God, talk about a parenthesis/Warsaw kick. It's obviously a palindrome, although pretty random at that. Ah well. Enjoy!

Warsaw (Was Raw)

Let's dance the blitzkrieg again:

Even in the 21st century
I still want to feel
your Kraken tentacles
wrapped around my brittle bones;
oh, a great misery
to be unable to
reach deep-fathom five
in your vague, watery grip,
subliminally tearstained.

Feed me some more uranium
so I can be
nuclear like you,
toxic like the chartreuse sky,
mad like the hungry miners.
(If my heart were really made of coal -
pure carbon - why am I still alive and
not in your arms?)

An uncharted love story
from an unknown time -
raw like kielbasa,
raw like gaseous sunlight,
raw like Warsaw
in 1940.

At noon we'll ride the Loch Ness again:

I'll be Daddy's little factory girl
industry caught up with me,
with tiled high-rise bribes
and factory lies,
skidded asphalt woes
and machinery whores.

Drink enough tainted acid rain
and you'll wish you were
young again,
commiserating with
foreign policy
(foreign to you, that is)
and labor union rights
(but not the right to cry
or die).

We'll unite folklore
with the cities of tomorrow,
make the sun shine
with perpetual gears
crushed and fashioned from diamond
(also pure carbon),
abolish fingernail dirt
and instill totalitarian hygiene, and
return today to its past
(like back when Warsaw was raw).

Um...yes. I'm not disturbed, really.