Warning: this is a Yaoi-Slash type poem it deals with my life and is somewhat personal. So Enjoy and please review


We finished for the night.

Were both tired,

You more then me.

Turning to your side you fall asleep.

I get up out of bed and run to the bathroom.

Here I let the tears run down my cheeks.

I slide down my back against the door and cry freely.

No it's not the pain of sex that has me crying.

It's the pain you cause my heart that has me doing this.

So much shit we went through.

How many times you broke my heart.



A dozen

I don't know

I didn't count

But it hurts.

So here is where I let the tears fall freely

Where I cry from a broken heart in peace.

Wiping my eyes I pick up the peaces

Putting them back in my chest

I put on a mask for the world

I put on another mask for you.

Slowly walking to your room

Yours not mine or ours yours.

One time it was ours.

One time

Now it's your all yours

I walk in a take a glance at you again.

Then I remember how much I love you.

Then I remember how much I hate you.

Both are very strong and I am so confused.

Closing your door and locking it I walk to the living room

Laying down on the couch I close my eyes getting ready to sleep.

I feel you put your arms around me picking me up.

Why are you in here you question.

I can see you smile in the dark

I just say nothing.

And you carry me back to your room.

Back again to another Fantasy.

Jameson E. Ward

God of Fire Healing and Destruction