Comercial for the next Episode

The Series logo flashs onto the screen.

Voice over, NARRATOR: "Next time on Battle Ready Bishiojo manga-ka-!"

INT- Bokoe's hut

Bokoe opens the door to Gaston's hiding place and even the dimmly lit room seams bright to Gaston who stagers out.

Voice over, NADA: "As the fighting between the comunist soldiers and the Canadian freedoim fighters begain once more Bokoe helps Gaston to excape with her,

EXT- Qui Nhom, Veitnam dusk

Boko's helicopter lands and Boko is looking through binoculers searching the aria for Bokoe,

Voice over, NADA: "Bokoe and her new companioun arived a little late and we all get introdused to her new friend."

INT- Meiko's house

Meiko is sitting in the flour watching her TV, the end to "Cheob-sok" is playing. Meiko glance at the clock on the wall and nearly faints.

Voice over, MEIKO: "Back at my place time is running out and Nissa-san brings over Oshia the managa artists.

INT- Assents imagaination office

Suk-kyu is walking out of the office and talks to PARK LEON who is standing by at a waiting car.

Voice over, MEIKO: "But things really get interasting when Choi Suk-kyu comes to my door!"

Voice over, NARRATOR: "And the writers have promised lots of fighting scenes in Battle Ready Bishiojo manga-ka episode 2. "Curage of the run away."

Author notes:

WOOO! Sorry it took me so long with this part there was so much I wanted to do with it and I had trouble trying to figure what to do about the subtitles... ^_^;;; I had to guess how they are suppose to look like on a script cause I just couldn't find any thing about formatting subtitles in a script.

You might wander why I bothered having them speak so many languages, well first of all seeing as I haven't made this future world to have one international language I had to. Also Bokoe is Vietnamese so it was only right that her thoughts be in her own language, same with Gaston... Only in French, I know my thoughts are in English because that's my native language. You might also wander why Bokoe can't speak French, I know that France had a lot of influences in Vietnam because it use to be a French colony, but Bokoe isn't good with French and she devoted her time to learning English and Japanese rather then French for no better reason then to make my life easier. ^_^; I'll come up with a good reason and put it in her bio some time.

Meiko's DVD collection is based on some romantic films that I've seen. "Cheob-sok" and "Shwiri" are Korean live action movies, in both of them Han,Suk-kyu is the actor who plays the leading male roles, I love this actor and my character 'Choi, Sukkyu' is named after him ^_~ "Hotler" is another Korean live action peace, but it's a 20 Episode long tv series that I'm in love with ^_^ "Kare Kano" is an actual anime series I'm only half way through watching it myself. Meiko undoubtly has a tone of other romantic dvds and tapes, feel free to imagen her having your fav romantic film be it anime or any thing else. The game that Meiko was going to play is just totally made up by me though.

There where a lot of characters introduced. However many of them are just small bit part characters. I might use the characters from Gaston's unit again later on I'm not sure yet but I gave them names just incase. The office workers are Masao who is the office receptionist and handles some PR for the magazine, Yuu is the only male office worker in the main part of the building, he's Nissa's secretary as he stated himself. Chiiri is Koga's secretary, Koga is an assistant editor he primarily stresses out over the weekly issue. And Tosomo? Who knows what her job is?! No actually she's a carrier she takes messages and packages from one office to the other or runs them down to the printing press and other 'out of house' places, but she loves to hang out in the office and chatter with Chiiri and Masao.

But there where two impotent characters introduced (SORRY I didn't get to the third one yet! And there are still three more impotent characters after that) Fukui, Nada's preacher, is one of the key characters. Sukkyu is the other impotent character and he ties with Boko as the supporting male character, too bad those two fight a lot ^_^;; Ah I told to much!

Bye for now and thank you for reading. I hope you all enjoy it so far and will come back for the next episode. Please let me know what you think of this story so far! Thank you ^_^ -Joanie Doe