Battle ready bishiojo manga-ka Episode 1. Down to earth.

EXT- Air port Midday

Looking down on a small plain at an air port people are in line to board. Zoom on the line to see the people's profiles, pan around before stopping on MIKIIOTO, MEIKO and zooming in closer on Meiko's face.

MEIKO: (Thinking to herself) He's not coming. We won't say good bye...

Zoom out watch Meiko walking on to the plain. A stewardess helps her find her seat, but there's a gift with a note already there.

MEIKO: (Smiles meakly,) someone else has already taken it, can I find another seat?

STEWARDESS: Don't worry about it, I'll give it to whom ever it belongs to and help them find their place.

She starts to pick up the note & Gift but Meiko places an hand on her shoulder causing her to stop.

Angle switches over to looking out the nearest window, a man dressed in a suit with a big hat pulled over his face is walking away. He glances up at the plain and reveals his face, it's GASTON FOTIER. Camera goes back to Meiko, she sees Gaston. Taking the note from the Stewardess with one hand and knocks on window with the other.

MEIKO: (She yells) Gaston! (Meiko tears the note in half,) if you have some thing to say do it in person.

EXT- Nada's Gardan Early morning

'8 months earlier' flashes on to the screen. Birds chirp in the glowing sun light of early morning. Close up of a bush, the morning dew is dropping off a gathering of leafs. Seizers reach into the shot and cut off a limb of the bush. Zoom out to see WATABABEI, NADA placing the cut limb in to a basket. Meiko steps into the garden behind Nada, zoom into Meiko. Meiko has a envelop in her hand. Meiko breaths heavily and holds the envelop out to Nada.

MEIKO: Hey Nada, you're friend Nguyan, Suong sent you a letter.

Camara zooms out a little to show Nada excepting the letter.

NADA: Bokoe! (opens the letter) she hasn't written in a while-

she begins to read.

The scene fade into a battle scene.

EXT- Vietnam mountain village, late in the day

A vegetable garden on a mountain side is being squashed by five Combat Waldos that are marching forward. Smoke is rising up in the back ground where huts are smoldering and tanks are on fire. NGUYAN "Bokoe" SUONG is watching the Combat Waldos from out side of her hut.

BOKOE- Voice over: The fighting came to our village today. When I first got sight of the Combat Waldos I thought I was in a nightmare, if it is then I am trapped in it.

The Combat Waldos stop and the one in the lead opens its cockpit, Gaston leans out clutching his side.

BOKOE- Voice over: One of the soldiers was hurt badly and I volunteered to tend his wounds.

From the ground looking up, Bokoe is standing bellow Gaston's Combat Waldo and Gaston falls out on top of her. Switch angles to the head of Gaston's Combat Waldo looking down, Bokoe shoves Gaston off of her. Cut to inside Bokoe's straw house it's dark and a little light is streaming in from a window only partly covered by a curtain. Bokoe is waving her fist and angry at the soldiers as two of them carry Gaston into the room.

BOKOE- Voice over: The other's where well enough to go on so they left the half dead man in my care promising to come back for him soon. I have no one else to speak to about this. The fighting has left only me alive in my village. I wander if they are really fighting for a cause, or if this is genocide...

Fades back to Nada's Gardan

MEIKO: The fighting over there is getting pretty intense these days.

She casts her eyes down at the ground sadly and shufels her feet.

NADA: Would you mind if I invite Bokoe here to stay for a while?

MEIKO: Of course I don't mind, but how do you think she'll get here?

Nada binds over to pick up her gardening tools and place them neatly in to a basket as she thinks about it.

NADA: What about Wooster-San, he works in transportation?

MEIKO: It's true he does, sort of. (Sweat drop.) And he adores Suong, but it might be hard for him to work it out.

NADA: We can call him though, right?

Nada Stands up and dusts the dirt off of herself gently.

NADA: Is he still here in Japan?

MEIKO: Tokyo last I heard.

NADA: Meiko... Why are you out of breath?

MEIKO: (Blushes,) I've been running from Nissa-San, I risked getting caught delivering your letter. Hurry up and get back in the house before she sees us.

NADA: (Laughs.) If you'd turn in your assigned stories she wouldn't hound you as much.

They walk to the door to the house.

MEIKO: If she'd give me short stories I like we'd all be happy.

Tokyo - After noon

People are walking up and down the side walks, cars buzzing by and tall business buildings. Cut in side an office where JOHN "Boko" WOOSTER is working.

Boko is sitting at his desk playing with a pencil. His phone rings and he quickly picks it up.

BOKO: John Wooster at your serves! Hey Meiko! Long time scents I've heard from you. Yes it's Boko, I'm at the office if I'd answerd 'Boko' and it was one of grandfather's busness associates I could be in trouble- (Pause,) -Vietnam? I'm not really in to that sort of transportation, (sweat drops.) Bokoe!

Boko jumps out of his chair enthusiasticly.

BOKO: Yes I'll help! What do I have to do? (pause as he lessons for instructions.) Don't worry about the cost, if Bokoe is in trouble it doesn't matter, I'll pay what ever it takes.

Vietnam mountain side village

camera slowly sweeps over the destroyed village.

NARRATOR: It's about time I got a part! (Clears throat.) We are now in the year 2019. A massive war has broken out in Asia between communist party and the free world. Communists soldiers flood into South Korea attempting to unit the two Koreas as one communist country. As the war progressed pockets of freedom fighters in Communist south Asia began a revolt of the oppressive governments. The large number of communist soldiers however puts the freedom fighters at a disadvantage. That was until large humanoid robots called Combat Waldo became widely used by the Canadian and U.S. forces supporting the freedom fighters.

Faded image of Bokoe, Meiko, and Nada over laps the scenery shot.

NARRATOR: Nguyen, Suong had been in Japan as a transfer student where she made friends with Watanabei, Nada who dubbed her 'Bokoe,' she also met Mikiioto, Meiko.

Cut to an image of Meiko's profile agents a black back ground.

NARRATOR: Mikiioto, Meiko a young Romance author, what dose the future hold for you and your friends? (disturbing laughter,) -that's what we're here to find out...

Meiko's picture fades away in to a blank screen.

NARRATOR: (Cough.) I mean, when her circle of friends are thrown into the war she must face a world she's never known before-

Stream of light shines on the dark screan reviling the Narrator, he's sitting on a stool holding the script in his left hand and a microphone in his right hand.

NARRATOR: Who wrote this stuff? I demand a better script! You can't fire me! (Looks to someone off screen,) You can? (Sigh.) Fine I'll read it like it's written.

Out side Meiko's house

It is dark and rainy night.

NARRATOR: (More cheerful then nessasery,) the very next day-

Sudenly it's morning. A car parks in the drive way, NAKI, NISSA gets out of the car and walks to the door. Cut inside, in Meiko's bed room the clock '7:00.' on it. Cut away from clock and zoom in on Meiko. She's still in bed, rolls around.

MEIKO: Uhhh?

Sits up in bed groggily, she hold up a rose.

MEIKO: What the?... Nada?

She looks around her bed room. Back away from Meiko for a full shot of her room. Vases of flowers, and flowers in pots are placed through out Meiko's bedroom, including on her bed.

MEIKO: Nada!

She Jumps out of bed and runs forthe door.

INT- Kitchen,

Nada is setting in the floor with a Plant Hyper-groth devise, Meiko comes in to the room.

NADA: Good morning!

Nada opens the Plant Hyper-groth devise and pulls out a carnation bush.

NADA: It's almost full grown, it'll start blooming tomorrow. I Love watching them bloom, don't you? (Smiles at Meiko.)

Meiko hands the rose she found in her bed to Nada.

MEIKO: Why aren't you out side growing your plants?

NADA: It's to muddy from the rain this morning. (Smiles mischiviously) besides I thought you could use the flowers...

Meiko looks out the kitchen window to the garden,

MEIKO: Oh? I'm not sad. Are you worried about something?

NADA: (Winks) You'll need those flowers today!

INT- Living room.

Nissa is setting at Meiko's desk. Switch angles to Meiko who's standing in the door way.

MEIKO: (Eye twitches,) Ahhhh... Wha- what are you doing here? (Turns her head and shouts at Nada,) How dare you let her in my house!

NADA: She's just your editor.

Close up of Nissa, she's typing on the computer.

NISSA: (Laughs under her breath,) I finely caught up with you. It would have happened sooner or later. Now, where is my story?

Meiko leans in ro the door frame.

MEIKO: You don't have a story. That assignment is so boring, you're going to loose all your readers an-

NISSA: Don't tell me what is good for business. I've been doing this for a long time.

MEIKO: (Looks serious) Sorry Miss Editor. (Sticks her tong out,) but I have raw talent for this!

NISSA: Lesson you little baka, you're only good to me when you write, if you don't write you're fired. I have faith you won't miss anther deadline, the short story is due today.

Rocks back in the chair a little.

NISSA: If you are able to put out five assigned stories in the next three months for the magazine then I'll see to it you get your own serial Manga in the monthly issue, I've already talked to an artist who'd work with you.

Sighs and get up out of the desk chair.

NISSA: Now I've done an act of faith,

takes Meiko by the shoulders

NISSA: I want to be rewarded with the first story.

Pushes Meiko down on to the chair.

NISSA: I'll be back tonight with the artist.

MEIKO: (stunned) ...aaahhhhh... my, my own manga? I'll finely have my Shojo manga?!

NISSA: (Nods,) if you give me the short story. The information on the assignment is on your computer.

MEIKO: (Looking at computer monitor) I never thought I'd live to say this, Thank you NISSA SAN!

EXT-Meiko's house,

Nissa is walking back to her car. Meiko screams from in side the house.

MEIKO: YEEAAAAAAHH! I'm getting my own manga published! A monthly issue of romance by me Mikiioto, Meiko! (Laughes insanely.)

Nissa's car pulls out of the drive way.

INT-Linging room

MEIKO: I can just see those beautiful illustrations now, which one of my stories should I present to the artist? The one about the mysteries stranger rescuing the Princess from danger, no that one doesn't even have a title yet. May be 'Alloyed moon,' it is about a P.I. who saves a Lady from a terrorist plot, oh, that one is too short it would be over in three issues. I know 'Lilac water' it's so sweet, long and a well rounded story.

NADA: Congratulations Meiko! You better finish the short story now. Say what is it about any way?

MEIKO:... Life of a ghost ocean photographer. (Adds sarcasticly,) can a ghost have a life?


NARRATOR: (Bord like,) things certainly are getting exsiting. (Starts whining,) come on, where's the Combat Waldos, where's the action? I hope there's more action after we return from these commercials.

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