Just some observations during Chemistry class. [whistles innocently]

Bermuda Quirks

Just before ten-thirty
her shadow forms lavender plaid,
a lattice of
that neither of them chooses
to comment on,
for fear that

She would be condensed
into the mold, the carpet,
and the lavenderness would be
forgotten like her bones
when the clock
neglects to tick.

And the glass that frequents
the side of her Perrier pool
is not as monstrous
as it would like to be.
It sings,
rational as a rat.

Who could guess?
Mister Ego is
of the All-American Boy
and his C-clamp hold on precious
abalaster dreams,
stones perched so


with no idea how much
her smile causes to their
neural paths, or how he wishes
she wouldn't shake her hair so -

Lavender takes the place of oxygen,

The glare of the glass is only plastic,

And the rat cries out irrationally.

I have no idea if this is true, but I did see the way he stared at her when she leaned over to grab a wayward wrapper. ^_^