happened when you lost your eye? As far as I know you could have just decided to act like a jerk and that's your way of excusing it.

Hana: Spoken like a human. You are all alike: you fear what you don't understand, you hate what you fear, you destroy what you hate. If you weren't all like that then my kind would never have had to exist in the first place.

Izumi: At least we don't attack our families for no reason.

Hana: Of course you do. We wouldn't exist if you didn't. Humans attack friends, families, and strangers.

Izumi: And the Ginmetsuki are the portrait of perfection?

Hana: No, but we're closer to it than humans will ever be.

Izumi: Then why are you killing your own?

Hana: We're not. Logic states that it is probably a human assassin who is killing us all off. We have nothing to gain by killing our own, but humans do have something to gain by killing us.

Kiwadoi: Shikaze, if that's a lie then why did they report it on the news?

Hana: You think the news doesn't lie? Look at that anchorwoman. She has a great deal of power. People take what she says as fact and act accordingly. If she told you all that the world would end tomorrow you would believe her. She is human, but she has a power that allows her to villify the Ginmetsuki and to make her kind seem superiour. After all, it's our kind that's sniping each other off hoping to gain supremecy, not the humans. By saying that the humans take comfort in knowing they are better, ignoring that they kill each other by the thousands daily. Humans are sheep and she can act as shepherd as well as she can act as a sheep.

Izumi: *Standing up and facing Hana* I get so sick of how you talk about how high and mighty the Ginmetsuki are, how much better than the humans they are, how they are the ones who have to help the humans. It's bullshit! And I am sick of it!

Hana: Please stand back.

Izumi: *Takes a step closer* What? You don't like this?

Hana: I said stand back.

Izumi: *Takes another step closer* Does this hurt you?

Hana: *Through clenched teeth* I'm warning you...

Izumi: It must hurt a lot. All those feelings of anger and hatred....

Kiwadoi: Izumi, get away from him!

*Izumi puts his hand on his shoulder. Hana gasps and widens his eye. The scene changes to Izumi and Hana, slightly younger. Hana is standing in the kitchen looking around, his eye wide with fear and a bandage over his other eye instead of an eyepatch. Izumi walks toward him smiling and says something we can't hear. Hana appears to be saying something back, and Izumi gets closer. He puts a hand on Hana's shoulder, causing Hana to cry out silently and grab a knife on the counter. He stabs Izumi in the side of the neck. The bloody knife falls to the floor, and then Izumi, who has blood pooling underneath him. Hana backs away and puts his hand on the wall, leaving a bloody handprint. He looks at his hands and the scene goes white. Only a loud scream is heard. As the scene goes back to the present the screaming can still be heard, and we can see Hana is screaming. He pushes Izumi violently away and runs from the house. Scene changes to inside a very richly furnished living room. A man with short black hair, wearing a dark suit, is standing at a bar making a drink. The long-haired young woman is standing near him.*

Shitsunen: You didn't kill the one I sent you for, Ani.

Ani: *Cold, flat voice* No, Father. I didn't.

Shitsunen: Why not?

Ani: When I approached him I felt. I could not kill him.

Shitsunen: Ah, he's a Migime. And your other half, no less.

*Ani simply nods.*

Shitsunen: *Turns around. His eyes are very dark* I suppose we can't touch him then.

Ani: You cannot without destroying me.

Shitsunen: And we certainly wouldn't want that, would we?

*Shitsunen tilts Ani's face upwards so she is facing him.*

Shitsunen: You are so cold...

Ani: Yes, Father.

Shitsunen: And so obedient.

Ani: Yes, Father.

Shitsunen: And so much more beautiful like this.

Ani: Yes, Father.

Shitsunen: *Releases her and walks away* I see that you destroyed a different one instead. Two more fell today.

Ani: Yes, Father.

Shitsunen: Good. I wouldn't want you to come back empty handed, would I?

Ani: No, Father.

Shitsunen: Such a good girl. You're dismissed. Retire for the evening.

Ani: Yes, Father.

*Ani turns and leaves the room.*



Ginminzoku- Former protectors of Earth and heirs to the planet. Were slaughtered many years ago and forgotten. Their name means "Silver People".

Ginmetsuki- New incarnations of Ginminzoku, several share the power of one Ginminzoku and are drawn to those who draw power from the same one. They are all 16 and all were born on February 14th. Their powers are balanced by their eyes, and while they are usually infinately kind and compassionate with a strong will to fight, if they lose an eye this balance is destroyed. Their name means "Silver Eyes".

Hidarime- Ginmetsuki who have lost their right eye, which controls their emotions and allows them to feel. As they only have their left eye they only have their fighting spirit, and as such are machine-like and only know how to kill and survive. Ani is a Hidarime. Their name means "Left Eye".

Migime- Ginmetsuki who have lost their left eye, which controls their agression and fighting drive and also counterbalances their emotions. As they only have their right eye they only have their emotions, namely compassion, and therefore they feel what others are feeling at all times and can be hurt by negative emotions. Hana is a Migime. Their name means "Right Eye".

Shitsumeisha- Ginmetsuki who have lost both eyes. They are mostly powerless except for a few abilities and their emotions are balanced. Though blind, they can see through the eyes of their Ginmetsuki half in the form of dreams and when they are both asleep at the same time they dream in synch. At this point in the story no Shitsumeisha have been introduced. Their name means "Blind Person".

Rule of the Ginminzoku- There must always be balance: every Ginmetsuki must have a second half. For every Hidarime there must be a Migime. And when a Shitsumeisha is made a Ginmetsuki must take on their powers that they lost. If a Ginmetsuki dies their other half dies as well. Without this balance the Earth would collapse.

Katame- Has a double meaning. It means "one eye", but also means "defense". It can also mean "hardening", "fortifying", and "pledge".

Kintoshi- Means "City of Gold". The fact that the leaves on the trees are gold and the town is named this is supposed to make it ironic that the Ginmetsuki only live there. It is also symbolic of the town's hatred for the Ginmetsuki, as gold is the opposite of silver.


Hana Shikaze- "Hana" means "flower". "Shikaze" has no direct meaning, but Hana spells it with the kanji for "proud" and "wind". Hana is his family name, not his given name, hence his mother and brother call him Shikaze.

Hana Izumi- "Hana" means "flower". "Izumi" means "spring" or "fountain".

Hana Kiwadoi- "Hana" means "flower". "Kiwadoi" means "delicate".

Shitsunen Anino (Ani)- "Shitsunen" means "oblivion". "Anino" means "older brother of" and "Ani" means "older brother". Obviously her name is rather suspicious.

Shitsunen Shimeisha- "Shitsunen" means "oblivion". "Shimeisha" means "messenger".

Other Characters-

Tokoyonokuni Taru- "Tokoyonokuni" means "Heavens". "Taru" means "sufficient for" or "good enough for".

Fuyuzora Awaremi- "Fuyuzora" means "winter sky". "Awaremi" means "compassion" or "pity".

Dr. Itonami Abekobe- "Itonami" means "life". "Abekobe" means "opposite". Her nickname is "Abby".